Monday, 11 June 2018

Tuesday SPECIAL Day

Today is going to be a very special day for Maureen and I. We are making the long drive to Wigan and the head office of Shearings Holidays for the naming ceremony of Coach Rebekah.

By the way did you miss yesterday's music blog ?  SHAME ON YOU...Click Here. The music is still buzzing in my head.  Let's play something....

I will take lots of  pics in Wigan  to share on tomorrow's blog.

You did play that song didn't  you  ?  Bus stop umbrella ! Speaking of umbrellas.....

Seen here on the right of the picture is David from Bunnings Homebase.  Thanks David for the umbrella's donated by Bunnings.

I appreciate a Bunnings golf umbrella is not the usual thing people pick up at The Food Bank but I left a few there yesterday for staff to give out with the cornflakes and pasta sauce.

I popped to the Food Bank distribution at  The Christian Centre Oldbrook to chat with manager John about our idea to inspire schools to hold tinned harvest festivals.

So I am driving up to Wigan, but Rachel and husband David are flying to Greece for a holiday. Alright for some eh ? Let's play a bit of music for them both.

Could you dance to that ?  Shame they did not make a rock and roll version. Hey Mr Strauss they did make a rock and roll version of the waltz.

I was five years old when that was a hit !

Want a laugh ?  Here is me aged five.

Not a particularly good looking child was I ? (Right)  Far more sexy  as a teenager ! (Left)

Now where was I ?

Talking about your ego David !

Was I. Better play some more music.

I am looking forward so much to being in Wigan later today. I have a feeling that Maureen and I will be treated like royalty. I promise to take lots of pictures.

THANK YOU Libby, House Manager of Ronald McDonald Birmingham, for your kind email. Thank you  for voting for me in the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards.

I am going to wear that old man Jaguar tee shirt at  the coach naming ceremony. Honestly I am !

Don't think Rebekah would approve !

So that's my blog for this morning.

How many people read yesterday's edition ? DID YOU READ IT ?

Hang on a moment and I'll have a look.

That's not bad is it ?

What I would like to happen is to inspire other people to write
blogs, to link them all together in a network of blogs. 

Wouldn't that be great ?

Our website is currently defunct at the moment.  I have to write new pages for OurRebekah, Radio Love International and the intended various Let's Inspire projects.  I will set up a simple A, B, C explaining how to use this Blogger format.

So have a FANTASTIC day.  Think of me in Wigan. Think of David and Rachel heading to Greece.  Let's end with a song for David and Rachel.

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