Saturday, 23 June 2018

We want your junk.....


SUNDAY next week we are having a CAR BOOT SALE.

I will be going to the boot sale at MK Bowl bright and early on Sunday 1st July, they tell me I can be there for FIVE in the morning. I will be there and at the FRONT of the queue to get in. 

DO ME A FAVOUR. Turn out your cupboards and bombard me wit things to sell. 

Josh and Jelena Morgan are going to work with me FULL TIME setting up LETS INSPIRE projects, taking RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL out on  the road to spread the love.

This will be the ONLY income my friends have. Once we ave everything up and running in the autumn we can pay them properly from the advertising income generated by the roadshow fliers. 

We also need cash NOW to get the projects running.

have put some more car boot sale dates in my diary.
So we ave next Sunday 1st July at MK Bowl

Saturday 7th July Irish Centre
Saturday 21st July Irish Centre
Saturday 28th July Irish Centre
Saturday 4th August  Irish Centre
Saturday 18th August  Irish Centre
Saturday 1st September Irish Centre


At each boot sale the first £50 will to to Josh and Jelena. The next £50 will help to fund set up costs for the LETS INSPIRE PROJECTS. Any money beyond the £100 we will divide equally.

£100 per sale ad to be the minimum we can make, £150 would be better. Dare we hope for £200 ?

So start turning out your junk and let me have it. Send me an email:  MESSAGE ME ON
FACEBOOK or send me a text 048 428 9950

I am NOT asking for anyone to come and help at the boot sales, I will do them all myself. I am certainly NOT asking anyone to be there at 4.30am next Sunday BUT if you want to pop by during the morning and help that would be great .

Lethave a car song before we move on....

Lets InspireHomeless Project as a new name.

Tomorrow I will talk about LETS INSPIRE FOOD BANK, as I suggest a total change for thhomeless project I want to build in a central thinking which will be fundamental to what we can do.


We are going to start a weekly newsletter for the rough sleeping homeless people in Milton Keynes.

We can simply print this off from the laptop. 

We will call it THE SMILE

It will have FUN, HAPPY features to engage those who see little point in their lives: 

Quizzes, word searches, competitions, jokes page, stories, pictures and so on.

We will seek businesses to sponsor the newsletter with their logo in each edition. That will sort the men from the boys ! NO BUSINESS IS GOING TO ET ANY TRADE FROM PUTTING AN ADVERT ON THE SMILE !

Half of the advertising money will go towards paying Josh and Jelena a proper weekly wage and half towards Lets Inspire projects.

Let’s aim to publish the first edition on MONDAY 30th July.

That edition will invite readers to come to an event we will hold in the evening of TUESDAY 31st July. We will then hold a similar event EVERY Tuesday. We will build up to
running the event twice a week, then daily.

We will base ourselves at a car with music playing. We can make everything informal and happy. I could come as ThGeriatric DJ. Our mascots could be there. 

We will give out small g of food, a simple packed meal for tea that evening.

These will be times of friendship. We are NOT just handing out food. We are making friends, we are showing love, we are winning the trust of those who society has neglected. We will be doing something special.

Everything we and out in those teatime bags MUST be full of love.

Just as we will be asking people to think about the tins and packets they donate to the food bank, to wrap their gifts in love and put a smilie sticker on each gift, so we will do the same with the teatime bags. 

We want, we need a diary of volunteers who will one day a week but two loaves of bread and some sandwich filling. They then make up the sandwiches themselves, they wrap them in cling film and put a smilie sticker on them.

Every teatime bag will have a carton of fruit juice or a can of soft drink, a packet of crisps, a cake, chocolate bar or biscuit BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY a packet of LOVE HEARTS.  Every single item will ave a smilie sticker of love on it.

We will not just hand out the bags and send our friends on their way, we will spend quality time with them, we will show them friendship and we will sow them love.

As we build up trust, mutual trust and respect, as we get to know one another ten we can start to bring in  extra tins like birthday cards, help with doctors and dentists, clothing where needed, personal health matters and so on.  We can organise some simple trips away from our friends situations.

