Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Turn UP the Love Dial.

What was your day like yesterday ?

Mine started off amazingly. I was full of excitement and anticipation for a wonderful day.

Then things went pear-shaped, I can not begin to tell you just how pear-shaped everything went. I can not begin to tell you so I won't bother
telling you. The thing is, the important thing is, my day ended up far better than it started.

I don't much care for pears anyway !

Let's have a bit of music. One of my favourite Cat Stevens tracks, yes I do have this on vinyl. THEN I AM GOING TO SET YOU A CHALLENGE. Will you be up for it ?

CHALLENGE................. you know what I am like, I never get straight to the point so before I set you the challenge let me give you the results of yesterday's pop trivia quiz.

Why did The Fab Four spell their name BEATLES and not  
BEETLES ? BEAT as in the BEAT of music

By what name is Harry Webb better known ? Cliff Richard

What is the date of The Day The Music Died ? 3rd February 1959

Who sang about his ding-a-ling ? Chuck Berry

What was the first record played on BBC Radio One ? Flowers In The Rain The Move

What is the top selling UK single of all time ? Candle In the Wind Elton John

The top selling UK album of all time belongs to which band ? Queen

In which year did Elvis Presley die ? 1977

In which year did The United Kingdom first win The Eurovision Song Contest ?  1967

Which year has gone down in pop music history as The Summer Of Love ? 1967

How many did you get right and how many did you need help
from Mr Google ?


I want you to turn up the love as far as you can.

OK have you done that ?

I want you to keep the dial firmly turned to the right.

THEN, at the end of the day - today - THURSDAY 12th July 2018.... I want somebody you meet during the course of the day to go to bed thinking - HEY what a great person he/she is, they really made my day.

I have started to tidy up the boot sale stuff dumped in my sitting room.  I am putting the price stickers on things, the price stickers of love Paul produced for us.

I am away on holiday from first thing tomorrow until late on Tuesday evening.  When I come back I want you to flood me with things to sell on the boot sale. I want Maureen to have a fit when she sees just how much more I am bringing into the house. I think Paul printed about 2,000 tickets, I want to say to him PLEASE PAUL CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE ?


See just how groovy you can make the love. TURN IT UP !

Some of the money from the boot sales drops into the pockets of our very own Josh and Jelena and some goes to help fund the SET UP of our Let's Inspire projects.

Yesterday West Bletchley Community Centre agreed to become a LET'S INSPIRE drop off point for The Food Bank.

We are setting up drop off points that we will manage, we do not want to give more work to the van drivers. We will collect the tins and packets from the locations and take them to The Food Bank Warehouse.

Our own car boot sale stalls will be drop off points for this project.

Could the place where you work be a Let's Inspire Drop Off ?  Do you know a shop which could put out one of our boxes ? ANYWHERE.

Turn up the dial on YOUR love machine and find somewhere.

John, the boss of The Food Bank is on holiday, I am going on holiday. When we are both back in the real world let's tell him just how many collection boxes of love we have set up.

We want every tin and every packet we collect to have the person who donates to have one of our stickers of love placed on it.

It's no good having those stickers sitting in our studio doing nothing.  TURN UP THE LOVE AND LET'S GET THEM OUT WITH OUR COLLECTION BOXES.

I have placed an order with The Blood and Organ Donor Programme for loads more leaflets and freebies. We gave so many away at Sunshine Smile Day. We are now going to be handing them out at every boot sale.

Now here's an idea for the boot sale ?

We want our mascots at the sales, would you put on one of our costumes and hand out sweets - LOVE HEARTS - and balloons.

NO, that's not the IDEA !

Do you remember when Josh and I were a bit silly at one good cause we supported ?

Do you remember when we had our faces pained ?

Took me an age to get clean again !

Wouldn't it be a bit of fun if we offered face painting to the kiddies at the boot sale stalls ?


You have got the love dial turned right up YEH !

We are looking for a knackered, rusty old van we can use to store all of the boot sale stuff in.

ACTUALLY a nice, smart new one would do just as well.

Anything inbetween would be mega !

Jelena will drive it to all the sales. At the moment we are packing my car. Josh and Jelena walk the 3.4 miles from
their home to the sales.

Let's call our van CHITY-CHITY-BANG-BANG...

When we start our SMILE evenings for our rough sleeping friends in October CHITTY will be at every event.

There are two ways we can recruit CHITTY.

We may find someone who says, I've got a knackered, rusting old van you can have.

OR...................... We can raise our target for the boot sales by £100 per sale. Two sales a week - six weeks = £1,200. Should be able to buy a knackered, rusting old van by then.

Chitty could also be given the job of driving round the Let's Inspire collection boxed to pick up our tins of love and take them to The Food Bank.


Another Let's Inspire project which we will be kicking off in the autumn is our story writing project.

I am busy writing my next book as part of this. Jelena is proof reading the draft text.  Quite a task given how many typo's I make !

Yesterday evening Jelena and I were discussing the book.

CLICK HERE for the draft text and have a read yourself.

Jelena has not yet got to the bit in the book where little nobody Max, the central character in the book, meets and becomes friends with Elvis Presley.

Presley says: "Just because I can sing a bit does not make me any better a person than you are. My legs end up in an arse just as yours do !"

Yesterday we had 138 people read this page. The day before it was 147. Each and every single one of them is an ordinary person with the same anatomy as Elvis Presley. If every one of today's readers were to turn up the LOVE DIAL just think what we could achieve.

While I am away on holiday I will be taking my notebook with me and scribbling the next part of The Geriatric DJ's story.  I will be bringing this song into the plot !

I have 13 books currently published. I have only written one crime fiction book. I thoroughly enjoyed writing in that genre.
One day I will write more case files for Dave McDermott but for now I am working on a LOVE STORY.

The whole point of the writing is to inspire people to write their own books which we will publish for them on Amazon.

When Josh was homeless and rough sleeping in January I gave him a notebook. He started writing his own autobiography. He is still writing it. I tell you when it is finished and published on Amazon it will be a best seller.

Let's get the Food Bank and The Blood and Organ Donor programmes settled in to our boot sales then we can add in Let's Inspire's writing project.

A bit more music....

That is my current favourite song. ANDANTE ANDANTE - slowly, slowly.

I don't think anyone has written a song FORTISSIMO FORTISSIMO. Turn up the dial on your love meter and make it LOUD LOUD LOUD !

Turn up the LOVE DIAL so we can.....

Get stacks to sell at the boot sales.

Open up stacks more Let's Inspire drop off points for The Food Bank.

Bring Chitty-chitty-bang-bang to work with us.

Find us a face painter for the boot sales.

BUT ABOVE ALL make certain every singl;e reader of today's page send someone to bed this evening saying....HEY what a great person he/she is, they really made my day.

To end let's play our very own theme tune.

PS  I have something else to tell you, another idea....

But I'll make you wait until tomorrow for that !

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