Friday, 15 June 2018

Best Friend Day

Ahead of writing today's page I had to go to Google and check when Father's Day is.

Apparently it's tomorrow, I thought it was a week tomorrow.

Father's Day, Mother's Day are not something we really bother about in my family. My Dad, who is 93 years old will not be getting a card from me and nobody is going to send me a card.

My grandmother, she lived to be a few weeks short of her 100th birthday, was anti Mother's Day, it was called Mothering Sunday back then. I have no idea why but the tradition never was taken into our family.

Never taken in, save for one single exception. Rebekah ALWAYS celebrated Mum and Dad's Day. She never forgot.

I miss my daughter so much. Her cheeky smile started OurRebekah. From OurRebekah grew Radio Love International using music to make people smile and be happy. Now we have LET'S INSPIRE to manage the projects both OurRebekah and Radio Love International will be operating.

I am busy working on the new website to explain all we are doing. Yesterday afternoon Josh and I met up to send out letters for different Let's Inspire projects asking people to get involved.

These pictures on today's blog were taken from an email I received yesterday from Ronald McDonald House Charities. With each picture there is a story telling of a family which has a child sick in hospital.

I was going to share those stories but have thought we should do something a bit different.

It is too late to do anything for tomorrow but can we put two dates into our diaries:

SUNDAY 31st March 2019  MOTHER'S DAY
SUNDAY 16th March 2019  FATHER'S DAY

Let's send cards of love on these days to Mums and Dads in Ronald McDonald Houses, Mums and Dads who have children sick in hospital.

Do  you  think that's a good idea ?

Put the dates in your diary.

Ronald McDonald House Manager in Birmingham, Libby, yesterday asked for some of our smilie stickers to put on gifts she puts into the Food Bank
trolley when she shops.

Libby, one of those letters Josh and I wrote yesterday was to you with the stickers.

CLICK HERE and ask us to send you YOUR stickers.

In the letter, Libby, Josh and I have run some dates past you for the Burger, Sausage and Cake Day we would like to offer to families in your house.

Charlotte is running a half marathon for Ronald McDonald House. 

CLICK HERE to sponsor her.

Come on everyone BE GENEROUS.

Let me play a bit of music to help change the subject...

What on earth has that got to do with Father's Day, The Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House ?   NOTHING....

That's a record we used to play way back in the days of Leon Disco. Spinning the vinyl back then was teenage school DJ John Chapman.

John now owns a radio station in the US of A.  Friends it's a great station, I often listen to it.  CLICK HERE and check it out.

We learned yesterday that John is running for mayor in the town where he lives. Go for it John !  We LEONITES all send you best wishes for success. You were a great kid at school, you run a great radio station, you will make a great mayor.

John, do you remember when we used to play this ?  Nobody, but nobody could dance to this like Jimmy McCarthy.  I bet Jimmy is still a Teddy Boy !

LEONITE Maggie made a suggestion yesterday for LET'S INSPIRE.

Voting closes tomorrow for Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards. Ben is nominated in the MOST INSPIRATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR category and I have been nominated in INSPIRATIONAL FATHER and INSPIRATIONAL MAN. 

Ben is being his usual cool self while I am hopping about all
over the place as we await the results.

Maggie came up with a brilliant idea. LET'S INSPIRE should have its own awards to give out to people within our projects who INSPIRE others. BRILLIANT MAGGIE, let's do it !

Yesterday we had a good readership for the page....

One of those readers in one of the ten countries is Rachel. Have you seen the pictures she has been posting on Facebook ?

Rachel, here's something for you and your friend played by your all time favourite pop group.

Rachel, we are all waiting for you and David to post a video of you dancing to this .....

Now I was intending to end today's edition with that. It's 4.20am, I've been writing a bit short of an hour but I have an idea.

We've got Mother's Day. We've got Father's Day. We have Granddad's Day, Granny Day, Auntie's Cousin's Next Door Neighbours Day. HOW ABOUT BEST FRIEND DAY ?

OMG I would have to buy so many cards. Please Mr Bank manager can I take out a loan ?

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