Wednesday, 4 April 2018

What are all these spherical objects in the music ?

What are all these spherical objects in the music today ?

Josh .....?

I don't know.

Rachel ?

What spherical objects ?

Balls Madam Chairman.

Oh you mean FOOTBALLS and Saturday - Hillsborough.

No, not FOOTBALLS  Madam Chairman we will talk about FOOTBALLS and Hillsborough in a moment......

Jo ?

How would I know I cook
Caribbean food and there aint nothing round about my goat curry nor the dumplings for that matter. 

You have booked you take away from Mama Jo's Kitchen for tomorrow haven't you ?

DAVID !!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, let me explain - we can talk about Hillsborough and footballs in a moment. Once upon a time, a long time ago
there was a boy band that was trying to break into the music industry. They had just recorded their first single and were waiting for it to be released. Somebody, it was not me but I got lumbered with it all, arranged for them to give a concert at Leon School.  I was Head of Year Eleven at the time.

This was not the song in that first record but I like it so I am going to play it.

As the students assembled in the hall Westlife waited in my office. one turned to me and asked if he could use my office phone to call the band's music producer.


I think it was the guy on the right but it was a long time ago so my memory may be a bit up the creek. Anyway, during the call he said: can you put some balls into it ? He then turned to me and apologised for his language.

I just laughed.

No, that was not their original single either - this was.

You know it was that guy who made the phone call.  Do you think the studio mixer/editor/producer did what he was asked in the song ?

All this Westlife stuff is very nice but people have come here to today's blog to know about FOOTBALLS and Saturday at
Hillsborough !

One more song please.....

Just one more then we talk FOOTBALL - SATURDAY - HILLSBOROUGH !

Go on then......


Now we are talking !

On Saturday a group from Radio Love International will be heading up the M1 to The Steel City.

We will be playing music outside the club shop and rattling buckets to collect cash for Sheffield Wednesday's amazing Community Programme.

Are you coming to Hillsborough on Saturday ?   Come by and throw some coins into our buckets. If you can't make it to Hillsborough you can toss some coins in NOW on-line - just CLICK HERE....

So what kind of music will we be playing Josh....

Music with FOOTballs in it !  We have put together forty songs with one of the two club anthems played every five songs.

How much money are we hoping to get in the buckets ?  

Wednesday fans are great people and generous so we are hoping we may actually get £1,0000 !

That would be great wouldn't it.

This is one of the songs we have in the playlist, a fun piece of music with a lively beat......

David may have had Westlife in his school but Bletchley
Youth Centre had Status Quo !

What's that got to do with Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday ?

Nothing but we are providing the music at  the youth centre's 50th Anniversary party.

What else have we got in Saturday's music play list ?  What else are we going to play for the fans ?

Might have guessed that found its way into the playlist. It's one of David's favourite songs.

Why have we got a picture here of David's finger ?

What's he doing ?


Practicing ?  Just ahead of the kick off David will be pushing up the fader to blast this song across Hillsborough.

You can sponsor David's finger for Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme - CLICK HERE

Now what's all this about me and balloons ?

It's OK Rachel you don't have to blow them up, just hand them out. The fans can blow them up themselves, then when Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday is played they can be thrown up in the air.

Josh, please tell me you don't have any BLACK LACE music in Saturday's playlist.  You know I am not a fan of Black Lace !

Sorry Rachel we have this.....

Oh for goodness sake ! 

Each BAM is for the goals the boys will score on Saturday.

Within the club shop there are FOUR Wednesday scarfs. We'll be spending money to buy them then two weeks on Saturday those icons of football will be waved about on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge as part of a music event we are holding for Ronald McDonald House.

There used to be two away shirts in the shop. They are now carefully in store. The boys at Wednesday have signed them. One will be heading to San Francisco as a gift for Ronald McDonald House in The City By The Bay. The other will hang on the wall in our studio. Then when every song is played the DJ's mind will think of our friends in San Francisco - The City By The Bay and friends in Sheffield - The Steel City.

The knife we use to SPREAD THE LOVE has MADE IN SHEFFIELD on it.

Why have we got that song in Saturday's playlist ?

It's for David's fingers when he pushes the fader up and Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday is played.

Two videos appeared yesterday on David's facebook timeline.

This first one was posted by Josh's missus - Jelena. 

If that is meant to be David dancing then which one behind him is Josh ?

The second one was posted by Jo aka Jo Jo T.

We are trying to work out Jo which end of the zebra is you and which end is David.

A warning to the good people of Sheffield, a warning to all Wednesday fans who will be at Hillsborough on Saturday - we are totally mad !

Does madness and passion mean the same thing ?  OF COURSE - well put it this way we are totally mad about our twin passions - MUSIC and PEOPLE.  We are bring our passions to Hillsborough on Saturday to support Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.

To those who are coming to Hillsborough on Saturday to watch the boys smash Fulham do come a little early and please drop by the area outside the club shop to say HI !

PLEASE say you do not have that in Saturday's playlist.

Oh yes we do.

In that case we had better sign off for today - click the mouse. Publish today's blog.

See you all on Saturday - see you at Hillsborough - come and SPREAD THE LOVE for Sheffield Wednesday's AMAZING Community Programme.

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