Saturday, 16 June 2018

Self doubt ? No I don't think so.

Am I doing the right thing ?

Is this a silly bit of self doubt or is it common sense sending me a warning ?

Many a false step is made by standing  still !

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

It is an honour to have got this far, I am deeply moved by being nominated and having made it to the final vote. Of
course I want to win. But that is not what is giving me cause to doubt.

I spent most of yesterday morning working on the STORY area of Let's Inspire. It isn't quite finished but I have put what I have done online so friends can look at it.

It should not take me long to finish the story bit then I have to write the NHS and the HOMELESS pages and all is finished for LET'S INSPIRE.

I then have to rewrite the OurRebekah and Radio Love International websites and we are ready to go.

If everything comes together and help is there to make it all work we have something quite phenomenal which could achieve so much. BUT if that does not happen then we have a runaway train racing to disaster.

Not a bad audience figure for yesterday's page but ONLY one person made any comment and only four people LIKED what I said.
Am I inspiring people ?  

OurRebekah did, and continues to do well. The first event was the FROG CHALLENGE which happened at the end of September last year. It was a great success.  I had a long list of other fun activities but had to call off several simply because I did not have the support around me I needed to make them happen.

Sunshine Smile Day, of course, was a great success but I was disappointed that some of those I would have expected to give it support kept silent and stayed away.

Radio Love International is doing a good job with its music roadshows and will go live as an internet radio station before the end of the year. THAT IS IF WE HAVE THE SUPPORT WE NEED !

LET'S INSPIRE wraps everything together and lifts all to a new, higher and exciting level. We have a project for The Food Bank but sharing it on earlier blogs only LIBBY in
Birmingham asked for smile stickers !

I am worried that schools are too inward looking and so busy doing their own thing they may not catch on and support the Tinned Harvest Festival.

I have written to Morrissons Supermarket asking if Radio Love International can hold a two day rock and roll party in one of their stores to support The Food Bank. I am planning to offer a series of one day parties to other stores.

Secret Santa was a lovely success last year. This year the plan is to triple it.  

Will we be able to find three times the number of friends to support it ?

When the time comes, Secret Santa launches on 1st November, will we be rocking around the Christmas Tree or will it be a case of Blue Christmas ?



I am NOT going to pull the plug on things. I am not really having an attack of self doubt.  I am just exercising some caution.  I guess I am looking for some inspiration myself.

Over the past year I have been let down more times than I would have been expecting. 

However, the love and support I have received has been absolutely AMAZING.

Happy, smiling people THIS WAY !  Sad, miserable old sods the exit is over there.

I am guessing those who read this page will be the HAPPY SMILING PEOPLE, those who have wrapped me in love and friendship and those I can depend on to take these projects forward and make a lot of difference.

But do we have enough people in our army ?


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