Wednesday, 16 May 2018


You know how Facebook pops up memories from what you were doing in past years ?

I only joined Facebook in March 2017 so "memories" are of just one year ago for me.

I don't need Facebook to tell me what my life was like a year ago. It is clear in my mind.

I was spending all of my time writing books.  I would scribble in notebooks then rattle keys on the laptop. I could turn out a book in three to four months.

My publisher was always complaining did not promote my books enough.  I did not have time for that, I was too busy writing. Besides, wasn't promoting the books his job ?  Mine was to write the stories.

I had few friends but I did not have room in my life for friends. I was too busy dreaming of becoming an international best selling author for that.

I was manipulating social media to promote my books. I was Tweeting almost as much as Donald Trump. A day did not go by without my adding something to YouTube. Facebook....I was not interested in FRIENDS only finding people who I could sell my books to.

Maureen kept nagging me to do something, she said I should become a volunteer. Knowing of my past associations with Bletchley Park she thought I could become a volunteer guide at the park.

NO, I did not have time for that !

I did not have time for people.  I did not have time for friends. I did not have time for anything outside writing.

That isn't quite true.  I was spending time every day either taking Rebekah to a hospital appointment or visiting her in
hospital. Sitting in hospital waiting rooms, sometimes for several hours as she was undergoing kidney dialysis, I would write furiously.

Beck had a bit of time where she was not in and out of hospital, Maureen and I went to Devon for a little break. One year ago today, 17th May 2017, we were home again and looking forward to going to see Rebekah on Sunday 21st May. She was not well enough to make tea for us so we were planning to take tea with us to her house.

That tea did not happen. Rebekah died on Friday 19th May 2017 and my world was at an end.

End of chapter. End of story. End of book.  End of......


I still write. I write this daily bolg.  Thursday 17th May and so far this month the blog has had 7,250 readers.

The book I was working on a year ago, The Bridge House, still is not finished. I just do not have the time to edit the text and submit it for publication.

I will.

I must.

VOLUNTEERING !  Maureen wishes I would stop volunteering for things.

FRIENDS !  The Bridge House has eighty thousand words telling its story. Eighty thousand words are not enough to make a list of all my friends.

Josh and I spent yesterday running between one appointment and another for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. That will be the biggest event, the biggest volunteer activity of my life. 

We were parked up in front of an old folks home killing a bit of time. I said that I did not want to end up in an old folks home. Josh then said something so beautiful to me. He said, So long as I am alive I will not let that happen.

Sunshine Smile Day is packed with friends. Later today friends are coming together to check everything is ready for the day.

Yesterday I met a new friend, Jaquie who is involved with Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park appears in my novels The Bridge House and The Autobiography Of Billy Hardcastle. Sir
John Leon, the current baronet of Bletchley Park, is a Facebook Friend.  Bletchley Park will now feature alongside The Bridge House at Sunshine Smile Day.

I wrote a book about my misspent years as a boy in school. I wrote a book about my teenage years on leaving school. As my friendship group grew and grew to include more than one hundred of my former students I promised them I would
NOT write an autobiography of my time as a teacher.  Have no fear my LEONITES that is a promise I will keep.

TODAY I AM NERVOUS.  Very nervous.  LEONITES I need your karma. Eleven o'clock I am meeting with the now head of our old school.

Give me your karma at that time so I can represent us all well. PLEASE.

As we moved from one activity after another yesterday, activities and meetings preparing for Sunshine Smile Day I kept saying to Josh we should not forget we had to go to McDonald's to collect bits and pieces they had for Sunshine Smile Day. 100 half price meal tickets and a few fridge magnets. FEW !  We picked up FOUR HUNDRED ! Four hundred gifts of love for Sunshine Smile Day. 

Eating a burger in McDonald's Josh and I had to quickly replan the area of the day where the fridge magnets are to feature.

Mrs Josh is in charge of our front of house team handing out sweets, balloons, party poppers, leaflets and more. She now has FOUR HUNDRED fridge magnets to add to the work of her team.

Within the team Mrs Josh aka Jelena has three mascots working. I have been teasing Josh that we should get a mankini for him to wear at Sunshine Smile Day.

Teasing Josh yesterday, winding him up about the mankini I said we needed to buy ten thousand blindfolds dso everyone
at Sunshine Smile Day could wear one when they looked at him !

One year from now.... 17th May 2019. We will be busy working on Sunshine Smile Day 2019.  I wonder what memories of this day Facebook will throw up.

Hopefully a mankini will not feature !

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