Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Do small things with great love

I am home from my holiday in Glorious Devon.  It was a lovely break but it's good to be back home.SO MUCH TO TO !

Hundreds of LITTLE things to do, all to be done with GREAT LOVE.

I spent yesterday with Josh and Jelena talking about all the many things we want to do so can we share them with you ?
Can we tell you how we plan to use our music over the next few months,  we have ideas planned as far as February.

We have our car boot sales this week-end to raise funding to make these ideas possible.  We have set ourselves a target of £150.  We should do it as we have some great things to
sell thanks to the kindness of many people.

I am busy working on a new website for all we are doing, it will be finished in about
three weeks time but if you go there now:  and click on the button above you can see how we are spending the cash from the boot sales, how we are investing them in our projects.

On Saturday Jelena suggested we give out balloons from the stall to children and so draw in mum and dad to spend money with us. YEP we will be doing that.

Some music..................

Do you remember our Frog Challenge from last September ?

I am working on the galleries pages within our new website. I am starting with the Frog Challenge. 175 pictures were taken at that event alone.

Starting in January Josh and I will be staging a monthly event. The web page has not yet been written but we are calling it DO SOMETHING SPECIAL. Actually it would be better if we  called it DO SOMETHING  UTTERLY  BONKERS !  Josh was a bit nervous as we discussed everything, he thought I would take special, through bonkers and end up UTTERLY STUPID.

At these monthly events we are NOT raising money. We will provide activities which good causes/charities can use to raise money themselves. They can run their own sponsorship
programme and raise money direct themselves.

Josh and I will take part in the activities with Jelena supervising and taking the photographs.

For DECEMBER we plan three SANTA DASH events for three childrens' hospitals.

At the Frog Challenge I overcame my life-long fear of that particular reptile. I have also a life-ling fear of high buildings. In JANUARY Josh will overcome that fear for me and as we undertake the programe to cure me of my fear Jelena will take the photographs and any good cause which would like to use what we are doing to raise money.

Go to the website: and click on the
Our Muisc button.

When you have done that click on the...AH THERE'S A BUSTED LINK THERE - it aint working. I'll have to fix it. OK, I'll play the music while I explain.

We are going to take music to three high places. We'll start off with my most hated and despised place in Milton Keynes -

THE HUB !  It may be hideous but it aint that tall. We will move on to the tallest building outside London, The
Northampton Lighthouse.

For those who do not know, this is the old Express Lift test building.

While we were driving a hot air balloon rose into the air. Josh told me to keep my eyes on the road and stop looking at the
hot air balloon. At that moment we made that the third high place in the challenge.

When I go on holiday to Devon there is something very special waiting for me.  There is an ULTRA LUCKY guy who owns a Triumph TR7 sports car. Since the day I passed my driving test in 1977 I have wanted to own a Triumph TR7 Motor car. I guess now it aint going to happen but could we make the
FEBRUARY challenge for me to drive a Triumph TR7 sports car ?

If we did particularly well at the boot sales do you think we could buy a TR7 ?  NO David that aint going to happen !  Last night Josh sent me a long text about how the boot sale money should be spent and how it should be accounted for.

While I was away on holiday my kind next door neighbour took in a parcel for me.  It was a box full of freebies promoting blood and organ donation.  We will be using these
at the boot sales. Not only will we be selling stuff but we will be PROMOTING good causes.

While I was away on holiday in Devon with diabolical phone signal the Chairman of University Hospital Milton Keynes tried to call me to set up a meeting where we could discuss how we can support the NHS.  I will be calling him back today to fix up that date.

We are making all of our boot sales collecting points for Milton Keynes Food Bank.  Please pop by Bletchley Irish Centre on Saturday, come and say HI but also bring a tin with you and put it i the box of love.

Can you believe that not a single supermarket we invited TWO weeks ago to stage a Radio Love Rock and Roll Party gave us the basic courtesy of responding.

The tree of us were walking through Bletchley yesterday. Destiny took us straight past Bletchley Bandstand. For most of the year this is SILENT.  Could we not have a monthly Rock and Roll party there and make it a collection point for The Food Bank.  STUFF THE SUPERMARKETS.  

How about making the first in OCTOBER.  Need to select the date with some care.  I am going back to Devon for another holiday.  I'll be booking it later today.

Walking round The Eden Project on my holiday I took photographs of the various statues in the park.

I have this idea.

I need to speak to Jelena today and get this programmed into our diary.

We plan to launch a weekly newletter for the rough sleepers in Milton Keynes. We will give these out each Monday, probably starting in mid October.  One day week we will then have a music and food party which we want to call Tea At The Ritz.

That's OK, fair enough but we want to go a lot further. We want to put some purpose into the lives of the rough sleepers, something more than begging and sleeping.

Milton Keynes used to be famous for its Concrete Cows. Now it is famous for it's hideous city centre skyline, potholes and rip off parking charges.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could find an artist who would work with our rough-sleeping friends. Together they make a statue which could become as famous as the concrete cows once were.

There are many different organisations tinkering around the homeless situation, busy putting sticking plasters on gaping woulds.  We have something NONE of these have, we have Josh and Jelena.

I am nervous about talking to these organisations about Let's Inspire's SMILE project but perhaps I should.

Let me think about that and let me talk to Josh and Jelena.

These are GREAT IDEAS, I hope you agree but ideas are useless without ACTION.  Without love small things become

You do have SATURDAY 6th OCTOBER in your diary don't you ?

This is one page on our new website which is working... CLICK HERE.

This is where it all starts to happen.

Without you - yes YOU - NOTHING can happen.

So how about it ?

Will you be at the pot luck supper ?

SO TO CONCLUDE.............

Pop by to the boot sales this week-end:

SATURDAY - Bletchley Irish Centre & SUNDAY MK Bowl

Bring a can with you for the Food Bank

Jelena will give you a balloon !

Keep the STUFF flowing for all the future boot sales. We will have something happening every Saturday and every Sunday until September.

Help us do lots and lots and lots of small things with amazing love.

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