Supporting my dear friends Josh and Jelena Morgan as been so easy. What has been unbelievably hard has been FIGHTING the failing, cruel, heartless and uncaring systems within Milton Keynes Council. 

Te Mayor of Milton Keynes as named a homeless charity as is chosen civic charity for the year. On 16th May we wrote to Mayor Petchey asking if we could sit down and talk with him
about thhomeless situation in our city. When he failed to answer the letter we wrote asking. AGAIN he did not give us the courtesy of a reply !

On 14th May we contacted a woman by the name of Elenor Nicklesss who is employed by Milton Keynes Council as head of homeless Prevention. We asked if we could sit down and talk about how we could help thhomeless in our city. SHE FAILED TO RESPOND !

It would be easy to dismiss Milton Keynes Council as a
heartless and failing waste of space, evidence says that is just what it is. However, Josh and I had a lovely, positive and relaxed meeting with an elected council member discussing the homeless situation in our city and the multiple failures of those we council tax payers fund who are supposedly working to relieve the situation. THAT WAS A GREAT MEETING.

We MUST find a way to get council staff to engage with us and not just accept their failures. 

SO will you get involved in THE SMILE ?  Send me an email:  MESSAGE ME ON
FACEBOOK or send me a text 048 428 9950

Yesterday I managed to write another one thousand or so words for my latest book. I am really getting into this and a lot of people are reading it as I pop here on the blog today my latest scribbling.

But yesterday evening Josh contacted me on Skype. I then phoned him. He is working on the Lets Inspire writing project. As a part of this he will soon be publishing is own blog.  He wanted me to read and correct some text hhad written. It was late but I read it.  I then just ad to phone him and talk. OMG how powerful is that he as written. I am including the unedited version NOW....

I will set up a different page to share my writing. Joshs text is far more important than mine to include ere.  I have not corrected or edited anything PLEASE READ IT. Read it then I will bring today’s  page to a conclusion.

Well as i mentioned in my 1st ever blog last week some
time i published it for the world to read and every1 who ever you are or where yu come from is intitled to there own oppinion to believe what ever they do reading about me and the way i live my lif3! and now i am trying to do good and get out of this circle and hell hole of aq life i live :(!

I said i will now write my life in a blog day by day explainning my life and what really happens! the way it happen's! i wrote only a little last week because after writting and explainning about what happened truthfully about my kids and it did get to me mentally made me really upset so i didnt want to write anymore... This is the 2nd time iv written and still its gonna have to be the second part ov my intro part... I didnt tell you guys about the fact that i am slowly trying to write a book a story of my life ,and since christmas when i was living in a tent and also having to beg outside morrision's dayley, ONE morning while begging i was
given a 20quid note by a man i now know as david ashford !Since that day tho first time and also i regret to say the first and first of many other times that he has helped me and my mrs! TBH i believe that if it was not for david and our friend's, i believe me and lena would probly not still be in housed ATM if it was not for him and him protecting our backs from the council basically ! christmas time 2017 after 6 months me and my partner was living in a tent! the milton keynes council started a new homeless skeam to house any homeless person when the weather gets really bad or cold and in the tempature drops to in the minus's then swept the new skeam by mk council would kick in and then the homeless would be offered a hotel temparally until the weather gets better and warms up! This really upset me "IT'S A JOKE" But makes me laugh!!! I remmember it was like roughly 14th of december say and while me and my mrs was begging outside morrisons a woman that works for the soup run that
provides food to the homeless on week day evening's for rouff sleepers with food and clothing most weekday nights! Laura i tjhink her name is "WELL SHE TOLD US THAT FINALLY MK COUNCIL WHERE NOW HOUSING HOMELESS PEOPLE UNDER A NEW SKEAM CALLED SWEPT AND HERE IS THE CNTACT NUMBER..!!! I remmber it was late at night about ten pm when i called this number... I explainned about our situation and the guy on the phone kindly called me and lena a cab to take us CMK with some of our belongings to a hotel for the weekend until monday where we would then have to go council to try get some more help .....*THANK GOD!!** I Was really happy after realising that, that call i made luckily could of actually saved our life's! only because waking up that morning in a nice warm hotel bed sweating hot!!! We looked out the windowand bloody hell it was like the end of the world! everywhere was covered in white blanket's of snow! No1 atall was driving around or out and about walking :/ Anyway the reason why im so happy i made that call
later that day is because later that day me and my mrs had nothink and had no choise but to bravily walk to westcroft from cmk to beg! once we got there our tent was burried in snowand honestly the amount of snow that covered the tent and if we was both asleep in the tent that night i believe theres a big chance we could of suffericated and died ! thats why im so glad i made that call! One of my long term friends also said that he believed that i we would ov died if we stayed in the tent that night :/ So Thank God!! 

