Friday, 6 July 2018

The greatest piece of music ever written

I am today going to play the best song every written, the best song that will ever be written. But before I play the track let me share some music from the album Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel.

Hey, what's the weather like where you live.  Flipping hot here in England. 83 degrees. LOVELY. Going to be hot at the car boot sale this morning.

The car is packed, loads of great things to sell.  Of in a bit to the Bletchley Irish Centre. Hoping to make £100 towards funding our Let's Inspire projects which will start to happen this autumn.

We have projects to inspire writing, bringing smiles to rough sleepers, Secret Santa gifts for families with a child sick in hospital, our lovely NHS and The Food Bank.

I understand there are Food Banks in a number of countries as well as those up and down Britain. I dropped in to a food bank distribution centre yesterday to check up on some of our ideas. Does your town council disrespect residents as does ours ?  £2 an hour to park outside the distribution centre.

Milton Keynes Council where incompetence comes as standard !

This is a beautiful world, it really is but when people cause damage to the love in the world it is hard to recognise the beauty.  Rip off car parking charges, Morrissons and Asda Supermarkets saying GET LOST when we ask for their help in our Let's Inspire project for THE FOOD BANK - CLICK HERE for info.   It is sad when the current head of Leon School fails to recognise the love of the LEONITES - CLICK HERE. She has not answered the e-mail I sent to her, doubt she will now. It is sad when only one person commented on the blog page supporting BLOOD DONATION - CLICK HERE.

For the Let's Inspire writing project I have typed up another 3,000 words in my latest book. I have scribbled in my notebook another four thousand. Writing is going well, I will take my notebook to the boot sale today so I can write more in the quiet periods.  CLICK HERE for the text so far.  Doubt there will be any quiet times as NOBODY, NOBODY AT ALL has offered to come and help.

4.27am  This time tomorrow I will be lining up for the boot sale at MK Bowl but today I have time to have a bath, pop to an all night supermarket or even McDonalds for a bit of breakfast and then down to The Irish Centre in Bletchley for today's sale.

So what about this music then ?  In my humble opinion Bridge Over Troubled Water is the greatest song ever written. It is the greatest piece of music, it puts the works of Mozart, Beethoven and others into the shade.

Take the words away and you are left with an amazing melody. Take the melody away and you have a powerful poem.

All my life I have tried to live that life like a bridge over troubled water. It hurts when people fail to help me build that bridge and it hurts when people walk half way across then jump off and try to swim.

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