Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Where it is cool to play HOT music

In January an idea was put forward for a new radio station.....Radio Love International 

Everything began with a daily music blog. This is the latest edition. The first piece of music on today's page is the same piece of music we played on that first edition in January.

No fewer than 59,347 people have checked this music blog out since we started.

Tomorrow at 7pm ENGLAND time Radio Love International is making its very first LIVE broadcast.

All three of Radio Love International's directors will be taking

Chairman Rachel   

Josh aka The Eternal Teenager   

David aka The Geriatric DJ

We will be playing music to have fun, make people smile and inspire listeners through our music to make this a happier world.

Behind our broadcast equipment we have the RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL WALL OF FAME. In five months we have taken our smiles and our music to some amazing places.

We have supported various charities.

We have played  music at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield.

We have played music TWICE at the biggest supermarket in the country.

The second time we took the music to Asda Supermarket
was for Sunshine Smile Day, the biggest community event  ever seen in the biggest supermarket in the country.

We provided the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th anniversary celebration.

We provided the music at a private party to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.

Oh Yeh, almost forgot we took our music to San Francisco...

It was Radio Love International's Chairman, Rachel, who gave us SPREAD THE LOVE which is right at the centre of all we do.

Rachel, six months ago, bet you never thought you would be the boss of a radio station. Tomorrow you will have in your hand one of the three microphones feeding into our new mixer deck !

More music please......

We took our music to Birmingham and had fun playing for families who had a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital.

We played music from our retro vinyl disco deck at the Leon School Reunion.

Is our WALL OF FAME big enough to fit in pictures from all of these events ?

When David climbed up onto the music stage at Sunshine Smile Day he kept calling out... HAPPY SMILING PEOPLE THIS WAY....SAD MISERABLE PEOPLE THE EXIT IS OVER THERE.

So it is with Radio Love International and our first live broadcast tomorrow.

HAPPY, SMILING PEOPLE tune in. MISERABLE FOLK try listening to Radio One.

Radio Love International hasn't done bad in its first five months of operation has it ?

Tomorrow we move to phase two. For the next three months
we will be broadcasting LIVE into YouTube as we make a series of test broadcasts. You can listen, watch our live webcam feed and join in our chat room via the Radio Love International YouTube Channel 

Before tomorrow's live broadcast we will be completely revising our website with a link to the YouTube page.

Tomorrow's live broadcast will come from our new but temporary studio.

This is what it looked like on Monday....

David's junk filled garage before Josh set to work cleaning it up.

Now here it is as of yesterday, all ready to go.

We will learn a lot from tomorrow's broadcast. We will take all we learn to start a series of YouTube broadcasts over the summer. We will start with one or two shows a day then build up a programme schedule. In September we will launch Radio Love International as an internet radio station.

So tomorrow all you listeners round the world make sure you are ready to smile and have fun.........

Radio Love International will be live.....

Come and join the fun.  Come and inspire. Come and Spread the Love.

Radio Love International where it is cool to listen to HOT music.

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