Sunday, 6 May 2018

Turn the clocks back and look forward

For two days there has been no blog !  I can only apologise for the failure.

Since returning from San Francisco, that was two weeks ago, I just have not been able to get back into routine.

Sunshine Smile Day is exploding into something so big I am running hard trying to keep up with all the work that needs to be done.

Do not ask me why, this has to be Madam Destiny at work AGAIN, I was playing about on my laptop, looking at figures for past blogs. I clicked on a page which attracted very low reader/listener figures. A shiver ran down my spine when I began reading.

It  is now 1.49am, I just had to get out of bed and write the blog. My mind has been alive since I went to bed. Perhaps when I have finished writing this page I can go back upstairs and sleep. (3.09am...just checking for typos then I will publish the page and sleep.)

I am going to paste now part of that January page....

Please listen to this song from 1969

I am a bit uncertain about playing that - it could be regarded as cheesy and inappropriate. In 1969 there were tramps and down and outs. They were there but not in any great number. Now 48 years later homeless people are everywhere.

I have posted twice on Facebook about the lad who sits outside Morrisson's supermarket. The response from friends has been overwhelming. In this beautiful world we live in this should not be happening.

Before Christmas I spoke with a homeless girl in Central Milton Keynes. She was so polite, articulate and friendly. She should not have been there. She was someone's daughter. The lad outside Morrissons is someone's son.  Why is society allowing this tragic situation to exist.  I gave the boy £20 and a bag of food yesterday. A sticking plaster for his wounds, nothing more and certainly not a cure.

As a teacher I would sometimes tell students that John Lennon was the greatest poet of the time.  I believe he was. Many of his songs had, indeed still have, simple solutions to problems in this world.  Solutions that are too simple to work. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. The girl in Central Milton Keynes, the boy outside Morrissons need love. Is that too simple to work ?

Thank you to the friend for the link you gave me. I am going back to Morrissons, I will talk to the boy again and ask him his name.  I am seeing Mayor David Hopkins later today and will talk to him about the Winter Night Shelter. 

Perhaps it could help my friend outside Morrissons.

The boy outside Morrissons ! 

Boy ?  Next month will be his 27th birthday. Isn't he lucky to look younger ?   I will talk to the boy again and ask him his name. He is, of course JOSH.  Perhaps it could help my friend outside Morrissons. Friend ? In sixteen weeks Joshua Morgan and his delightful wife Jelena have become my closest friends. Not only that so many of you have taken them into your hearts and count them as your friends. I am seeing Mayor David Hopkins later today and will talk to him  On Saturday Josh and Jelena met Mayor David who was so kind and loving towards them. That's Mayor David though isn't it ? ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. The boy outside Morrissons needs love. Is that too simple to work ? No, it was not too simple to work. Love took Josh and Jelena out of the tent where they were living and into a home. YOUR LOVE.

YOU did that. Because of YOUR love there are two less people living on the streets of our city.

Look at them here spinning coins for Ronald McDonald House Charities and be proud of what YOU have done. 

Josh never stops thanking me for what he says I have done. NO it is not what I have done, all I have been in the channel to focus YOUR love.

Josh is, of course, now part of the team organising Sunshine Smile Day.

This is a song Josh likes, when he thinks nobody is listening you can hear him singing it and trying to fit Jelena into where Jolene is written.

At Saturday's event Josh and I were standing waiting for Mayor David's car to arrive. We would then tip Rachel the nod and she would greet him.

Josh turned to me and said:  I can not belive three months ago I was living in a tent, now I am about to meet The Mayor.

Madam Destiny smiled. Rachel was busy with welcoming our city's Poet Laureate so it was JOSH and myself who greeted our lovely mayor.

(Apologies.......... Geeky Google is screwing up the picture formatting on today's page. It does that from time to time.)

Also APOLOGIES for the fact that there are no pictures from Saturday's event. Jelena took hundreds but the camera was stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning so we can not bring any to you !

I happen to know this is one of Jelena's favorite songs.

That's winding the clocks back. Now we need to wind forward to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY

Today I will finish writing the web pages for the day. I will send out the press release, we are looking for NATIONAL coverage. I will share the plan as it currently stands with all charities and good causes taking part. If you would like to read the plan CLICK HERE.

Tomorrow Ben, MD of Hesslop's Removals, and I will visit Asda in Milton Keynes to check arrangements. Following that we have a planning meeting.

At our events it is usually Josh who produces the music while I front things. At SUNSHINE SMILE DAY we will have others producing the music, not just in one place but two, while Josh and I run round like the proverbial winged insect making sure everything works as it should.

GOOGLE GEEKS.... if I upload a picture here are you going
to format it properly or screw up ?  I thought so...SCREW UP. Congratulations on your failure GOOGLE !

Another song.  This has become Josh's anthem here on Radio Love International.....

That screwed up Google image above was taken when we played music at Hillsborough Stadium. Below is the club's photo shoot in front of 28,000 people on the pitch.

Sunshine Smile Day is being supported by our city's new mayor who is taking over from Mayor David just a few days before our event. That gives us a real media opportunity. I will be asking our friend at Sheffield Wednesday FC, Trevor, who deals with the national media on a daily basis to give the press a kick up the xxxxx and make sure they support us.

Google do you think you could format properly a picture of Mayor Elect Petchey ?

NO .... didn't think you could.  Thank you Google Geeks.

It will be our mayor who makes the first snip with the scissors in my sponsored haircut at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. That alone should be a story the national media will want to feature.  CHECK IT OUT.

I  can't look after the mayor while my hair is being cut so JOSH you are going to have to do that !

Sunshine Smile Day was preceded by our visit to San Francisco.  We have in mind preliminary planning for 2019, Sunday 19th May 2019. YES, we are going to San Francisco again ahead of that date.

Josh, in 2019 it will be YOU who poses with the scarf NOT me.

Peace and Love.... isn't that what the hippies used to say ?

YOUR LOVE took the boy from outside Morrissons and gave us JOSH.

Love is all you need.

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