Saturday, 7 April 2018

Oh dear, what a shame - never mind.

How many days are left to our going live as an Internet Radio Station ?

Hang on a tick, let's look at our website, there's a count down clock running on the home page..........

36 days. That's FIVE weeks tomorrow.


  • Saturday 14th April - Car boot sale to raise money for that launch.
  • Sunday 15th April - Car boot sale to raise money for that launch.
  • Friday 20th to Tuesday - 24th April - Music event San Francisco
  • Saturday 5th May - providing music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary Celebration

One thing you can be certain of - at 6am on Monday 14th May 2018 Radio Love International WILL start broadcasting live.

Since we started working less than three months ago we have NEVER failed to do what we have said we would do. We have never let anyone down. We have never failed to give maximum effort.

No, that song does not apply to us.

Let's have a check list of all we need to  make Monday 14th May happen.

We need to pay for our radio broadcasting licence from the authority - COST £200.

We need a professionally written broadcast website page with the required software and hosting space.  Budget ?  Not certain but probably £500

We need a mixer deck. This one we found on Amazon for £165.

£865 for that little lot.

Don't worry we will get what we need.

So this car boot sale, two car boot sales hopefully if we have enough to sell will pay for our broadcasting licence.

This week we will get some proper estimates for our broadcast page, software and web hosting.

Would you be so kind as to CLICK HERE and have a look at the sponsorship and advertising programme we have put together ?

Surely we can find a mass of businesses who would sponsor us for £10 a month. Our sponsorship and advertising packages start at £10 a month with levels all the way to a one off £1,000 Lifetime Sponsorship.

Just one lifetime sponsor would pay for everything we need by way of broadcast website, software, hosting AND that all-important mixer deck.

Do you run your own business ?  How much money did you spend on advertising last month ?  Did it do you any good or was it a complete waste of cash ?

Could you have a word with your boss at work and ask him/her the same question ?

People will be coming to today's blog wondering how things went at our event yesterday.

The answer is it was a muddle and failed to achieve what we were expecting.

But that was not our fault, we did everything we promised to do. It was those around us who  muddled things up.

The answer to that is OH DEAR - WHAT A SHAME - NEVER MIND - WHAT'S NEXT.

The car boot sale is next.  Let's make that a success, let's make the £200 we need to pay for our broadcasting licence.

Will you help us by turning out any junk you do not want, juk we can sell and use to help us SPREAD THE LOVE.

One thing you can be absolutely certain of is on Monday 14th May at 6am Radio Love International will start Broadcasting, we will rock all over the world and we will SPREAD THE LOVE

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