Hey guy's because i couldnt write any more on my last published blog, i had to publish it and continue the rest of it with this another part ov ma intro blog, Sorry 4 the longness!!!

As i explained about the tent that it was burried by the snow, what had made it worse was the little outter building that house's the eletricity utiliety station for the estate also had managed to build up a large amount of snow on the roof , that also fell onto our tent in big hardened lump's so that's what i mean by what im saying i really do believe that we could have died if we had of stayed in the tent that night, so i was very realived that i

had prevented my beaultiful partner from getting in any harms way! Anyway from now we was booked into a hotel in CMK untill monday morning come's and worried+nervouse me + my partner check out @ midday and worryingly make our way to the council to see what they say it was like a week befor christmas and luckily the council said under swept the weather for the hole week or remaining week day's is in it's minus's. Because swept we have to help you! AMAZING!!! FINALLY WE WILL GET SOME SORT OF HELP!! I Thought "YES" that would be it now! Christmas is just in a few day's now "well in a week".NO WAY1 I thought that we would be back out there for christmas! BUT YH RIGHT! REALLY BLOODY HELL! well i thought lol! not a joke well mk council gave us a lovely room in CMK from that monday until the friday coming up but if the weather gets better and warmer thing's will change, and come that friday after all my excitement and
hopefullness that 3 or 2 days befor christmas we had to leave because swept skeam had finished and it was now warm anoth to leave and get back too living outside in our tent!!

"BLOODY JOKE!" SO me and my mrsregrettible we both had no choice but to return to our tent:(

And as imagined it was flat covered in water where all the snow had melted, luckily most ov our belongings was still usable and dry but there was only a few more day's till christmas and i know when we was told to move on not1 other person paid or rented the room atleast untill the new year had began "I KNOW THIS FOR
A FACT BECAUSE I HAD A FRIEND STILL STAYING THERE" and still unused and still for christmas time me and lena had no choice but to have to return to our tent damaged, unused, FOR CHRISTMAS!! :(2GREAT" !!!LENA just got on with it as usual! she's always been strong like that. I was pissed off unhappy like anyone so would she be but she never ever showed any1 her weakness!or her feelings! so me and her we just got on with it and had a crap christmas in our tent but together we had each other atleast!!! xxx MERRY

Ive written loads to much now in part 2 n 2nd part ov part 2 ... but im just trying to nmake you guy's realise how its really truthfully been for me and lena. il leave it as that for this todays blog bye x

OK, so Josh and Jelena are my dear and special friends. Of course I am going to favour them.  Every picture I ave used to support the text sows my friend involved in a charity event
since January.  Did you know FAILING Milton Keynes Council came close to destroying the charity work Josh does when it allowed the internet to be taken away from the temporary accommodation he is currently living in.  In my eyes tat man is worth one hundred of the council tax funded employees in our civic offices.

So will you support Josh and Jelena ?  Will you have a sort out and let me have your junk for next Sunday and the car
boot sale ?

Will you get involved in The Smile ?

Will you spread the love ?

Send me an email:  
FACEBOOK or send me a text 048 428 9950


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