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NOT a Happy Bunny today !


YEP I am.

Yesterdays blog
was important to me yet it only achieved 100 readers with 2 comments on Facebook.That is way, way below the norm.

Missed it ?  NOT TOO LATE SO CLICK NOW....

THANK YOU Paul for the heads up about the sweets.  THANK YOU Cheryl and Charlotte  for the offer of bits to sell at the boot sale.  

I am itching to tell you what those BASTARDS at Milton Keynes Council have tried to do to Josh and Jelena. Keep away from
Saxon Court in Central Milton Keynes I am about to drop a five thousand mega ton bomb on the council offices !


My mind as been bursting all day with ideas.

At the car boot sales we can and out literature seeking blood and organ donors so adding something to the LETS INSPIRE NHS projects. We could also and out information about THE
SMILE to help find people who would join the diary of teatime meal makers.

If we could find the prizes we could add lucky numbers to the magazines.

As we build friendships with people living on the streets of our city we could find things for them to do each day, to occupy their minds and give them a purpose in life. Could LETS INSPIRE story writing project do something ?  Could we find some people whhave hobbies in craft making to take their hobby and work with our soon to be friends ? Could we engagthe craft shops in our city to help ?

I am NOT knocking the different organisations currently doing bits and pieces for the homeless but they are only
tinkering.  LETS INSPIRE will not tinker, we will not put sticking plasters on gaping wounds !  Who knows, we may even manage to INSPIRE our FAILING council to get out of its comfortable little offices and DO something

So on to talk about LETS INSPIRE and The Food Bank.

Our idea began by thinkin we could ask schools to organise TINNED harvest festivals this autumn. Lets cane tat, lets make it 12 months of the year and involve the entire community NOT just schools..

I want to get on to a food bank van and ride round collecting gifts from shops and supermarkets. I want to take photographs and report here on the blog.

I want to be a fly on the wall at a distribution day and report on that.

Last Friday I was chatting on the Radio, CRMK, were
Presenter Mike and I made some fundamental points about The Food Bank.

It is WRONG and a terrible criticism of society that we need a Food Bank but thank goodness we have such a brilliant organisation.

For years I refused to support the Food Bank and the scroungers I thought it helped. What a horrible attitude I had. What a horrible person I was. Out of ignorance what a horrible everything.................................

LETS INSPIRE needs to go beyond collecting tins.  We have
to inject LOVE into every tin. We must make people realise ow important their tinned gifts are and what a difference they make. 

We will start by giving out SMILIE stickers to people, asking them to put these on their gifts to the Food Bank. The stickers first of all make people stop and think what they are doing, to think about the person who will receive the gift.

The stickers then move to add love to the tin or packet.

We need to spend some of the money we make at our car boot sales to but hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and more stickers !

Radio Love International can oranise Rock and Roll Parties in supermarkets all over our city collecting tins and packets for Te Food Bank. Every single one will ave a smile sticker on it, a smile sticker we will give to the donor as we invite them to wrap their gift in love. 

I am ere setting out a diary of Rock and Roll Supermarket
Parties until the end of the year. This coming week I want us to twist the arms of e supermarkets to invite our music in. 

Saturday and Sunday 29/30 September...Morrissons Westcroft

Saturday 13 October...Lidl Bletchley 

Saturday 27 October... Tesco Wolverton

Saturday 10 November ... Sainsburys Shenley 

Saturday 24 November ... Morrissons Central Milton Keynes

Saturday 8 December ... Sainsbury Bletcley

Saturday 15 December ... Lidl Oldbrook

Saturday 29 December ...Asda Bletchley

NINE days.  If we can collect 250 tins at each tat will provide 1,750 gifts of love.

We will invite schools to old tinned harvest festivals BUT not just at harvest time, any time during the year.  Why not ask shops which are not food shops to organise TINNED HARVESTS among their customers ?

We can do this IF I can INSPIRE you to help. IF this
blog achieves a bit better readership than did yesterdays edition.

There were TWO blogs published yesterday.

The IMPORTANT ONE CLICK NOW about the boot sale and the rough sleepers. That only achieved 100 readers and a blog with all of the text so far typed up for my new book. That achieved 573 readers ! NO I am NOT going to give you the link.

Tomorrow we will talk about LETS INSPIRE writing project. Did you read yesterday what Josh wrote ? In a bit I will paste it to the page but FIRST a question..... Are you asking why I have not played any music today ?

I am putting all into a single song today.....

TRUST ME your brother AINT heavy so pick him up and help him.

Here is what MY brother wrote yesterday. 

Well as I mentioned in my first ever blog last week some

Time,  I published it for the world to read and everyone whoever you are or where you come from are entitled to your own opinion to believe whatever you do reading about me and the way I live my life! and now I am trying to do good and get out of this circle and hell hole of a life I live :(!

