Saturday, 7 July 2018

Jesus Christ Superstar

I am convinced that life is a dream. One day I am going to wake up and be nineteen again, eighteen or seventeen will be better.

3rd November 2018 is nothing but fiction. I will not be sixty-eight years old on that day.

As a young man I went down to London more times than I care to remember, Milton Keynes Development Corporation had a 25p night time return on the train to London.  I went to The Palace Theatre to watch the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.  I am not a religious person but I love that musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, it's my featured album for today.


On FRIDAY I played ADAM the second album by Adam faith and the first LP record I spent my pocket money mon

So enjoy some songs from this great rock opera while I share the latest news.

I tried a Google search to share some pictures with you of that original 1970's production. Most were not accurate but this is. Te stage was made up of squares which were hydraulically raised or lowered for each scene. Other than the cross these blocks were the only scenery.  here is one block raised to make a table for the last supper. 

Had a great car boot sale at Bletchley Irish Centre yesterday morning, made £67.89 which I thought was good. SPECIAL THANKS to Paula from The Irish Centre for your help. THANKS to Tracey and Cheryl for helping to fill my car with lots to sell.

This morning I'll be off to the boot sale at MK Bowl, lining up at 4.30am waiting for the gates to open.  Last Sunday I took £127.73, less the £8 pitch fee = £119.73 

It would be fantastic if I could make £200 across the two boot sales meaning I need to take today £140.11. That's a bit of a target but I will do my best.

Some of the money will be used to support our two former homeless friends, Josh and Jelena, with the rest funding the set up of Radio Love's LET'S INSPIRE projects.

These LET'S INSPIRE projects include:  THE FOOD BANK - Click Here   SMILES FOR OUR ROUGH SLEEPING FRIENDS - Click Here    LOVE OUR NHS - Click Here  SECRET SANTA - Click Here  STORY WRITING - Click Here

I will not be doing boot sales next week-end, I  am on holiday
in Devon.  Toying with the idea of retiring to Devon when I am 70, November 2020.  That is if I do not wake up and find I am still a teenager. I'll be back at The Irish Centre boot sale on Saturday 21st July.
Sunday 22nd July is  Willen Hospice Family Fun Day.  This week Gary, Rachel and I will meet to plan that so watch out for news. At Sunshine Smile Day we did not make a lot of money for our chosen choices, on Sunday 22nd  I would like to up the cash and hand it over to Wings For Life and Emila's Helmet Appeal.

OK time to head off to the boot sale. Drop by and say HI.

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