Friday, 27 April 2018

Smiles and love

Yesterday we shared on social media the work our team was doing to make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY a success.

If you click the wording above you can see everything on our website.  If you CLICK HERE you can download a pdf copy of the latest stage of planning.

BOTH need to be put through the shredder !

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is going to be bigger than anything we were initially planning.

When Rachel received an email from the Chief Executive of Ronald McDonald Restaurants she thought it was David playing a joke.  When Josh read it in his inbox he was gobsmacked.  No joke Paul Pomroy, CEO of the UK arm of the fast food giant, made personal contact to discuss 
the involvement of Ronald McDonald House Charities. The restaurants and the charity are totally separate although the restaurants support the charity.

Jon, the CEO of the charity, also touched base with us yesterday.

We are going to have to revise the Ronald McDonald House Charities part of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY but these two kind gentlemen will be lifting what we do to a higher level.

Let's have some music...............

There was then a second exchange of emails. On Monday David will be heading to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to meet with its charity Wings For Life.

In a telephone conversation with Suzanna, Community Champion at Asda Supermarket we were asked: Do you plan to have the press involved ?  It will be difficult for us to stop that happening !

Let's take a look at what we have in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and share some revisions for the planning.

The good causes selected for Sunshine Smile Day 2018 are:

Ronald McDonald House Charities, specifically Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.  Ronald McDonald is Beck's chosen charity.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club's Community Project.  Beck was a Wednesday fan and the club has been an amazing support to us over the past year.  Including the club's community programme in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is a way of saying THANK YOU and repaying the love shown to us from Hillsborough.

One week ago today a team from Radio Love International took a Sheffield Wednesday scarf onto San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

We have a very close relationship with Jo's Hope, Jo...The lady with the big smile and an even bigger heart.... is of course one of the directors of Radio Love International. 

David has been growing his hair for about eight months. It was again one week ago today that we took David's hair from The Golden Gate Bridge and then into Golden Gate Park where he posed for this picture on HIPPIE MOUNT.

Listener, friend and hairdresser Charlotte will be giving David a haircut, a sponsored haircut in support of Jo's Hope cancer and homeless projects.

David plans to grow his hair again and return to The City By The Bay in 2019 to prepare for a second sponsored

If you are flying to San Francisco there is only one airline to travel with....... VIRGIN ATLANTIC.

When it comes to customer service that airline is no Virgin. As a THANK YOU to the two flight crews and to listener and friend Sam, Virgin Atlantic Flight Service Manager, we are including Virgin's charity WE CHANGE in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

A supermarket, ASDA host for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is a supermarket. A supermarket sells food.

We will be inviting through the day shoppers in Asda to buy an extra item which we will then we will pile into a giant mountain for The Food Bank.

Asda is the biggest supermarket in the region, probably the biggest supermarket in the country. Willen Hospice is the biggest charity in Milton Keynes.  So many families have
received loving help from Willen.  Possibly one of the smallest and least known good causes in our city is Emila's Helmet Appeal  BOTH are to be included in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

EIGHT charities and good causes at the centre of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

The plan was to feature each charity for a short time throughout the day. Instead of doing that let's keep every good cause on display ALL DAY and generate support for each throughout SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. Then keeping the timetable we had bring each forward and in turn to its work.

Radio Love International's sponsors will be part of the day.

This week we have to find more sponsors to cover the costs of our radio broadcast website, hosting and software. Could you sponsor Radio Love International ?  CLICK HERE

Remember this ?

We want to find someone who would do face painting at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.     Could you help with that bit of fun ?

Throughout the day we will be playing music to help people smile and support our good causes.

We want to invite friends from both our own team and from local radio stations and mobile disco's to pop by and grab the microphone.  

Come and join in the fun. Come and help people smile as we support these good causes.

Meet our friend and Radio Love International presenter Rockstar Tony. He will be playing live music as will be a number of other friends.

It is the ambition of Radio Love International to not only play music but to record and publish music. Let's start along the road to that ambition on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.


To make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY we need help. Please do not just skip this part of today's blog. 
What can you do to help ?

We need transport to HELP take everything to and from Asda.

We need HELP to set up and break down the many displays.

We need HELP during the day to blow up balloons and hand then out to the children. We need HELP to hand out sweets to those who pass by.

We need HELP to buy those sweets to hand out. Pop a bag of sweets into your shopping then give them to us to use in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. (Please buy sweets which are individually wrapped.)

We need HELP to find 500 fun prizes for the music tombola. Nothing grand or expensive but every gift packed with SMILES AND LOVE.

We need HELP to man the various activities throughout SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Wonderful friend and listener, Maggie, has said she will HELP with the Mountain of Food. It will need more than one person to build that !

We are going to need a lot of HELP with the music tombola.

We need HELP promoting SUNSHINE SMILE DAY on social media.

We need HELP to take posters round to community centres, sports and social clubs and so on to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

So that's where we are right now ... 5.55am Saturday 28th
April 2018. Following David's meeting with Wings For Life on Monday we will be able to update the plan then share it with Asda.

It would be great if YOU brought your love and your smile into that plan.

SMILES and LOVE that is what it is all about.  SUNSHINE SMILE DAY

We need happy smiling people to be a part of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. (Miserable unhappy people please stay away.)


Rachel this isn't a joke. 

Let's gob smack a lot more people than Josh.

Let's make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY an amazing success, a success beyond measure.

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