Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Josh's Teddy Bear

Meet Josh's teddy bear. Can you help me and give him a name ?

Josh found this teddy bear in a bag of rubbish yesterday. He picked the bear out and said perhaps we could sell it at the car boot sale.

I made a special price tag for the bear and YES it will be going to The Bletchley Irish Centre on Saturday to find a new home.

As a child Beck had a doll she called Shell. It went into theatre with her for every single operation, here it is by her side. When she made her last journey Shelly went with her.

Call me silly if you like but I believe it is possible to invest love into an object, if you invest enough love that object itself can start to radiate love.

When she was a child that doll gave love and support to Rebekah in some difficult times. As I sit typing the words Josh's teddy is behind me. If he had not picked it up it would have been crushed and mangled into a thousand bits then dumped into a landfill site. I do hope that he will find a new loving home at Saturday's boot sale.

Somebody asked me yesterday why we insist that items donated via our collecting boxes for The Food Bank have to have a smiling sticker on them

The idea is to make the person who donated an item pause and think for just a moment, to think about what they are doing and to invest some love into their gift. A tin of baked beans then becomes a tin of love.

Am I being silly ? I hope not.

It is not by accident that the penny box we have set up to collect for Milton Keynes Hospital radio is in the shape of a red heart.

Hospital radio uses music to  help the medical staff love patients back into good health.

I've not had the best of days this week. I know I am loved but I must admit to feeling a bit like that teddy bear.

Sometimes I wonder why I do all that I do, why I don't opt for a quiet life.

Since getting involved with what I am doing more than a year ago I have been so let down by so many people.

Recently I have been badly, very badly let down by a group of people whose loyalty and support I felt came without condition. What a fool I was.

A few days ago Josh tried to repair the hurt and contacted those who had turned their backs but he was blanked. He did the same six or so months ago when a rater selfish man thought support went only one way - towards him.
He was again blanked.

How I would like to name names but there would be no love in that would there ?

The BBC has changed its mind YET AGAIN about the weather for Saturday. Now it is going to be brilliant sunshine.

Will the sun shine on Josh's teddy bear. Will he find love ?

Could you give him a name ?  If I were to change that price sticker and put a name on it would that help him find a new loving home ?

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