Thursday, 31 May 2018

Life is more fun if you are silly so why not death ?

Hi there friends.

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Today I want to chat about the music in my life and talk a bit about my life in general. As you read and listen tell me about your favourite songs. Drop me an email or hit me with a message on Facebook.


* What was the very first single you spent your pocket money on ?
* What was the first album you owned ?
* Who is your favourite female singer ?
*Who is your favourite male singer ?
*What is your all time favourite song.
*Of all forms of music which you like the best ?

So what was the very first single you spent your pocket money on ?

Mine was very boring !

I had six shillings and nine pence in my nine year old hand, that is about 33p in modern coinage. My mother took me on the bus to the record department in Lewis's store in central Birmingham to make my rite of passage and start my record collection. I was undecided if I should by RUBBER BALL by Bobby Vee...

Or HATS OFF TO LARRY by Dell Shannon....

GREAT sons, both of them, I do not know why but suddenly I changed my mind and started my record collection off with something oh so boring !  AFRICAN WALTZ by Johnny Dankworth.

It did not even make it into the charts ! A quick check, there is a copy for sale on e bay at £3.50. I do not think I will bother.

Dankworth and his internationally famous wife Cleo lived just along the road from where my wife Maureen grew up. My late father in law and the late Johnny knew each other well.

Cleo still lives there. Before my father in law passed away Meals On Wheels would visit is home then drive up to Cleo with her lunch.

My first album was ADAM ....Adam Faith. Now that is something I repurchased from ebay.

I did not buy that from the city centre department store but from Stones Newsagent over the road from where my Nan lived.

Stones features in my newly published novel The Bridge House. Check it out...go
on be a devil CLICK HERE.

I can honestly say that I like all of the tracks on the album but before I play my favourite why not tell me your first single and album ?

Drop me an email or hit me with a message on Facebook.

So this my favourite frack from my first album.

Josh and I did not start work clearing out my garage yesterday to set up a temporary studio for Radio Love International. The rain meant we could not take things out and store them in the garden while we worked to repair the roof.  Better luck today.

Once we start our test broadcasts this is something I will most certainly play. And here it is played on original vinyl.

When I was a randy teenager I had the HOTS for Sandi Shaw, I think it may have had something to do with the fact that she always sang bare footed !

Something more from my teenage heartthrob and, yes, I do have this song on vinyl.


Coming to my favourite male singer, I had to think a bit before saying to myself YOU IDIOT !  It is, of course, Freddie Mercury. I was not a great fan of Freddie and Queen when he was alive but since is death I listen quite a bit to the greatest rock star of all time.

This is my favourite Freddie Mercury song.

In my writing I am fascinated by time travel.

Freddie and The Great Pretender feature in a short story. If you have 99p to speculate you can read it on Kindle... CLICK HERE   In the story it is not Freddie who is The Great Pretender but myself in the role of the story teller. Freddie exposes how shallow the life of the writer is and tells him to stop pretending and get a proper life ! If I am honest it is not one of my best  pieces of work but I really did enjoy writing it.

Another song from the amazing Freddie Mercury.

Yesterday I had a beautiful telephone call from Shearings Holidays. They are going to name one of their coaches

REBEKAH after my beautiful daughter. They called to invite Maureen and I to a naming ceremony on Tuesday 12th June. That is going to be a very special day.

Beck used to put up with me always playing music but she was not a fan of my writing ! She would say when we were in the car Dad I do not mind if you play your music. When she was in hospital she would say Dad stop sending me copies of your e books, I do not read them !  Sunshine Smile Day was held on Saturday 19th May, the anniversary of Beck's death. It was a truly fantastic, happy day.

Next Wednesday is the anniversary of her funeral. These days between 19th May and 6th June are very painful and I do know I am not being my usual self. Please forgive me.

What is your favourite song ? Anyone and everyone who knows me knows that mine is Bridge Over Troubled Water.

I have always tried to live my life like a Bridge Over Troubled Water, these past few days I know my bridge as been a bit shaky but it will soon be back to being as firm and solid as my personal favourite bridge.  I do not think anyone has written a song about The Golden Gate Bridge.

Feeling low I have wondered if I should withdraw from The Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards. I have been nominated as The Most Inspirational Father and The Most Inspirational
Man in Milton Keynes. The way I have been feeling I do not see how I could inspire anyone but to withdraw would be to disrespect those who have nominated me and those who have voted for me.

No I am NOT going to withdraw. If I can win those titles, particularly The Most Inspirational Man, I can use them to inspire so much good within others to do great things in our city. I have to win.  Would you vote for me ?  CLICK HERE.

What is your favourite genre of music ?  For me it is The Ballet.

The Nutcracker is my favourite.

Bridge Over Troubled Water is going to be played at my funeral. I think I may change my will and ask for a piece of ballet music to be played as well.

I have had an idea. I could have it in my will that I am to be dressed in ballet costume as I am put into my wooden box.

Well life is more fun if you are silly so why not death ?

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