Wednesday, 4 April 2018

What was the last thing you spent £10 on ?

What was the last thing you spent £10 on ?

I've just spent £3.50 on rip off parking to attend a hospital appointment. OH YES I am a great fan of the NHS but I detest the likes of UK Parking Control Limited.

A sad little company that seeks to exploit the sick en route to making an obscene profit.

But what did I spend £10 on last time I dipped into my pocket for something of that value ?

It was  Chinese take away when Josh and Jelena came round yesterday evening.

What did your place of work, your employer, your boss or your own business spend £10 on ?

When the local fereebi advertising magazine fell through my 
letter box a while back it went straight into the recycling bag - GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT £200.  Then when I was waiting to go into the studio at Radio MKFM there were copies of this unfortunate little rag laying on the reception table. I picked on up and leafed through the pages. I got to thinking and asking myself     WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WASTE MONEY ADVERTISING IN SUCH A PUBLICATION ?

If people are prepared to throw money away in order to keep the recycling factories busy would they not invest £10 to help Radio Love International SPREAD THE LOVE ?  Advertising with us has to be a zillion times more effective.  
Josh, Jelena and I thoroughly enjoyed our Chinese food last night.  This morning, however, the delicious taste and the gratification are gone. This morning the empty cartons have been put the bin as did the freebie advertising magazine weeks ago.  Tomorrow the bin men will take everything away.

An advertiser will have their banner IMMEDIATELY added to every daily music blog and spread across our website, it will remain there every day until Saturday 30th June. When we go live on Monday 14th May the advertising sponsor will
have their business promoted live every day on our radio station until Saturday 30th June. 

We will also promote the chosen charity of the sponsor's choice.

That rag-bag freebie advertising magazine within which so many people wasted their money has long since been turned into toilet paper.

Have a word with your boss, give him/her a lesson in common sense, explain that profits from your hard work are not made to be squandered. Show your boss this link: CLICK HERE and suggest a WISE investment of £10 to help us SPREAD THE LOVE.

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