Monday, 16 July 2018

I love my city

Today I will be heading home from my holiday in Devon.

Yesterday I spent the day at The Eden Project in Cornwall.  I decided to take some pictures of the statues in the park. I was thinking we may be able to use these later in the year to find some artists who could work with our rough sleeping friends in The Smile project.

As I focused the lens on this giant metal statue I drew breath. OMG it is rude !  LOOK AT IT. OK, so Adam was naked in the Garden of Eden but flippin' heck !

So was the artist trying to be authentic or was he perhaps one of the naked cyclists I saw in San Francisco last April !

Dogs are not allowed in the bio domes at Eden, neither for that matter are naked cyclists, so Jake and I sat relaxing.

Between eating ice cream and sipping Pepsi Max I brainstormed ideas for our Let's Inspire projects. Starting in December I thought that Josh and I should once a month organise and take part in a special activity which anyone could latch on and sponsor us for a good cause or charity of their own choice.

NO there will be no naked cycle ride and no rude sculpture work ! We are nobody's fools !

Josh what do you think of this for an idea ?

We both get dressed up as Father Christmas.

SATURDAY 8th December Hillsborough Stadium - Sheffield Wednesday at home to Rotherham United.

SATURDAY 15th December Villa Park - Aston Villa at home to Stoke City

SATURDAY 22nd December Stadium MK MK Dons at home to Colchester United

Ahead of each game we lead a SANTA DASH around the perimeter of the pitch with the crowd cheering and the sound system playing some Christmas Music.

In return for a donation, minimum of £10 per Santa, fans could run round with us.

This would be part of our Let's Inspire Secret Santa. The clubs would collect in the donations then hand the money over to Sheffield Childrens' Hospital, Milton Keynes Hospital Ward Five and Ronald McDonald House working with Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital.

Josh Mate, I'm up for that, are you ?

I never thought I would be so pleased to get home to Milton Keynes.  It has been so hard here in Devon, internet running at snail-speed, utterly useless phone signal.

I have so much to do !

Bit of music.

Calendar - diary - mine is jammed packed full for the next three weeks.

SATURDAY we will be at Then Irish Centre Boot Sale. I have to say I am VERY disappointed that none of my requests for help giving Josh and Jelena a lift to the sale so they do not have the 4.7 mile walk have fallen on deaf ears !  The silence has been so..............................

Here's another statue I found in Eden today.

Remind you of anything ?

Where have they hidden the concrete cows in Milton Keynes these days ?

There was a time when Milton Keynes was known for its concrete cows.  What is it known for now ? Pot holes ?  Hideous city centre skyline ?  Rip off car parking charges ?

I love my city but I do not like what some people have done to it and despise what some people are trying right now to do to it !

Here's another statue, two in fact NOT three, the guy in the middle is not part of it.

If the first phase of our support for the rough sleepers works the next phase is to engage them in some community art work.   Very ambitious but how lovely if we could find an artist to work with some friends to produce an iconic to equal the concrete cows.

And here's one for Patrick at Bombinate.  Do you know what Bombinater means ?  ASK GOOGLE.

At the Eden Project they were getting ready to open a new exhibition all about space and what life would be like in other parts of the universe.

I would have liked to see that, pity it isn't opening until next month.

Let me play you this piece of music. Are you old enough to remember the TV series ?

Do you remember the robot ?  ROBERT ?  Do you remember his catch phrase ?  ON OUR WAY HOME ?  I can not wait to be ON MY WAY HOME !

This is the seat where I am sitting right now. The seat where I have been sitting in Devon, complete with slow internet, to write all of the recent blog pages. Look at the cushion.

Isn't that exactly what we are all about ?

The way we will operate in is to set up things for others to latch on to, to provide forums for good causes to use themselves.

This idea for Josh and I to do something each month which good causes can take and use themselves by generating their own sponsorship for what we do may enable us to pick
up some of the activities we had to set aside a while back simply as we could not find the support we needed.

I wonder if in January we could pick up on an idea for The Northampton Lighthouse. NO JOSH I am not proposing we abseil down it !

Well I am soon to be on my way home.

I love my city. Will you love it with me ?

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