I said I will now write my life in a blog day by day explaining my life and what really happens ! The way it happens ! I wrote only a little last week because after writing and explaining about what happened truthfully about my kids it did get to me mentally made me really upset so I didn’t want to write anymore... This is the second time I have written and still its gonna have to be the second bit of my intro part... I didn’t tell you guys about the fact that I am slowly trying to write a book a story of my life ,and since Christmas when I was living in a tent and also having to beg outside Morrision's Supermarket every day. 

ONE morning while begging I was given a 20 quid note by a man I now know as David Ashford. Since that day the first time, I have to say the first of many other times that he has helped me and my Mrs.   TBH I believe that if it was not for David and his friends, I believe me and Lena would probably not still be in housed ATM if it was not for him and him protecting our backs from the council basically ! 

Christmas time 2017 after 6 months me and my partner was living in a tent ! The Milton Keynes council started a new homeless scheme to house any homeless person when the weather gets really bad or cold and in the temperature drops to in the minus, then swept (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) the new scheme by MK Council would kick in and then the homeless would be offered a hotel temporally until the weather gets better and warms up !

This really upset me IT'S A JOKE but make me laugh!!! NO,  I remember it was like roughly 14th of December say and while me and my Mrs was begging outside Morrisons a woman that works for the soup run that provides food to the homeless on week day evening's for rough sleepers with food and clothing most weekday nights, Laura I think her name was, WELL SHE TOLD US THAT FINALLY MK COUNCIL WER NOW HOUSING HOMELESS PEOPLE UNDER A NEW PROJECT CALLED SWEPT AND HERE IS THE CNTACT NUMBER..!!! I remember it was late at night about ten pm when I called this number... I explained about our situation and the guy on the phone kindly called me and Lena a cab to take us CMK with some of our belongings to a hotel for the weekend until Monday where we would then have to go council to try get some more help .....THANK GOD!! 

I was really happy after realising that, that call I made luckily could have  actually saved our lives only because waking up that morning in a nice warm hotel bed sweating hot!!! We looked out the window and bloody hell it was like the end of the world! Everywhere was covered in white blanket of snow! Nobody  at all was driving around or out and about walking.  Anyway the reason why I am so happy I made that call later that day is because later that day me and my Mrs had nothing and had no choice but to bravely walk to Westcroft from cmk to beg! 

Once we got there our tent was buried in snow and honestly the amount of snow that covered the tent and if we was both asleep in the tent that night I believe there’s a big chance we could of suffocated and died ! That’s why I am so glad I made that call! One of my long term friends also said that he believed that we would have died if we stayed in the tent that night. So Thank God!! 

Hey guy's because I couldn’t write any more on my last published blog, I had to publish it and continue the rest of it with this another part of my intro blog, Sorry 4 the length !!!

As I explained about the tent that it was buried by the snow, what had made it worse was the little outer building that houses the electricity utility station for the estate also had managed to build up a large amount of snow on the roof, that also fell onto our tent in big hardened lump's so that's what I mean by what I am saying I really do believe that we could have died if we had of stayed in the tent that night. I was very relived that I
had prevented my beautiful partner from getting in any harms way! 

Anyway for now we was booked into a hotel in CMK until Monday morning comes. Worried and nervous, me and my partner check out at midday and worryingly make our way to the council to see what they say, it was like a week before Christmas and luckily the council said under SWEPT the weather for the whole week or remaining week days is in its minus's. Because SWEPT we have to help you! AMAZING!!! FINALLY WE WILL GET SOME SORT OF HELP!! I thought "YES" that would be it now! 

Christmas is just in a few day's now "well in a week".NO WAY, I thought that we would be back out there for Christmas! BUT YEH RIGHT! REALLY BLOODY HELL! well I thought lol! not a joke well MK Council gave us a lovely room in CMK from that Monday until the Friday coming up but if the weather gets better and warmer things will change, and come that Friday after all my excitement and hopeful that 3 or 2 days before Christmas we had to leave because SWEPT had finished and it was now warm enough to leave and get back too living outside in our tent!!

"BLOODY JOKE!" SO me and my Mrs regrettably we both had no choice but to return to our tent:(

And as imagined it was flat, covered in water where all the snow had melted, luckily most of our belongings were still usable and dry but there was only a few more day's till Christmas and I know when we was told to move on not other person paid or rented the room at least until the New Year had began "I KNOW THIS FOR

A FACT BECAUSE I HAD A FRIEND STILL STAYING THERE" and still unused and still for Christmas time me and Lena had no choice but to have to return to our tent damaged, unused, FOR CHRISTMAS!!

GREAT !!! LENA just got on with it as usual! She's always been strong like that. I was pissed off unhappy like anyone so would she be but she never ever showed any1 her weakness! Or her feelings! So me and her we just got on with it and had a crap Christmas in our tent but together we had each other at least!!! xxx MERRY CHRISTMAS BABE X

I’ve written loads too much now in part two, but I am just trying to make you guys realise how it is really truthfully been for me and Lena. il leave it as that for this todays blog bye x

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