Saturday, 19 May 2018

Did you smile ?

Ronald McDonald House Charities, Sheffield Wednesday FC's Community Programme, Willen Hospice, Emeila's Helmet Appeal, Wings For Life, The Blood and Transplant Donor Programme, The Foodbank ALL came together yesterday to celebrate Sunshine Smile Day  at Asda Supermarket in Bletchley Milton Keynes.

The day centred round a sound stage hosted by DJ Chomp and featuring some wonderful local bands.

Thank you to Ben and Heslop's Removals for arranging EVERYTHING to make this happen.

Ben has been nominated in The Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards as our city's UP AND COMING ENTREPRENEUR  Please CLICK HERE and vote for Ben Heslop. You do not need to be a Milton Keynes Resident to vote, ANYONE, ANYWHERE can help Ben win this much deserved title.

What a great man our city's new mayor is. Inducted to take office on Wednesday, Sunshine Smile Day was one of the first official engagements in the diary of Mayor Petchey.

My hair and Mayor Martin rather took centre stage !

No longer a hippie I have until April 2019 before we go back to San Francisco ahead of Sunshine Smile Day 2019.

During the day we were busy inflating balloons with helium and with love.

We released the balloons into a clear blue sky to the sound of Sheffield Wednesday's two adopted anthems.

Yesterday was an amazing day. Lots of sunshine and lots of smiles from lots of happy people. So many people brought their love to the day.

So many lovely, happy people made Sunshine Smile Day such a success. THANK YOU ALL. But the biggest group, without who yesterday could not have happened is LEONITES.  (A LEONITE is one of my former students from the days 20 and more years ago when I was head of year at Leon School.) So many were involved in making Sunshine Smile Day happen. So many came down to wish the day well and made some very generous donations to our good causes.

It was LEONITE Rachel, of course, who made yesterday happen. EVERY member of her lovely family was there at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

My LEONITES are a source of great inspiration to me.

I have a few more songs and a few more pictures to share, actually a lot, but as I bring this PHOTO and music blog to an end I am going to make things a bit personal.

On Wednesday the results of the election to the board of governors to Milton Keynes Hospital are announced.  I am
hoping so much that I will win a seat on the board.

Yesterday was all about Rebekah's smile. Without the love of our incredible National Health Service that smile could never have happened.

If elected I want to spend one day a week in the hospital going round the wards and clinics thanking the lovely staff for all the work they do.

If I am honest I do not think I will win a seat on the board but I am hoping, hoping I can repay some of the love and kindness shown to Rebekah over her lifetime.

Ben has been nominated as the up and coming entrepreneur in Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards. Ben just has to win that nomination.

I have been nominated and made it to the final vote in two categories INSPIRATIONAL FATHER and INSPIRATIONAL MAN. Those nominations were started by my LEONITES who then nominated me so many times I made it to the final vote in both categories.

Will you PLEASE vote for me ? CLICK HERE

I am desperate to win both categories but primarily I want to become Milton Keynes Most Inspirational Man. Not to have the title for myself and my own ego but to use it to galvanise my friends and my LEONITES to reach out into our city and INSPIRE people right across the city to make this a more beautiful place.

Will you vote for me ?  CLICK HERE.  Remember you can vote for me no matter where in the world you live.

Together we could really do something special for our city.

Friday 19th May 2017 was the most terrible day of my life. I lost my beautiful daughter on that day. Saturday 19th May 2018 was the happiest day of my life as we celebrated the anniversary of her death, as we celebrated her smile on Sunshine Smile Day.

What amazing friends I have.

All you wonderful friends who brought so much love to Sunshine Smile Day, vote for me and help us all win the title then together take it out into our city and start to inspire others to smile and make this a better world.

When anyone organises a fund raising event I believe there are two important things which have to happen as soon as that event is over. FIRSTLY to say THANK YOU to all who gave their support. This music and photo blog is here to say THANK YOU.  The money from yesterday is still in the buckets, uncounted. Once I have washed the dye out of my hair from yesterday I will count the love in all of those coins then on tomorrow's blog I will tell you how much we made.

It comes as no surprise that I am ending this blog with my favourite song. Listen to the words then go out and inspire others to live their lives like a BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER.

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 will be held on Sunday 19th May 2019. Planning has already started.

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