Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Love is the music of friendship

Друг - это тот, кто знает песню в вашем сердце и поет ее вам и поет обратно к вам, вы забыли, как это происходит ...........

Добро пожаловать в сегодняшний музыкальный бло

You didn't know I spoke Russian did you ? Actually I don't. Google Translate does ! Welcome to today' music blog , a special welcome to those who do speak Russian. Вы не знали, что я говорил по-русски? На самом деле я этого не делаю. Переводчик Google делает! Добро пожаловать на сегодняшний «музыкальный блог», особый прием для тех, кто говорит по-русски.

Here's one lady who speaks fluent Russian. Jelena always says she is Russian as she was born in the Soviet Union before it broke up after the fall of The Berlin Wall.

Jelena, I know you speak English as well as I do and so does Igor who you and Josh introduced me to on Monday but your Mum who became a friend on Facebook yesterday does not so I will sprinkle a bit of Ruski into the page today as I write about the power of FRIENDSHIP - ДРУЖБА

Actually FRIENDSHIP does not use any particular language, it is universal. It is a language of love.

On Monday Josh and Mrs Josh introduced me to IGOR who comes from the same town in the former Soviet Union as does Jelena. We spoke briefly, in ENGLISH, but shortly after we parted Igor sent me a text message - beautiful words of friendship. How lucky I am that our paths crossed.

Look out for Igor within Radio Love projects these coming months.

Мама Елены, вам удается следить за этой страницей. ОК?

Here's a picture of our FOOD BANK collecting box at last week-end's two boot sales. Today we will be opening a new collecting box for the Food Bank at West Bletchley Community Centre.

Could you take one of our collecting boxes for this wonderful and all so important good cause ? Do you have a shop ? Do you belong to a sports or social club ? Speak to use... message us on Facebook or e-mail us dashford566@gmail.com

After a full day working Josh aka Mr Jelena, Jelena and I nipped up to my local Chineese take away which serves the second best Chineese food in the world - I'll tell you about the number one in a bit. For the lovely people at Hong Kong Take Away on Furzton.....昨晚的晚餐很美味!

I had my usual mushroom chow mein, Jelena had beef
chow mein while Josh had sweet and sour chicken balls. I never knew a chicken had such things as part of its anatomy !

There was so much food we could not eat it all. Thank goodness for the microwave.

While we could not eat all of that delicious takeaway there were last night people within our city, people within YOUR city who went to bed hungry. You can say what you like about the former Soviet Union but such a thing never happened there !

The collecting boxes we are setting up for The Food Bank invite people to do a little more than just toss in the odd tin or packet then go away.

Today Josh is going to tidy up our studio and make room for our vast vinyl collection. We have within our studio our STICKERS OF LOVE. Stickers of l2222ove are an important part of our Food Bank boxes. We invite those who donate to take a sticker, put it on the pin then pause for a moment to think of the family who will receive the gift.

Most of that vinyl, our traditional disco twin deck and all the rest of the kit will, this autumn, be moved to Bletchley
Bandstand for a Rock and Roll Party.

When I leave West Bletchley Community Centre I will be going to the offices of Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council to ask if we can stage a series of parties at the bandstand while we collect tins, packets and love for The Food Bank.

My best friend Jake has just got out of bed, he came in and demanded his breakfast. He gobbled down the remains scraped from out three plates of Chinese food. Now that is more than some people who the Food Bank serves will have for their breakfast !

I'd better, before I forget, tell you about the BEST Chineese food in the world.

Yesterday Josh was busy filling out his passport application so he could go to Sacramento in California to check it out !
5.48am - I think Jake has gone back upstairs to bed. Not ready for a walk yet then.

So that's the plan for the music from Radio Love Today. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the BIG BOSS at Milton Keynes Hospital to talk about supporting our wonderful NHS with music from Radio Love. Usually I play our anthem at the end of the daily blog but I am going to play it NOW.

All of these grand plans we have for our music could not be happening without the money Josh, Mrs Josh and I
make each week-end at the car boot sales. Yesterday I updated the accounts page on the website - CLICK HERE if you want to see the way things are. We are hoping to make £200 this week-end so if you have any STUFF we can sell that would be awesome !

Money this week will be spend on printing ink - that costs a fortune and some printing paper.

You know what - Google may be able to instantly translate English into Russian and Chinese but it's screwing up the formatting on Google Blogger AGAIN !

Some of the money goes to Josh and Jelena for their work, they have no other income. I do hope nobody from officialdom is reading today's page as Radio Love pays this wonderful couple about £2.26p an hour ! What was that about a minimum wage ?

If our boot sales were able to pay this amazing couple TEN THOUSAND POUNDS an hour it would not be as valuable as the love and friendship they give to those who know them.

Let's have some more music.

THANKS FREDDIE - I know you like our music.

So those are the WISE WORDS for this week. Let's keep them in our hearts until next Wednesday when we will have something new to inspire us for the week.

FRIENDS - ДРУЗЬЯ - they really are such special people aren't they ?

A stranger is only a friend you have yet to meet.

The language of friends is LOVE. I am going to play out
with this song by Wet, Wet, Wet. Here on the blog I am playing it from YouTube but by my side I have the original vinyl which I am playing as well, after all IF IT AINT VINYL IT AINT MUSIC.

Есть день, полный любви

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