Saturday, 30 June 2018

Maggie has a brilliant idea

I was not planning to write a blog today. 3.30am and I'll be heading off to the boot sale in a bit.  Car loaded and fingers crossed we do well. Anyway I am writing so I can share an idea.

Following the recent Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards Gala Dinner I shared a lot of negative thoughts but since I have kept quiet on the matter. Because I did not win I do not want people to think my observations on the poor operation of the night is simply sour grapes on my part.

Yesterday I looked at the website. WHAT A MESS. A child could have done better writing the page showing the 2018 winners. Also yesterday someone who was at the gala dinner shared thoughts with me, I am not alone in thinking how very badly it was run.


Before the ill fated awards dinner Maggie suggested we should have our own awards system for the projects we are about to launch. Even when I am not at the keyboard working on things my mind is constantly turning ideas over. Yesterday it was picking up on Maggie's idea.

When we ran OurRebekah events we gave out Smile Of The Month Awards.  Here is Mayor David Hopkins presenting an

award to Ro, Manager of Wrigglies Exotic Pets.

Smile Of The Month fell aside when we began turning OureRebekah towards awareness raising more than just fund raising.

The projects within Let's Inspire are not one off activities, they operate over a period of time so a monthly award would not work.

Once I am back from the boot sale I am going to start printing off the Food Bank pages ready for Josh, Jelena and I to take round the supermarkets on Tuesday. Part of the money from today's boot sale will be spent buying printing ink and paper.

The first Rock and Roll party for The Food Bank is on Saturday 29th September. There are a total of ten events ending on Saturday 29th December.  Let's take up Maggie's idea and pick out the supermarket with the biggest smile.

After each event we give all who have been a part of the party, the mascots, helpers, music presenters and so on, a question sheet to award points across a series of topics. We add everything up, divide by the number of helpers filling out a sheet and come up with an average score.

Does that make sense ?

We can then announce after the last Rock and Roll Party our winner.

We could come up with something similar for each project.

Thanks Maggie for that BRILLIANT idea.

Morrissons, Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Sainsburys ?

Which will be Milton Keynes Biggest Smiling Supermarket ?

3.59am. I'll just check for typo's, publish then head to the boot sale.


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