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Fifty years ago... 1967 which just happens to be David's favourite year (He was a 17 year old teenager at  the time ....never properly grown up has he ?) Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and another guy Frank De Vol wrote a song.

The following year it was released on the Motown label, you do know what Motown means don't you ?  Motor Town ...DETROIT.  Anyway this song was a bit of a flop, only made number ten in the UK charts.

The song writers and the singer's thought the song was released to become a mega hit single but  they were wrong !

Madam Destiny, seen here with her famous clipboard, had ordered the song to be written, sung and released for a date far in the future.....


Listen to it again.......

Did you actually listen to the song twice ?


You will NOT get the song out
of your head all day. He he flippin HE !

If it isn't stuck in your head do not worry it soon will be.

Let's have a karaoke version so you can sing it all day.

Here at Radio Love International we have all been a bit low as the studio we had been pinning our hopes on so firmly did not materialise. We have all been worrying where the £1,900 we need to purchase the the broadcast software, hosting and web page was going to come from.

Yesterday Madam Destiny held up her hand and said STOP. YOU ARE GOING THE WONG WAY.

To use a musical metaphor Madam Destiny said: STOP ASKING THE WAY TO SAN JOSE...........

That is not where the studio and the funding can be found. Stop asking the way to San Jose and ask how you can get to Amarillo.

We now know exactly where we will be broadcasting from. We also know exactly where all of the money we need is
coming from.

THANK YOU Madam Destiny.

Our BIG BOSS also said we were to forget all about launching Radio Love International on Monday 14th May. She told us to concentrate on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY then set a launch date in the summer. We will be meeting next week to set that date.

Let's play something for Madam Destiny to express our gratitude.

Hey Madam Destiny is it coincidence or do you have it on your clipboard that Thank You Very Much and The Happening were released in the same year. 1967 David's all
time favourite year.

Want a laugh ? A BIG GIGGLE ?

This is what he looked like fifty years ago. Hot and cool at the same time !

Now look at him !

Geriatric old sod !

When the team was in San Francisco last week Gary very carefully posed this picture.

Geriatric DJ David keep right and let the faster walkers on the Golden Gate Bridge pass !

You do know that Madam Destiny had Peter Frederick Wedlock write this song for our Geriatric DJ.

Here's another oldie song............................

Love is a many splendid thing. Yesterday THE HAPPENING revealed there is far more love within our radio station than we ever imagined. 

What do you think of this song ?

This song was number one in the charts on Monday 10th June 1991. Yesterday we found out that two members of our team share not only the same birthday but the same DATE OF BIRTH. Isn't that amazing ?

As part of THE HAPPENING yesterday Madam Destiny made it clear that SUNSHINE SMILE DAY was not big enough. Yes there was love, love and smiles, love music and smiles BUT NOT ENOUGH !

Yesterday's blog ended with WATCH THIS SPACE.

Well you did not have to watch for long did you.

Not very long at all.

We always hand out balloons at our events.

We will be handing out balloons at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY but at the end of the day we will be having  a giant balloon release with a lot more than ninety nine rising high into the sky. Every single balloon will have our SUNSHINE SMILE logo on it.

THANK YOU Terri for arranging that. THANK YOU for making it part of THE HAPPENING for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Now you may have heard that somebody is getting married on the same day as SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

We have the face masks, we have the cut outs.

We have the bunting, we have the union jacks.

We have told Buckingham Palace what we are doing.

We will be asking friends to tell us what their wedding songs were and we will be playing them throughout the day.

Hey David, Geriatric DJ, what was yours ?  Chairman Rachel you were at his wedding can you remember ?

It was this.

Radio Love International's sponsor Heslop's Removals is providing a stage for our musicians to perform upon.

We will soon be announcing the musicians who will perform on the stage.

We have spoken to our city mayor's PA and will be asking the official Poet Laureate to take to our stage.

We always hand out sweets and balloons. On SUNSHINE SMILE DAY we have some special mascots doing the job for us.  Anyone remember these guys ?  Anyone know if they are coming along ?

Our masots will not only be handing out sweets and balloons but also Organ Donor Cards and invitations to become blood

Both, of course, were very special to Rebekah and her smile.

As part of our musicians stage we are going to have a cake raffle. GET BAKING !

