Monday, 14 May 2018

Not one but TWO music blogs today

The weather forecast for Sunshine Smile Day remains SUNSHINE ! Four days to go.

There is a second edition of today's blog....a special edition for all our friends in The Steel City.... When you have read this page CLICK HERE and check it out.

Forget the royal wedding, forget a certain football match, the HAPPENING on Saturday is SUNSHINE SMILE DAY at
ADSA Supermarket in Bletchley. HAPPY, SMILING people are welcome to come along but miserable, sad people please stay away !

Paul Foster, LEONITE PAUL, has stepped forward to take charge of transport for the Ronald McDonald coin spinner on Saturday.  THANKS PAUL.

The sound stage is now planned with DJ Chop and a series of live musicians throughout the day. THANKS Chop and  Ben, THANKS Gary Marling for your help with the stage.

Today Josh and I will be checking one of our two gazebo tents, putting it up in my front garden. I'll try to get some pics of that three dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

The we are going to Partyrama to buy all kinds of things for the day. 

Talking of sweets we'll pop into The Pound Shop and get stacks of sweets to hand out to SMILING people on
Sunshine Smile Day. Do you think we need to go to the market and buy some sour grapes for the miserable people ?

We have a number of costumed mascots ready to hand out the sweets.

Charlotte, do you think you could dye my hair like this for the sponsored haircut ?

Yesterday Mayor Petchey's PA confirme he is happy to take the scissors for the first snip in the sponsored haircut.

Mayor Petchey has chosen THE BUS SHELTER as his chosen civic charity for the year.

The Bus Shelter is not part of the good causes at Sunshine Smile Day but we did promote Dale May's ARE YOU DOWN video on earlier blogs.

Last week David and Josh spoke to a homeless young man. They plan to seek him out again either today or tomorrow and ask him to come and help at Sunshine Smile Day.

Mayor David, our great friend, whose term of office ends tomorrow selected RIDE HIGH as his charity for the year. Ridge High is one of the featured green token good causes at ASDA so we will be promoting this throughout the day.

Do you find this blog a bit chaotic ?

It feels a bit like that here as the team pulls everything
together for Saturday.

HAVE NO FEAR all will be in order for a GREAT DAY.

We are still seeking face painters for the day.


Can you have aa quick look in your kitchen cupboards and see if you have some tins there we could use to kick start our food mountain.

We plan one thousand tins in a mountain of love for The Food Bank.

When we are at Partyrama we plan to splash out £4.99 on this balloon for the sound stage.

This and a few dozen others will be released into the sky at 4pm. We have printed some special Sunshine Smile Day thingies you can write your messages on and fasten to the balloons.

THANKS to those who have shared their wedding songs with us. These will be on display as we smile our way through Saturday.

We have some blank stickers for you to add your song to the display.

OK better get on with changing chaos into organisation.

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