Thursday, 12 July 2018

You are a child of the universe

There's an empty space on my driveway in West Bletchley. Our portable generator was standing there waiting for me to load it into the car to take to LEONITE Graham who was going to service it ahead of our using it at a series of outdoor events. 

If anyone sees it please warn the thief the reason I was taking it for service was I had filled it with high octane rocket fuel by mistake. If anyone tries to start it there is a danger the spark may ignite the fuel tank and have the whole thing blow up in his face.


I'm away on holiday now for a few days, Rachel is busy organising some wedding or other - Harry and Megan are kicking themselves they did not use her as their planner - so Josh is in charge.

We had a bit of a planning chat yesterday afternoon. Josh took Mrs Josh aka Jelena and I to what I think is the
most beautiful part of Milton Keynes I have ever seen. Right on the edge of the city, behind Hazeley School, overlooking a panorama of fields stretching for miles.

YES, this is a beautiful world.

YOU are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars you have a RIGHT to be here.

That was read as a poem at Fresher's Day in Oxford, way back in October 1971. The words have been special to me ever since.

Here's something from Rod Stewart.

That was the number one hit on the day I moved to Bletchley and made it my home. I'll sat a bit more about that in a moment.

I left readers of yesterday's page with a PS. I said I had an idea.  Here it is.

Could we suggest to all businesses in the city that they make it a condition for employees to put a tin into a box for The Food Bank in return for being allowed to go on a fag break.

How much does a packet of fags cost ?  I've no idea, let me Google. £10.40 !  OMG I had no idea a packet of twenty cost that much. So.....where's the calculator ?  £10.40 divided by
20 = 52p ! How much does a tin cost, say Heinz Macaroni Cheese .......  25p

Hey the thieving B"xx*rd who stole our generator... It will start a lot easier if you have a fag in your mouth.

It will start even easier if you shove a couple of tins of Heinze Macaroni Cheese up your rear end.  Better still let me insert them for you !

When Rachel gives up her career as a wedding planner and I
am back from my holiday it will be all stations go with the car boot sales.

Ben and Terri's here's something for you.

Hurry up back from your honeymoon we have a few things up our sleeves for you.  Ooopppsss I did not day that !

I presume the parents of the person who stole our generator were not married.

THANK YOU Marion for coming by today with some amazing
things for the next boot sale. That will be on SATURDAY 22nd July at  The Bletchley Irish Centre.  Can anyone offer Josh and Jelena lift ?  My car will be too full. They say they are going to walk but it's 4.7 miles.

That's a long walk.

On Sunday 22nd July we will be at Willen Hospice Family Fun Day playing music, providing the PA and running a bric-a-brac stall.  Keep the junk flowing.

Our boot sales, of course, are being run to fund the Let's Inspire Projects.  CLICK HERE for diary dates. Then CLICK HERE for the accounts.

If you meet up with the person who nicked our generator give him a click on the nose !

These boot sales are only a means to an end. The END is our Let's Inspire projects we want to ruin over the winter. INSPIRING SUPPORT for:

The Food Bank

Our wonderful NHS
Story writing
Our rough sleeping friends
Secret Santa
Teen Challenge

We will now start promoting Blood & Organ donation at our boot sales and become a drop off point for The Food Bank.

We need helpers to put on our mascot costumes then hand out sweets and balloons to the children and draw them to our stall. Today Jelena and I did some quick calculations. For every £10 we spent of balloons and sweets we could expect to take an extra £25. ANYONE UP

Minus our generator we will not be able to start up our digital music system. Still my car CD can be turned up nice and loud.

When we find our very own Chitty-chitty-bang-bang van to use for for the boot sales and all events it MUST have a powerful CD player in it.

Wouldn't that be supercaliwhjatsit !

Well I guess I had better get in the car and point my way to Devon.

While I am away I will be writing more for my  latest book which will be part of Let's Inspire's writing project.

I am about to take the story to San Francisco so I'll end today's blog with some video from our recent trip to San Francisco.  

YES we are going back to San Francisco next year. People pay their own costs then take part in a sponsored walk and/or sponsored haircut for our good causes.

As I was checking these videos my phone started chiming saying there were texts to pick up.  I took it from my pocket but there were no text messages there. I had to giggle, it was on the video. All of our team sending me text messages while I was away, text messages which were being picked up as the aircraft came in to land at Heathrow,

One last video. Rachel I told you to fly Virgin and not Crappy Jet !

Be careful if you fly Crappy Jet, someone may have nicked the aircraft's generator !

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