Monday, 14 May 2018

Have Wednesday Scarf Will Travel

This is an EXTRA and SPECIAL blog edition for all my friends in The Steel City.

If you want to read the standard edition of today's music blog you can click at the end of this Owls Edition but right now let me tell you about my Sheffield Wednesday Scarf then I want you to tell me about yours.

My daughter, Rebekah, was a Wednesday fan. She was a clever lady !

Next time you are at Hillsborough take a look at the tiles on the wall by the players' entrance. Look out for the one that says GARY DEER ALWAYS.

Gary is Beck's husband and an Owl since he was a small boy.

Beck died suddenly and unexpected on 19th May 2017. I went with Gary to watch a game at Hillsborough in her memory.  Immediately I fell in love with the club and am proud to now call myself an OWL.

Next Saturday marks the first anniversary of Beck's death, we are celebrating her life and her cheeky smile with
SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. This is being held at ASDA Supermarket in Milton Keynes, the biggest supermarket in England. We expect TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE to drop by.

We will be playing music, having fun, smiling and making others smile as we support a series of good causes.

One of those good causes is Sheffield Wednesday's
Community Programme.

Here's a group of friends at Hillsborough on 7th April. Ooopppssss we lost that game !

That day I went into the club shop and purchased a scarf, a very special scarf. We took that scarf to San Francisco and posed it in some special

We took it from one side of The Golden Gate Bridge to the other.  Here you can see me with Joseph Strauss, the designer and engineer who built The Golden Gate Bridge. I suggested to him the bridge be repainted   BLUE AND WHITE !

I think the iconic structure would look better in blue and white, do you not agree ?

Here's that scarf tied to the bars of a cell in Alcatraz. There was an elderly ex prisoner there signing copies of his autobiography. I proudly told him all about Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. I do wish Americans would learn to call Football FOOTBALL AND not soccer !

What do you think about by hippie hair ?

I took my hippie hair and the famous Wednesday Scarf into Golden Gate Bridge and posed on HIPPIE MOUNT.

On Saturday, at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY, I am having my hair cut in a sponsored event to support our chosen good causes, INCLUDING Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.

OK, that's enough about me and my Wednesday Scarf. Tell me about yours. I want to have a gallery of Wednesday fans with their scarves on display at Sunshine Smile Day to encourage people at Asda Supermarket to throw coins into the buckets for our club's community programme.

DO NOT BE SHY ! email your selfies, scarf selfies to me at

I will print them out and put them on display. I will also feature them in some special blog galleries next week.

You can, of course, point your car south on the motorway and join us at ASDA Supermarket in Milton Keynes but if you can not make it to Sunshine Smile Day you can still throw some coins into the bucket.

CLICK HERE and throw those coins into our Just Giving page. Do not skip this bit CLICK HERE AND DO IT !

Do you have a copy of our club's 150th anniversary programme ?

You will find a small piece in there where I explain there is more to a football club than two goal posts and a bit of grass between them. We should be proud of our community programme.

So make sure you email me your scarf selfies.

See you at Sunshine Smile Day....See you at Hillsborough next season.

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