Monday, 9 July 2018

Celebrating BEAUTIFUL people

It is PEOPLE who make this a beautiful world.

Sadly, it is also people who can tarnish the beauty but today let's celebrate beautiful people. I warn you this could be a LONG blog page so enjoy the music as you read............

I spent some quality time yesterday with two QUALITY people, our very own Josh and Jelena.

When it comes to taking music into the community there is not a SINGLE event that Josh has not been to. As I chat away about all that is happening let me share some images of the love we have taken out and about over the last six months.

Yesterday Josh kept complaining about the heat. I reminded him of the event we held in Asda Supermarket in February. We skidded my car to the event but OH what fun we had.

Josh, mate, this song is for you.  You know I am a great fan of Status Quo !

I was chatting briefly yesterday to Mike from Radio CRMK, a quality man who has brought quality radio to our city since the time when this was not a city, if you follow my drift.

Mike, I am so looking forward to probing your knowledge of people you have met and to write your experiences into our intended community project LEGENDS OF A GREAT CITY.

I was showing off my knowledge of the history of our city yesterday when Josh told me something I did not know. Mike I wonder if you know this.

The Point in Central Milton Keynes is built on ley-lines from the early days of the city.

Let's play some music for Mike and all at Radio CRMK.

Why did I play that ?  Because I like it. Do I need any better reason ?

The on-line draft of my next book has attracted 809 readers. Hey, I hope you all enjoyed the typo's !  9,075 words so far written, I wonder how many typo's there are !

Jelena is kindly reading the text and eliminating the work of Yours Truly, The Typo King.

If you want to check the story so far WITH the typos then CLICK HERE.

Here's a couple of songs from the book.

The central character in the book is a Teenager NOT In Love. I have just reached the point in the story where he falls in love with Julie.

We are putting together a series of events to take music into the community and INSPIRE people to support some extra special causes.

We are calling these LET'S INSPIRE. We had hoped to start off with something to support our rough sleeping friends at the end of this month the to have everything operating by the Autumn. However, putting everything in place is going to take a lot longer, longer if we want to do it all properly.

One of the lovely music events we held in the Spring was the Leon School Reunion. Since that day the LEONITES have been asking for another get-together.

SUNDAY 6th October we are having a pot luck supper, an open house drop in at Little Brickhill Village Hall from 7pm to 11pm. Just put the date in your diary, more details to follow.

It is the LEONITES who are the power within the support base but you do not need to be a LEONITE to come to the Pot Luck Supper. Anyone is welcome. During the evening we will share details of ALL Radio Love
Let's Inspire Projects. But now for some music. 

I used to play this at the Leon Disco, Josh likes to play it at our music events.  

I keep telling him it is rude !

2.37am  I got up an hour ago, my mind filled with ideas and things I wanted to share on today's page so came downstairs
to begin writing.  I am tired so I'll go back to bed for a bit.

Speak later. 3.05am - I am back. Can not sleep !

Josh and Jelena were, of course, rough sleepers six months ago. I remember a text Josh sent me...... Hello M8te It's Josh here, the homeless lad from Morrissons.... NOW LOOK AT HIM AND HIS BEAUTIFUL LADY

People give me the credit for taking these two lovely people out of their situation but all I did was to co-ordinate the LOVE of the BEAUTIFUL Leonites to make it happen.

Most nights I get a goodnight text from these two. Six minutes past ten last night, I was asleep by then, the latest text came in. Wonderful people who I am so proud to have as my friends. I am so proud that so many of my BEAUTIFUL LEONITE friends have done so much for Josh and Jelenia.

I am not sure but I think that Jelena is in one of these mascot costumes.

If you want a job doing ask a LEONITE.

On yesterday's blog I started chatting about raising the level of our Car Boot Sale Diary, not only to bring in more money to fund LET'S INSPIRE but also to bring in people to become involved in the projects.  I suggested having some proper price tickets instead of hand written bits of paper. Within a couple of hours Leonite Paul had them designed, printed and dispatched to me.

I said my mechanical knowledge still could not get our generator working properly. Leonite Graham said bring it to
me.  Josh and I will drop by with it tomorrow.  

You can read our boot sale diary by CLICKING HERE

Leonite Paula fixed things for us at Bletchley Irish Centre.  ALL of the stuff we have so far collected to sell has come from Leonites. Waiting for me on Messenger is an amazing piece of news from Leonite Angie.

Talking with Jelena yesterday I suggested quite an ambitious
target for the money we can make.  Jelena said that it was all down to our being able to collect enough stuff to sell. I replied WE HAVE THE LEONITES ! No problem.

We take our music half way round the world to San Francisco and it is Leonite Virgin Atlantic Cabin Services Manager Sam who fixed the special champagne
welcome on the aircraft. Sam, Gary, is working on San Francisco 2019 ! LEONITE Steve we are planning to drop into Sacramento next year, purely selfish on my part as I want to eat in the world's finest Chinese restaurant. Their chicken chow mein is something to die for. Come along and let me show you !

When we take our music out into the community we have what is undoubtedly the biggest collection of VINYL in private ownership.  LEONITE Patrick of Dockyard Discs I bet we have almost as much as you have in your shop !  We have
an original copy of the original pressing of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in its original EMI cover.  I have thought about nicking it, selling it and buying a new car but honestly I am not that keen on driving a Ferrari ! I'll stick with the Jag. Hey, at last Sunday's boot sale someone tried to buy it ! The Jag I mean.

OK Freddie I'll play the song for you, I know you like our music.

