Sunday, 17 June 2018

OK Now what ?

Yesterday we had an overall good blog readership. On Facebook we had 11 LIKES but ONLY one person made a comment.

have another paragraph, perhaps two, to write and then the LET'S INSPIRE part of our website is finished. But is it finished to a standard were it will actually INSPIRE people to actually do anything ?

STILL nobody has asked for SMILIE stickers for The Food Bank, not one of our blog readers from yesterday asked for any !

Would you please have a look at the website, see the different areas and see if you feel you could be involved in any.  CLICK HERE 

I may have put this all together but there is no way, no way at all, anything can happen without a strong and enthusiastic team running everything. Could you be part of that team ?

Do you work in the NHS ?  This area is looking for ideas.

Look at the writing area. We need IMMEDIATELY to find people who will start writing blogs. Not only writing but also putting their blog into the sponsorship package.  

Today I will start working on the OurRebekah area of the new website.
Charlotte is running a half marathon for OurRebekah supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities but nobody as yet sponsored her !  

CLICK HERE and change that !

All being well I will finish this website area today but if not certainly tomorrow. 

Then it will be time to work on the new Radio Love
International website. Radio Love International will be the glue that holds 
everything together

Voting as now closed in the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards.  I have this sad, nagging feeling at the back of my mind that people I would have hoped would vote for me just did not bother.  I am trying not speculate the result at the  Friday Gala Dinner.

I will then be away until Tuesday next week. Win or lose the award, the plan is to go ahead but
obviously everything would be more powerful with the award behind us. US not ME ! 

The way forward will have to depend on the result but the exact way we move forward will be decided by the result. We can not avoid that. 

SUCCESS will not depend on my winning or not winning the award on Friday. 

SUCCESS or FAILURE depends entirely on how I can inspire people to get involved. LETS INSPIRE... you have checked the website have you not ?

Being involved could be as simple as asking for some Food Bank stickers all the way to takin overall charge of a project area.

WARNING if you click and LIKE today's page I will take that to mean you will support the projects within LET'S INSPIRE, you will listen to the music of RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL and will take on the smile of OURREBEKAH.

Post a comment and say what you would like to do. DO NOT like the pae if you have not been INSPIRED to make this a better world.      

It is a beautiful song but please do not let THE CARNIVAL BE OVER.

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