Monday, 4 June 2018

Time Capsule

I want today to speak about The Leon Dinosaur and the time capsule so many people remember being buried with it.

I want also to speak about Radio Love International's test broadcasts.

And.... I want to speak about story writing.

Last night, while watching TV, a series of song titles came into my head. Crazy random titles which have no relation to one another and are not music I would normally play. Why this happened I have no idea but I scribbled hem down to play within today's blog.  Here the first.

OK Leonosauraus Rex.....

I am precisely 16,233 words into sharing some memories of my days in front of the blackboard. I made a list of fifty seven
things I could recall and started to scribble. I anticipate finishing the account by the end of the week. Not bad, I only started writing at the weekend.


Not all of my memories are drawn from my years at Leon School but it is with my former students, my LEONITES, I have contact so I have been sharing my memories with those friends on Facebook and asking them for their thoughts.

Leonosauraus Rex has captured the imagination. EIGHT comments, TWENTY THREE likes and SIX shares.

It was the time capsule which was supposedly buried at the site which everyone is interested in.

Headmaster Abbott dumped the project on me so I was in overall charge. In the early days I was heavily involved in getting things started and so on but once work was underway Artist Bill Billings took over and I stepped into the background.

I have no recollection of a time capsule but it just the kind of thing Bill would have done. I think it DID happen, Bill probably just put it together and added it to the sculpture. 

When the management of the school at the time expelled Leonosauraus Rex and it was moved to a playground on the estate public opinion was very anti Leon. If a capsule was found at the time the dinosaur was moved it could be that the head hushed it up. OR it could be argued that given the residents' anger at losing the dinosaur he may have waved it about to distract from their displeasure.

As I rack my brains to try and remember the time capsule, which I can not recall, some thoughts have come to mind.

The capsule was most definitely NOT put into the sculpture's foundation. I would have known about that.

Did Bill place the capsule into the body of the sculpture ?  If he did then it is still there but without destroying our friend it
is not going to be recovered.

OR was it buried in the ground adjacent to the sculpture away from the foundations. If that is the case then it is still there.

So you thirty seven LEONITES who have contacted me about the time capsule rack your brains.

Do you remember the capsule being buried or placed inside the body of the sculpture ?

Can you recall what the container was made of. Wood, Plastic, Metal ?  If wood then it will have rotted by then. Bill would have thought of that so this is unlikely. Plastic, if this is the case and I am guessing it may well be be hard to
locate. BUT if a metal box then could it be located ?

I am going to ask the present school head, Doctor Jo Taaverna, to read this blog entry. LEONITES rack your brains and let me share your extended memories with the school.

What do you think about today's music ?  Rubbish isn't it ? 

Yesterday Josh and I spent a lot of time clearing out my garage and turning it into a temporary radio station from which Radio Love International can start broadcasting.

These pictures show what a mess it was. It is looking a bit better now. HONESTLY !

The plan today is to start moving in the equipment.

Fingers crossed we will make a test broadcast into YouTube before the end of the week.

Fingers crossed.

While we were working yesterday Josh told me he had been writing more of his book.  Josh is writing his life story and plans to publish it on Amazon.

I am being careful not to ask him too much about what he is writing and do not want to read anything until it is finished. I am being cautious not to influence what he is saying or how he is saying it.

THANKS LEONITE ANDY for sending me this newspaper article yesterday.

I did not sell a book yesterday yet on Sunday I sold forty. Sales for me as an Amazon author with an unlucky thirteen novels on my bookshelf I am way short of becoming an Amazon millionaire.

I was explaining to Josh yesterday, I think his book will do well, it is not the royalties which bring in the big money. Each month Amazon puts up a prize fund which is shared between the top 200 writers. For April that was $21.2 MILLION. Translate that into proper money $17 MILLION. Now divide that between 200 and you get to £85,000. Presumably if you are in the top 200 for one month you will be there for every month in the year making the share of the prize money £1.02 MILLION.

Very nice. Can I have a bit please ?

The music I have been playing so far today is RUBBISH. Let's have some proper music.

When I was fifteen years old that was my favourite song, I used to sing it as I dreamed of being an international best selling author.

In my present writing I am currently working on Memory Fifty.

How many LEONITES remember The Cranfield Essay Competition I used to run ?

I will finish writing this memory during morning but for now let me share what I have thus far scribbled.......

If you have reached memory number fifty and are still reading, have read every memory so far written then you deserve a prize.

I have said it before but will say it again, a writer writes for himself. The joy comes from putting the words into the correct order to develop a plot and characters to tell the story. That is the pleasure, that is what it is all about. It does not matter if anyone reads what the writer writes. If someone does read and enjoys what is written then that is a bonus.

I have written this brainstorm of memories primarily for my own enjoyment. Let’s face it I am not going to make a fortune selling ebook downloads on Amazon am I ?

Who do you think is the best childrens writer of all time ?

NO it is not J K Rowling and no it is NOT Roald Dahl. Both have made millions from their writing but neither achieved what Enid Blyton did with her Noddy in Toyland, Famous Five and Secret Seven books. They do not even come close.

I shall go on to explain how so many children were inspired by Enid Blyton to write their own stories then share my memories of The Cranfield Essay Competition.

So much depends on my winning The Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards, OR DOES IT ? Could we set up a city wide story writing competition. I had no trouble at Leon getting The Cranfield Bookshop in The Centre MK to sponsor the prizes so we could fins sponsors for  new competition. What do you think ?

OK YOU LEONITES get thinking message me about the time capsule.

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