Thursday, 19 July 2018

Some very, very special words

Jelena said something to me yesterday which was very special and means a lot to me. As I share those words with you now I hope they will also be special to you.

Jelena, aka Mrs Josh, said:  When I first met you, you would say THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL WORLD.  I did not believe you.
Now I know you were right, this is a beautiful world.

Jelena, Josh and I spent yesterday afternoon working for our Let's Inspire projects. I quoted some words to Josh from my favorite poem, Desiderata (Desired things) - YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE. NO LESS THAN THE TREES AND THE FLOWERS YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HERE.

Josh turned round to me and said: SO ARE YOU !

Those words first entered my life at Freshers Day in Oxford way back in September 1971. I have never forgotten them,
they have always been central to my life and it is written within my will that they will be spoken at my funeral.

The three of us had a meeting yesterday afternoon. I actually put on a tie !  Jelena, as she always does, looked smart. Josh PROUDLY wore his Radio Love T Shirt.

The three of us have another meeting this afternoon. We are going to The Food Bank to give them an update on our

It is so sad that two of the ten supermarkets we invited to stage one of our rock and roll parties in support of The Food Bank basically said GET LOST.  The other eight did not give us the basic courtesy of a reply !

When something like that happens it is hard to believe this is a beautiful world.

We will be advising The Food Bank that we have set up
THREE new collection points for the work they are doing. Gifts of love can now be dropped off at West Bletchley Community Centre and our weekly boot sales at The Irish Centre and MK Bowl.

PLEASE drop by and say HI to us at Bletchley Irish Centre on Saturday morning then MK Bowl on Sunday morning.
PLEASE bring a tin with you and drop it into the BOX OF LOVE.

The Jag is packed for Saturday's boot sale so I have been using my second car, some North Korean box with a lawnmower engine !

Josh was looking through the CD collection in the car, he picked out a sixties collection and asked me what a song HONEY was about.

That is sad isn't it.



On Thursday I have a meeting with the Chairman of University Milton Keynes Hospital to talk over ways we can
support the NHS in our city.

At Sunday's boot sale we will be promoting Blood and Organ Donations.

Are you a blood donor ?  Do you carry an organ donor card ?  You can pick one up from either of our boot sales this week-end.

You won't be able to miss our stall, it will be the stall wrapped in love. We have decided we will all wear our Radio Love tee shirts.  You will come by and say HI won't you ?

Come and say HI.  Bring a tin for the box of love. Make our a beautiful day.

We do have lots to sell. THANK YOU to all who have been so kind and donated things for us to sell. Everything is ready, everything is priced using the LOVE stickers Paul produced for us.

I am working hard rewriting our website: Do have a look.

Words without deed are BARREN.  There are a lot of words
on the website. We need money to make them happen and turn into deeds. NOT A SINGLE PENNY from the support we generate for good causes is used to cover our costs. The money to make words turn into deeds comes from the car boot sales.

Here's another CD Josh picked out in the car yesterday.

Matron Maggie - TAKE NOTE...Josh made me walk to yesterday afternoon's meeting. He said it would keep me fit.  Jelena, worried about my physical well-being insisted she carried my briefcase !

While I was away on holiday last week with slow internet connection I did not write a blog every day. However, back home and into the swing of things I am a bit disappointed
with the reception postings are receiving on Facebook.

YESTERDAY 90 people read the blog. 3 people LIKED the post and only one made a comment.

If we want the words I am busy typing into the blog: to turn into deeds we need people to share them. I wonder what will happen today.

Josh, Jelena and I have produced a list of events and activities until the end of the year.  On my doings list for today
is to add in a series of TBC dates.  That will take the list to perhaps THREE pages of A4.

THANK YOU William for your help yesterday. That new list will include rock and roll parties for The Food Bank at The Bletchley Bandstand.

I wonder how many people we will be able to inspire to work with us and make things happen !

What are YOU going to do today to make this a BEAUTIFUL WORLD ?

NO words please.  NO excuses. DEEDS.

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