Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Did I get you going yesterday ?

Hey did I get you going yesterday ?

I hope so !

I have been taking a bit of a break from writing the traditional blog while I chill out ahead of Friday's Inspirational Awards Evening

The first part can be read HERE.

I teased you yesterday with the title of NAKED SNOWBALL FIGHT. But there was no snow, no fighting and nobody was naked ! Did you READ IT.

Well there is lots of all three today so read on !

When we out out of the car the ice cold air hit me. Surely we were not going to gthrough this ?   It was a joke. The November moon was bright, I could see my new friends clearly. If we did as Julie had suggested we would be able to see each other as clearly as if it were midday. No darkness to cover us up !

"Come on," Richard said taking his jacket off and placing it with care on the snow. "Max this is not a time time it is ladies first, here and now gentlemen lead."

Surreal is not a word I knew or understood when I was sixteen years old. The meaning came with age and experience. Experience ?  Another word, three words, experience would teach me but that night high on the moor above Sheffield they meant little to me Rite of passage

I copied Richard and took my coat off. "Everything ?"  I said. 

"Everything," a trio of voices said before someone added, "even your sose and your socks."

Richard and I started to look like something you may find in Health and Efficiency Magazine.  It was strange, I felt warmer standing there dressed only in my pants than wearing all the clothes I had on when we left Sheffield Arena.  

"Off !  Off !"  Was that Tina or was it Julia ?

I looked at Richard, in the moonlight our eyes met and there was a transfer of thought. As one we turned to present our backs to the ladies before removing our final items of clothing.  As I bent forward to step out of my pants a snowball it me hard on the bottom. That was cold !

I scooped up a fistfull of snow to retaliate, turned and threw it.  Soon Richard and I, neither of us phased by our nudity, were firing volley after volley at Tina and Julie. Neither took any notice of the bombardment as they danced taking off their clothes to be as naked as we were. As naked as the day they were born. 

This was the first time I had seen a girl naked. I tried to look at what this represented without actually staring at the two bodies. Were Tina and Julie staring at me ?  No, not staring but looking. 

The four of us leaped about throwing snowballs and duckin the ones aimed at us. We cased one another but deliberately the pursuer failed to catch any prey. We were having great fun. This was not sexual, this was not dirty. Naughty perhaps but it was fun. For the first time in my life I had seen a girl naked and shhad seen me naked. 

My birthday present delivered, my rite of passage walked there came the moment, not planned and with nothing spoken, when we knew it was time to get dressed again. It was colder with our clothes on ! In the car Richard turned thheating up as high as its primitive engineering would allow.

"Happy birthday," Richard said.

"Happy birthday," Tina said.

"Happy birthday,"  Julie said but not before shhad kissed me.

Surreal, that word again. "Are you sure, Jimmy, that is who the star of the movie is going to be ?"

"Of course I am sure. It is in the contract I have signed. You will meet him, you are comin with me." 

Today it would be said that I was to be my brother's PA but there was no such thing then as a PA, Personal Assistant. I was to be is secretary for the duration of is filming


MORE TO FOLLOW SOON.....................

I am really getting into this story.  It will be part of the LET'S INSPIRE story writing area. 

Some of my books, well actually only two, have dedications. 

I wrote Peter's Magic Fountain Pen for my oldest
son's 12th birthday. The Wild Adventures Of Di Central Eating was written for Rebekah 

I have so far written 2,577 words in this story. I am really getting in to it. I think it will end up at about thirty thousand words, a novelette.

I am going to dedicate this story to a very dear and special friend. 

I am, of course, The Geriatric DJ but please note the word FANTASIES forms part of the title. I hasten to explain this is a work of fiction.

I am sure I will be writing more today but it may well be next week before I take my fantasy to the beaches of Hawaii. 

Tomorrow is The Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards Gala Dinner. I will write a blog ahead of that. I am going away to Bristol for a long weekend wit my granddaughters.  Returning on Tuesday, win or lose the award, I will hit the ground running for Let's Inspire.

Within the writing project of Let's Inspire we are setting up  system were PATRONS can sponsor blogs and other writing. 
Can we test the system with tis blo and my book ?  CLICK HERE  If the story does INSPIRE patrons any income will be split 50/50 between Josh, to whom I am dedicating the story, and elpin to fund LETS INSPIRE projects. 

One last thing before I publish today's edition and start writing the fantasy of my spending time with Elvis Presley.

TOMORROW make sure you tune in to RADIO CRMK between 10am and 12 noon. Listen to presenter MIKE chat with Shearings Holidays about Coach Rebekah

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