Friday, 11 May 2018

OMG I am in pain !


I am awake and sitting at the laptop.  NOT because my mind is active and needs to get ideas on to the blog. NO.  I am in so much pain I simply can not sleep.

Yesterday, being foolish and thinking I was seventeen I jumped down a grass bank, landed awkwardly and damaged a muscle in the back of my leg.

Anyone got one of these I can borrow ?

DAVID.....Shut up....grow up....get over it !

So your leg hurts ? Oh dear what a shame never mind.

Life is a disco SO DANCE !

To add to my troubles I had a puncture and trashed a tyre on the car. That 's be £150 for a new one !  Tough !

I see that I have made it to the final of the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards.

I am obviously thrilled.  OMG I have just looked at the web page and see I am nominated in TWO categories.  Inspirational Man and Inspirational Father.

That is lovely. It would be nice to win but I am up against competition so it isn't going to happen. For me the honour is to have made the final, not once but twice, is enough.

With pain surging through my leg and the car in the garage something far, far greater than winning any award happened yesterday afternoon.

Returning home having been out all day working towards Sunshine Smile Day a number of amazing things were waiting for me.

There was an email from Libby, the house manager of Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. Asda has a cheque for £200 to give to the house as part of Sunshine Smile Day. The presentation will take place at 11am on Sunshine Smile Day with the cheque being presented to our city's mayor.

I wanted to have a representative from McDonald's with the mayor to accept the cheque on behalf of the charity.  Libby said she wanted JOSH to accept the cheque on behalf of the charity. Tears welled up in my eyes.
Sod my leg and the pain I am in.  Sod the tyre on the car and the bill I have to pay later this morning.  Libby that is such a lovely idea.

Wings For Life said they would produce BESPOKE raffle tickets for the Red Bull F1 drivers' cap and tee shirt we have to include in Sunshine Smile Day. I am not sure if there is going to be a raffle at the royal wedding on the same day but I tell you any tickets will not be as BESPOKE as the ones we have.

3.09am.  I am going back to bed to try and sleep for a bit. I'll be back in a couple of hours.

5.08am and I am still in pain.  Was a couple of good hours sleep thought.

The amazing team organising Sunshine Smile Day has been down to Asda Supermarket almost every day this past week.

Not officially on the organising committee but without any question without BEN HESLOP not a lot would be happening next week.  Ben has been nominated in the business area of
the MK Inspiration Awards, please vote for him....CLICK HERE

OK.... this time next week we will be setting up Sunshine Smile Day at Asda Supermarket in Bletchley Milton Keynes. Make no mistake this is going to be FANTASTIC. However, we need help.

We have THREE mascot costumes we need people to wear. Wearing them to hand out balloons, fliers and sweets.  If you are up for this CLICK HERE AND TELL RACHEL.

We need someone to collect the Ronald McDonald coin spinner from McDonald's Restaurant WESTCROFT Milton Keynes at half past six, bring it to Asda then take it back at the end of the
day. To take on this little task CLICK HERE AND TELL DAVID.

Maggie is taking charge of our Mountain of Tins for The Food Bank. This is going to be a spectacular part of the day. To kick start it we need lots of tins and packets. Could you do ate something in advance of the day ?  CLICK HERE and tell David.

We need face painters to join in the fun. If you can help please CLICK HERE and tell Rachel.

Terri is running a CAKE RAFFLE.  Can you make a cake as a prize ?  CLICK HERE and tell Terri.

When we held the music tombola in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham we took FIVE HUNDRED gifts of love with us. Gifts are coming in for Sunshine Smile Day's music tombola. If you would like to donate a prize CLICK HERE and tell David.

YES, someone is getting married on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. What was your wedding song ? We want you to tell us. We will then play the wedding songs from the sound stage while Harry and Mrs Harry are saying I DO. The wedding is happening at 12 noon. To add your personal wedding song to the playlist CLICK HERE and tell Josh.

5.51am time to publish the blog but before I do THREE THINGS......

Not sure when then 2019 award nominations open, I am most certainly going to nominate Josh Morgan. THANK YOU RONALD McDONALD HOUSE Birmingham for asking him to receive the cheque on your behalf.

I already have my honour, I can not believe I have been nominated in two categories: INSPIRATIONAL MAN and INSPIRATIONAL FATHER.  If I do not gain a single vote I am already happy. If you did want to vote click here.

See you next Saturday at Sunshine Smile Day.

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