Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Do you live in a failing community ?

Do you live in a failing community ?

I DO ! I most certainly do.

Milton Keynes in North Buckinghamshire England is a bad place. Is where you live any better ?

I doubt it ?

The image above was taken in my home city of Milton Keynes.

That on the right was taken in the wonderful City By The Bay, San Francisco.

Let me tell you about where I live. Read my words and see how many of those words apply to where you live.

The Homeless Prevention Department within Milton Keynes Council is a badly run, failing institution. The democratically elected council members have to be failures for allowing such a department to fail on a daily basis.  Milton Keynes Council can not even provide accurate figures for the problem it is failing to tackle. 

Yeh let's blame the over paid under worked council employees in our failing council, let's blame the elected and ineffective politicians, that's very easy to do, but are they really to blame ? 

Actually I do not think they are ?  

Not in my city and not where you live. 

So who is to blame ?


It is very easy to click and like a posting on social media. It takes a little bit more effort to post a comment. Not a lot more effort but a little. It takes a degree of empathy to share a posting.  I wonder who will do anything about what I am writing.

What is the home where you live like ?  I live in a detached property worth about £320,000 pounds.  I do not have a mortgage, I own it outright.  For a car I drive a Jaguar and have a silly little blue box with a lawn mower engine as a
second car.

What has  this  man  got in his life ?

I do not have to depend on a failing council and its failing housing department for my security. I do not have to wait for some charity to reach out to me and give me a titbit which will not change my situation.

At 5pm yesterday voting closed in the elections for governors of University Milton Keynes Hospital. I am nervously awaiting the results. I so much want to be elected to serve on the board. I want to give back the love my family has received from our wonderful NHS over 34 years. Yes, I will attend the
board meetings and do my bit but what I want is to get out into the wards, into the clinics and into the administration areas to show love to those who work in our wonderful National Health Service.

YOU do not need to win an election to show love and support to the most vulnerable people in the society where you live. In Milton Keynes there is not a single charity nor a good cause effectively helping to resolve the homeless situation NOT ONE.  The Milton Keynes Council, both its elected members and its department responsible for the care of these vulnerable people are FAILING.

Here's an idea. Take a homeless person living rough on the street. Sit him in a busy public place with a notice: I NEED A
HOME. Do the same with a dog from a rescue centre.

How long before someone rescues the dog ?

An hour, perhaps two.

How long before someone rescues the homeless person ?


When some of my former students nominated me in the Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards as The Most Inspirational Father I was deeply honoured. The nomination alone was all the honour I needed. Secretly, however,  I hoped to get through to the finals but it did not matter if I did or not. When the finalists were named I was overwhelmed to find out that I had made it
to the final not only as the Most Inspirational Father but also Milton Keynes Most Inspirational Man.

I now WANT to win, particularly I want to win Milton Keynes Most Inspirational Man. I am campaigning for votes. WILL YOU VOTE FOR ME ?  CLICK HERE  It does not matter where in the world you live you can vote for me.

If I win I undertake to use the title to bring love to our NHS. I want to inspire young people to achieve the maximum in their lives. And I will use the title to do something else.

I have the life experience of a sixty seven year old man, that's how old I am. I think my body, which I have never really taken a lot of care over, belongs to a man twenty or twenty five years my junior. My mind has the agility of a thirty year old. My heart I HOPE has all of those figures, all the ages added together.

Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. What do you see ?

Do you see someone who I could INSPIRE to change the homeless situation ?

In January 2018 there were two sad, pathetic people living in a tent in our city. Their lives were in ruins and without hope. They were where they were due to a series of mistakes, misfortunes and zero support when it was needed. They were responsible for their own situation, everyone is responsible for their own lives, but had love been shown they would never have been forced to live in a tent.

They are now my dearest friends, I love them and they love me. People give me credit for changing their lives but I do not deserve the credit. It was my friends who achieved the change. I may have given the inspiration but others made it happen.

My friends are no longer homeless DESPITE Milton Keynes Council NOT because of Milton Keynes Council. We had to fight at every turn to save these lovely people. The homeless support department in Milton keynes Council is an ineffective, inefficient and non caring institution. I am absolutely certain it
is EXACTLY the same where you live.

Not a single do gooding charity helped these two people.

The charities are doing nothing more than putting sticking plasters on gaping wounds. The council and its failing departments do not even understand what the problem is let alone know how to help.

YES, I am ATTACKING the charities in my city. YES, I am ATTACKING the council and its departments who should be helping. Am I offending anyone with these words ?  I HOPE SO.

If I win the title of MILTON KEYNES MOST INSPIRATIONAL MAN this is what I am going to do. I am going to start something I will call..... 
I will call a meeting for all who say they care about the homeless in our city. I will invite the failing Milton Keynes Council to come along and to STOP failing. I will invite the good causes to listen to what I have to say and start actually taking people off the
streets into new lives.

I guess our city has TEN TIMES the resources needed to resolve the situation. We have to stop wasting these resources and start making a difference.

For goodness sake we are not talking about a problem here that can not be solved. In my city I estimate there are about one hundred and twenty people who need help. For
goodness sake that is not a lot.  In San Francisco there are 7,499 !

Yes, there are alcoholics. Yes, there are drug users. By no means all rough sleepers but there are some. WHY are they drug and alcohol abusers ? Because their situation is so sad, so pathetic and without hope they use drugs and alcohol to mask reality. They still need help, more help than others but they need help.

If I can find people with genuine love in their hearts and not some ego centred motivation we can take the resources in our city, we can repair the failings and we can solve our homeless problem.

Do you believe we can do that ? Will you help me to inspire our society to achieve that ?

I wonder how many people will not have got this far in reading today's blog ?  I wonder how many people will read it at all ?  I wonder how many will do the easy thing
and click LIKE. I wonder how many will share this blog on social media. I wonder how many will make the effort to post a comment. I wonder how many just do not care !

I need the title and the influence it brings of being Milton Keynes Most Inspirational Man to persuade the council, the good causes and those who care to work together. WILL YOU VOTE FOR ME ?  CLICK HERE  It does not matter where in the world you live you can vote for me.

I am sixty seven years old. I do not know how many years left I have in this world, quite a few I hope but twenty, twenty five at most.  We can solve the Milton Keynes homeless situation
in a maximum of two years. I would like to go to my grave not as the man who solved our city's homeless problem but the man who inspired others to do it, then the success our city achieved inspired other communities to do the same.

Are you with me ?

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