Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Let's play some FUN music for the LEONITES

1.37am and here I am at the keyboard. 1.37am - that's even early for me.

There is so much support orbiting the ideas we have for LET'S INSPIRE yet Mrs Negative keeps poking me in the side.

I came downstairs thinking if I started writing today's page and played some silly music Mrs Negative may go away and find another victim.

Opening Facebook I found Let's Inspire's Chairman Rachel has written another poem. Let me share it.

Out luck with out a buck

Wet cold head in a mess and down on my luck with out a buck.
The press write what a mess and pass the buck.
I once had a job that earned a buck then I ran out off luck.

I sit alone with out a buck never have I met Lady Luck but she just gave me a buck and a hug a smile and word now I feel I have a million bucks from my Lady Luck

Isn't that good.

WELL done Rachel.

Rachel sent that to me at ten past eight last night, just picked it up. It so perfectly sums up how I am feeling.

Yesterday I drove round some of Milton Keynes supermarkets to deliver letters inviting them to host one of our Rock and Roll parties supporting The Food Bank.  CLICK HERE to read what was in those letters.

I simply handed the letter in at the customer service desk at each supermarket. For a bit of fun I decided to award stars to each supermarket based on the operation of their customer service desk.

Just a bit of fun, like I said, but here are the scores.

Morrissons Westcroft FIVE stars
Morrissons Central Milton Keynes FOUR stars
ASDA Bletchley  THREE stars
SAINSBURY'S Shenley TWO stars
TESCO Bletchley, Kingston & Wolverton ZERO stars each

As the responses to the invitations come in I will share them here on the blog.

Chairman Rachel and I yesterday had a long conversation about LEONITES. A Leonite is, of course, a former student of Leon School, one of my former students.  If you are not actually a LEONITE you will not understand. If you are not a LEONITE you have my sympathy.

Rachel is a LEONITE. 

As I am walking into Morrissons Central Milton Keynes I bump into a LEONITE.  She so kindly said I do not look any different from when I was in the classroom. QUESTION: Do we have a LEONITE working in Specksavers by any chance ? Chairman Rachel contacted me when this page was initially published - YES we do have a LEONITE working in Specksavers !

I go to the home of a LEONITE who has donated a BIG box of stuff for us to sell at Saturday's Car Boot Sale.  Another LEONITE contacted me, she is a boss at Bletchley's Irish Centre, to say we will not be asked to pay the pitch fee for Saturday's boot sale, it will be FREE. The car boot sales are being run to fund the Let's Inspire projects. THANKS to the LEONITES who came by to say HI at last Sunday's event.

The phone rings, another LEONITE.   

While I was working yesterday I played some of the vinyl 7" singles a LEONITE gave us to use.  We have over FOUR THOUSAND vinyl music tracks, probably the biggest vinyl collection for many miles. Every single one of those discs was given to our music project by a LEONITE.

More silly music.

We are planning next year's visit to San Francisco with our sponsored walk over The Golden Gate Bridge. Flying Virgin Atlantic we have a LEONITE as Cabin Services Manager. We are thinking to go to The City By The Bay in late March. Will the weather be OK that early in the year ?  We have a LEONITE living in Sacramento who I can ask.

LEONITE Maggie has appointed herself our Project Matron. Maggie I promise I did not overwork yesterday. Maggie works in our wonderful NHS. Having taken out those invitations for a Rock and Roll Party in the supermarkets to support the foodbank I started work on Let's Inspire's support for the

On yesterday's page I spoke about the LEONITE who stopped me in Central Milton Keynes and spoke about his love of literature.

Not The Concrete Cows, my kaleidoscope through the adolescent city of Milton Keynes, is not "literature" but I did share the articles I wrote, as I wrote them at the time, with my students.

One of those articles is about Milton Keynes Hospital Radio. I photocopied the article then yesterday sent it to the radio station suggesting we could you the vast LEONITE vinyl collection and our retro disco twin deck to put up some old fashion discos at DIY stores and garden centres in support of Milton Keynes Hospital Radio.

We used to play this in the Leon Disco didn't we ?  There are no fewer than four LEONITES who have presented music radio shows on different stations including one who actually owns a radio station.

The LEONITE reunion we held in April was an amazing success. People keep asking when the next will be happening. We are planning a Pot Luck Supper in mid-September. WATCH THIS SPACE.

That Silly Mrs Negative who was poking me, telling me we would never be able to find the support for Let's Inspire projects:

I have just one word to say to you and that word is LEONITE.

So LEONITES get your pineapples ready, we have a few trees for you push them up.

2.49am Matron Maggie I am going back to bed LOL

DING DONG !  8.40am A LEONITE at the door with things for Let's Inspire !  NO NOT PINEAPPLES....

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