Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Ronald is asking for your help.

Taken yesterday afternoon this picture features Music Director Josh and Mrs Josh spinning coins for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

On Monday 4th March Josh and David held our Music Tombola at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

They took with them FIVE HUNDRED gifts of love for the tombola. Gifts of love so kindly and generously donated by our lovely friends and listeners.

Another picture, not spinning coins as McDonald's USA is not so sophisticated as in the UK but Gary DROPPING coins for Ronald during our recent visit to San Francisco.

One of the good causes featured in SUNSHINESMILE DAY...CLICK AND CHECK IT OUT is both Ronald McDonald House Birmingham and Ronald McDonald House Charities as a wider organisation.

We will be running another music tombola and are NOW collecting prizes. We need your help again.

Bunnings/Homebase is supporting the appeal and will be giving us lots of gifts.  Following the lovely flights to and From San Francisco we plan to ask Virgin Atlantic if they have any small marketing items we could have.

Piled beneath the Christmas Tree in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham are the sacks containing all the Secret Santa gifts of love you gave to families with a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital.

Below are  the five hundred gifts we took with us to hand out as prizes during the music tombola in March. There they are all packed up and waiting to be loaded into the car.

Our friends and listeners came up TRUMPS not once but twice. Will you now do it a third time ?

To donate your gifts of love for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY drop us an e mail or message us on Facebook.

Collecting buckets will be out for Ronald McDonald House Birmingham. The music tombola will be free to take part on CONDITION prize winners spin some coins for Ronald next time they go to the fast food giant.

As we did in Birmingham, we will play some silly music and invite people to dance. Lots of Black Lace, YMCA and My Boy Lollipop.

We will then hand out tickets to those who are joining in the fun. Each ticket wins a prize, a prize every time.

To staff the tombola we need help....lots of help.  What are
you doing on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY ?  Between three o'clock and five  o'clock ?

Can you drop into Asda and lend a hand ?


When Josh and Jelena were spinning coins yesterday in McDonald's they saw a display of McDonald's toys for the latest Happy Meal promotion.  Today we will be contacting McDonald's to ask them to donate toys and meal vouchers for the music tombola. We want them to be generous with their support, in order to ask for generosity we need to be able to show them for a third time our friends and listeners are leading the way.

Our team has a lot happening today....

Chairman Rachel will be at Bletchley Youth Centre checking things for our providing the music at their 50th anniversary celebration on Saturday next week. The centre is donating half of the ticket money via Radio Love International to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Let's give our featured artists a break and share something from our YouTube collection.

While Rachel is at the youth centre David and Josh have a long list of meetings.

Starting at 11am they will be popping in to The Food Bank to talk about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  The Food Bank was featured on yesterday's music blog. Did you check that out ? CLICK HERE if you missed it.

On then to Asda to drop off details to Susanna, the store's Community Champion, of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

1pm we are meeting Gary Marling, organiser of Willen  Hospice's Family Fun Day and Emilia's Helmet Appeal. We will feature this part of  SUNSHINE SMILE DAY on tomorrow's music blog.

2pm we will be meeting Patrick to discuss our broadcast website ready for going live as an internet radio station.

A word from our sponsors..... Heslop's Removals.

Heslop's removals paid for our broadcast licence. After meeting with Patrick we will know the costs involved getting
our music out into the internet. We will be looking for sponsors to cover that area of our work.

David will be talking websites, Josh will be talking computers. We have the support and funding to buy the broadcast computer, Josh is keen we get it as soon as Patrick has advised what we need so we can test it.

Josh is keen to place the order for our broadcast computer as soon as we have Patrick's advice.

David and Josh will then be touching base with Chairman Rachel to report back on the meetings.

Above is a picture of McDonald's at Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco. Madam Chairman we will be suggesting we return to The City By The Bay in 2019 !

David said he would grow his hair again and take part in another sponsored haircut at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019.

David suggested Josh should grow his hair. The Eternal Teenager looked at Mrs Josh and said something which indicated he did not have her permission.

Before April 2019 we have a lot happening. Part of what is happening today, part of the agenda is to respond to Sheffield Wednesday's club director Trevor who is chasing us to take part in Owls In The Park.

Yep Trevor, we will be there.

It's all good fun isn't it ?  Talking of good fun..................

Can you face paint ?  Could you paint some faces at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY ?

Time to click the mouse.....time to publish today's music blog.


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