It had already been arranged that Josh would wear throughout the day a Red Bull F1 Driver's cap to promote one of our chosen charities for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. Wings For Life have now provided a shirt for
Josh to wear. The cap and the shirt will be prizes in a bespoke raffle happening during the time when we feature this charity.

Yesterday lloyds banking Group sponsored radio Love International and SUNSHINE SMILE DAY with £30.  THANK YOU.

Lovely Libby, manager of Ronald McDonald House Birmingham has organised the coin spinner for our lead charity, Ronald McDonald House. She has also organised some prizes for the music tombola.

McDonald's Restaurants have given 100 half price meal vouchers and Bunnings/Homebase have given stacks of toys for the tombola.

Heslop's Removals have given us a box full of smiling gifts to use as spot prizes. How lovely is that.

We will have face painters throughout the day.

SMILING SELFIES will be a central theme throughout the day so bring your phone with you.

Rebekah was a Sheffield Wednesday Fan. Throughout the year Sheffield Wednesday Football Club has been a source of so much love and support we are proud to include their  community programme in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

The Wednesday scarf we took to San Francisco and posed for a series of selfies has now become famous. That travelled scarf will be at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY together with a team shirt autographed by all of the boys. At  the end of the day both will be given to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Here is that scarf tied to the bars of Alcatraz.

When David spoke with a former prisoner who was on the island selling his autobiography he wore the scarf.

We will be inviting Wednesday fans to send us selfies of their scarfs which we will build into a special gallery.

As well as throwing coins into buckets and the Ronald McDonald House Spinner you can now donate online to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  All you have to do is to CLICK HERE, make your donation and specify which of our chosen charities you wish to support.

At eleven o'clock the mayor will be visiting SUNSHINE
SMILE DAY. After welcoming our first citizen we plan to put a pair of scissors into his hands !

Those scissors will be supervised by Charlotte as David loses his iconic hair !

That hair went to Hippie Park in San Francisco, yes it had flowers in it.

The haircut will be sponsored for our chosen good causes. You can support the good causes by throwing coins into the
buckets at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY or by donating on line CLICK HERE.

David is going to grow his hair again then take it back to San Francisco ahead of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019. He is challenging YOU to grow your hair and take it to San Francisco with him !

The support our team was given on the flights to and from The City By The Bay by Virgin Atlantic is why we have included the airline's chosen charity WE CHANGE in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. We are still  working with Virgin Atlantic and We Change to decide  what will be HAPPENING for them on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Happening ?

Is that song still buzzing in your head ?  Perhaps we should play it again ! 
Before do that have a look at the sweets Virgin crew members handed out to passengers just before landing.

Love Hearts !  How perfect and appropriate. Virgin those sweets tasted even better than the champagne you gave to our team members !

Managing Director of Heslop's Removals sent us this picture of the stage he is providing for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY asking what signing/banner we would like to front the stage.

BEN Thank You. We'll get back to you as soon as this blog is finished and published. Right now let's play not one but TWO songs for you.

Firstly our THANK YOU anthem for your support for Radio Love International.......

And BEN this is your song...................

Today we will be speaking to our local police force asking them to send a car and some officers to arrest anyone who is not smiling at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

We will be parking the police car adjacent to Heslop's truck
and stage.

A quick selfie from the police visiting our last music event in Asda Supermarket.

This is turning out to be a long blog isn't it ?

Oh dear, what a shame NEVER MIND ! TOUGH LUCK.

Time to remind you all to make sure you come down to ASDA SUPERMARKET on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and pop
an extra tin or packet into your trolley. We then want you to give it to MAGGIE who is taking charge of building a mountain of tins and packets for THE FOOD BANK.

You won't  be able to miss Maggie, she will be the lady with the big smile.

Hey Ben, Hey Heslop's Removals we may need one of your trucks to take away Maggie's Mountain of food !

At SUNSHINE SMILE DAY you will be able to buy your copy of The Bridge House.

Rebekah brought the smile to the HAPPENING.....

Josh brought the inspiration.....

Rachel brought the ideas................

Terri brought the organisation to make it all happen...........

David ?  Well he's bringing the HAIR !

You just bring yourself !

Let's end today's music blog with Radio Love International's anthem.....

Don't be fooled. That was not the final song on today's playlist. THIS IS......

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