Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Like ice in the sun

Are you coming to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY ?

This gentleman is...

Allow us to introduce Martin Petchey, currently Deputy Mayor or of Milton Keynes. On SUNSHINE SMILE DAY he will have taken over as Mayor of Milton Keynes. This will be his first week end of engagements in his new office. What an honour for Radio Love International, he will be attending our event.

He has asked if he could pop by at 11am. Guess what is happening on the floor of Asda at 11am ?
David's sponsored haircut !

Guess who is picking up the scissors to make the first cut ?

Thank you Mr Mayor !

Mayor Petchey does not take office until next week. On Friday it will be Mayor David Hopkins who will be attending Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th anniversary celebration.

We have been checking our vinyl collection and do have that song by The Buggles on 7" vinyl in the playlist. 

Mayor David is a great fan of music, he particularly likes music from the 1970's. As we were sorting the records we made sure we included lots and lots of Mayor David's favourites.

We have put this ready.....

The mission for Radio Love International is VERY clear.....

To use music to make people smile, be happy and to support good causes.

What we are doing right now is showing great success and we are most certainly achieving our mission. We have two amazing events happening this month, our daily music blog has an audience many a radio station would envy. We use our own social media accounts to tell people what we are doing. David's Facebook account alone has now passed TEN THOUSAND likes. TEN THOUSAND.

But amidst  this success we have to report failure.

We are NOT going live as an internet radio station on Monday 14th May.

We were offered fantastic accommodation within the adin block of  our local Asda supermarket. FANTASTIC but after weeks of keeping us hanging about the company's head office did not sanction the store's offer leaving our radio station homeless.

So in one hand we have amazing success, SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is going to be incredible, but on the other hand we are trying to deal with failure.

We can broadcast from Plan B but the accommodation, David's garage, can only be temporary and can not accommodate the numbers of presenters we have ready and waiting to SPREAD THE LOVE with our music.

Broadcasting from there our smiles face the possibility of becoming a thin grin.

Chickens and eggs !

When we become the biggest radio station the world has ever seen we will have advertisers and sponsors lining up begging us to take their support.

To go live as an internet radio station we need those advertisers and their support NOW. We need £1,900 to buy the specialist web hosting, software and broadcast page we need.

Make NO MISTAKE we will find a studio and we will secure the £1,900 we need. Going live on Monday 14th May is not now going to happen but going live will happen.

Our team in San Francisco last week went out into the bay on a boat. They sat at the front of the boat and were quite badly sunburned.

We all hope that David's face will stop peeling before his sponsored haircut at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

The temperatures in San Francisco were high for the time of
year. The sun never stopped shining.

Nobody took any sun cream with them !

If you are coming to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY you will need lots of sun cream.

Once we have solved our studio accommodation and found sponsors for the £1,900 we need you will need Factor TEN THOUSAND sun cream. Oh yes you will.

Like ice in the sun these problems will soon melt away.

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