Friday, 20 July 2018

Bletchley - Music Capital of England

Forget Liverpool - forget The Beatles - Forget The Rolling Stones - Forget most of British Pop Music from the 1960's right up to the present day.....if it were not for BLETCHLEY the only sound coming from British Pop Music would have been SILENCE.

In Queensway, Bletchley, there was a shop MARSHALL'S. There was, and still IS, a factory MARSHALL'S making amplifiers for all of the groups.

I met Jim Marshall a few times. He founded the company in 1960. It was his son I knew better, he had a shop in Duncombe Street - MAN Music - Marshall and Nun Music.  It was there Leon School purchased all of its equipment for Leon Disco.

When we launch our community writing project in October The Marshall Family deserve a chapter all of its own.

I got up this morning to find two messages, one from William Hewitt and one from Josh.

William is asking how we got on booking Bletchley
Bandstand for our Rock and Roll; Parties to support The Food Bank.

Yesterday Jelena and I went to The Food Bank to run the idea of Rock and Roll Parties at The Bletchley Bandstand past John, the head of The Food Bank. When we mentioned Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council he was VERY enthusiastic.

If you take a look at the FOOD BANK bit on our WEBSITE you can see the dates we have provisionally put in the diary. Nest week we will ask the council if they can accommodate us for these days. CLICK HERE

Very soon the music will rock out loud and clear from Bletchley. Did you know that Jim Marshall's motto was TURN THE VOLUME UP TO ELEVEN ?  Jim we will be turning the
volume up and also turning up the volume of love to eleven and more.

The second message was from Josh. He said he hopes the rain will clear up for this morning's boot sale at The Irish Centre ?

WHAT RAIN ?  It was not raining when I went to bed.  Josh's text is times at 9.48pm !  OMG - RAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.45am - I raced into the garden. PHEW no rain but obviously it has been raining overnight. I called Josh, Jelena answered the phone. IT'S NOT RAINING, I screamed.

At half past five I am picking up Josh and Jelena to head to Bletchley Irish Centre and the car boot sale. With things now starting to happen we need the cash the boot sale programme will generate. TODAY we will be launching two of our support programmes...

We have loads and loads and loads of things to hand out to promote Blood and Organ donations.

We will also have our box of love in place collecting tins for The Food Bank.

We spent some of our admin cash yesterday on tins and packets. Anyone who spends more than £10 on our stall gets a free tin to put a smiling sticker of love on then drop it into the box.

I hope that many of our friends and supporters will come by the boot sale this morning. If you come along do bring a can to put into the box.

You will not be able to miss our stall. The three of us will all be wearing our RADIO LOVE shirts.  All of the items we have to sell, so MANY things donated by so many LOVELY people, will all have love stickers on them, stickers produced for us by Paul.  Paula, we have made a display of the work we do, that was something your boot sale lady asked us to do.

You can not miss our stall - it will be the one with the halo of love over it.

SEE YOU THERE THEN.  Happy smiling people come on down. Sad miserable people just stay away.

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