NO, I would not sell it !  EVERY piece of vinyl music we have in our vast collection was given to us by a LEONITE. We play the music to have fun, help people smile and support good causes.  NO, I would not sell a single thing, not even on a
boot sale. ALL of the money from the boot sales is accounted for. CLICK HERE for the statement.

We are now planning to use the boot sales to promote the LET'S INSPIRE projects. Why can't we make our boot sales collection points for Let's Inspire's Foodbank Project.

LEONITES do you remember this ? I can not claim credit for Leon Disco, it was Headmaster Bradshaw who founded Leon Disco.

From Leon Disco THREE Leonites went on to work in music radio.

Josh is not a LEONITE, he went to Sir Frank Markham.  I met Sir Frank a couple of times but it was his wife, Lady Markham, I knew.

At teacher training college I was elected as the student governor. Lady Markham was a board members, we used to sit together. When I wrote Not The Concrete Cows in 1994 telling of Adolescent Milton Keynes Lady Markham gave me
permission to quote Sir Frank's writings.  I think that Sir Frank's books should be compulsory reading for for all Milton Keynes Council members AND for all council employees. AH, can Milton Keynes Council employees read ?


Left to right:  Josh, Your Truly,  GARY MARLING and Milton Keynes Mayor Petchey.

Gary is NOT a Leonite. He was not so fortunate, he went to Denbigh.

Gary is running the Willen Hospice Family Fun Day. We are taking our  music there on Sunday 22nd July. Later today Leonite Rachel and I are meeting with Gary to plan all that will happen.

NO, this guy was not a LEONITE but is Rachel's favourite singer so let's play a piece of music he wrote specially for Leon School students.

Josh keeps calling me a star.  NO, I am not !  I am just a mirror reflecting the beautiful people around me.

He was at our Sheffield Wednesday music event, I keep searching through the pictures but have not yet found one of Rachel's hubby DAVID.

David used to work for Monarch Airlines. Writing Not The Concrete Cows I spend at day with the then MD of Monarch to write an article. David
I have printed off a copy and will give it to Rachel for you.

David, how come you are not even in the group picture taken by Club Photographer    Steve ?

When I talk about beautiful people David Martin is EXACTLY what I mean. Proud to know you David.

Let's have some music for David who I guess is round about my age and will remember when FOOTBALL DID COME HOME !  Good friend Trevor, Director of Communications at Hillsborough, I am also playing this for you.

YES, we do have that in our vinyl collection. Leonite Patrick I bet you don't have it in your collection. LEONITE John, former school DJ, owner of KWSB Radio Clatsop and prospective town mayor do you want to borrow it to play on your station. You play some good music on your station mate.

Every time my phone bings with a message I quickly check to see if it is a message from the blood donor system telling me where the pint of blood I gave last Thursday has been used. Still waiting to hear. We have leaflets left from Sunshine Smile Day so why can't we give them out at the boot sales ?

One of our Let's Inspire projects is our NHS so let's promote blood and organ donation at the boot sales.

During the day yesterday I was chatting to Josh and Jelena about our wonderful Milton Keynes Hospital and all the FANTASTIC beautiful people whop work there. High up on my doings list is to chat with
CEO Joe Harrisson to see what we can do. We will be doing Secret Santa from November onward and I am keen to offer our vast music collection to Milton Keynes Hospital Radio.

Joe this is for you and all of your team.

This IS a beautiful world with so many beautiful people.

What about those I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this LONG blog ?  Those who tarnish the beauty ?

You heard me on the stage at Sunshine Smile Day.....


MISERABLE OLD SODS THE EXIT IS OVER THERE.  Go and have your fag in front of the notice which says NO SMOKING IN THIS AREA !

Did you see the balloons soar into the sky in that video ?  All blown up by LEONITE Maggie.  Maggie works in our beautiful NHS and one of the kindest people you could ever want to meet.  Maggie is our MATRON who keeps an eye out to see I am behaving myself.  Don't anyone tell Maggie it is now 4.41am and I have been writing this page since about half past one.

Maggie has been asking what has happened to LEONITE Andy's Weatherline. Maggie have you not noticed how hot it is ?  When it gets wet, winds and cold Andy will be back.

That was playing on the car CD the other day, Josh started
jigging about in his seat saying he liked the song. Josh why do you keep moaning about the heat !

Another LEONITE, Paul and his beautiful daughter. I tell you, you could not wish to meet a kinder and more lovely person.

YES Paul when you say you were a right *!xxard at school YOU WERE but look at you now.  I am so proud to count you as a

Just one thing Paul....STOP calling me SIR !

Now here's a particularly wonderful man, former Milton Keynes Mayor David Hopkins. Taken at the very first event we organised last September.

This is the most ever viewed picture of Milton Keynes on Google.

There's another picture of Mayoress Susan with a skunk.  Susan, nobody did tell you it had NOT had its sweat glands removed did they ?

At the end of his year of office Mayor David wrote me a letter thanking me for my love of our city. David I am only a mirror.

David, I happen to know you particularly like this song so let me play it for you.

I also know this is one of your favourites. It sums up what we are trying to do with our music.

Here's something completely different !

If you cut a stick of rock in half you will find the words go all the way through.

If you cut some people in half, metaphorically, you would find LOVE all the way through them. 

5.03am. OMG I have been writing for more than four hours.  I am going to finish with THREE more songs.

Something from Freddie.

Now the Radio Love International theme tune...

FINALLY the greatest piece of music EVER written.  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALL LIVE THEIR LIVES LIKE BRIDGES OVER TROUBLED WATER.................................

YES we have that in our vinyl collection !

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