Tuesday, 10 April 2018

No other radio station shares love as much as we do

The bigger the organisation the slower the wheels grind.

F  A  C  T

Right now we are trying to oil the wheels in a number of large organisations to get things moving. 

Here at Radio Love International our wheels are fine tuned and moving along with speed.

Anyone old enough to remember this ?

The guitar solo WHEELS dating back to 1961 !  There are some areas of music which do not age, which do not go out of date. Country Music surpasses the restraints of time. One of our listeners, Cheryl, asked if we could put together an
hour of music to relax to. That song, Wheels, would fit nicely into a Chill Out Collection.  Chilling out yesterday evening, David started work on a back to back hour of gentle music for Cheryl and all of our listeners to enjoy.  Just three songs so far, this is a work in progress but see what you think.

While David was chilling Josh was hard at work trying to get together things for Saturday's car boot sale. We are going along to Bletchley's Irish Centre with a car full of bits and pieces to try to raise the money we need to pay for our radio broadcast licence.  We need the magic sum of £173.98.
Let's play our car boot video then see what Josh has been putting out on Facebook.

Hiya every1, I'm looking for help to raise funds to make our Radio love international studio become a true success. I would like to ask everyone for help by donating unwanted items in there home to contact me asap so I could arrange collection or drop off point.
Your unwanted items would then be sold on a car boot sale to raise the funds to make Me, David AshfordJo Jo TRachel Martin Tofield radio love studio project come to live!!!
P.S. ###Preferably small items please###

Our Team will be very Thank full to everyone that is willing to help and support us...

Rachel is in charge of Saturday's boot sale and has called a meeting later today to chat about this and all other things that are happening within Radio Love International......a lot happening so it could be a LONG meeting.
What do you think of Rachel in the SCARF DANCE on Josh's Video Blog ?  Cool yeh ?  Not quite chill out music though.

Josh's video camera was rolling again yesterday, we plan to bring you a new edition of his video blog on tomorrow's page.  He and David were out yesterday delivering invitations to businesses asking them to sponsor and advertise with us so helping to spread the love, to make people smile and support good causes. Did you get one ?

The entire team has every finger crossed this will happen. CLICK HERE and check out our different sponsorship and advertising packages.

Time now for Andy's Weatherline. Each morning Andy takes his dog out for a walk then posts his weather report on the blog.

Audience figures slipped back yesterday but we still had friends enjoying our music in:  UK  USA  Poland  Spain  Albania  Bangladesh  Bahrain  Germany  France and Russia.

That's the first time we have had any listeners from Bangladesh so to you a very big and warm WELCOME.

Jo Jo and David are meeting up tomorrow to sit and chat about the homeless situation.

The situation of the homeless is very close to our hearts. This is a stain on our society and something we all need to be ashamed of.

We believe that the systems operated by local authorities and the money spent to relieve the situation actually makes things worse.

Jo Jo has brainstormed some pages of ideas which she and David will work through on Thursday before presenting them to our own local authority.

MONEY spent in local authority administration will NOT solve the situation. Love and compassion will.

This is a nice song but the situation it shares is a disgrace.

A week on Friday David will be heading off to San Francisco for a music event. It's an eleven hour flight to The City By The Bay. There are 7,499 homeless people in the beautiful city.

Peace and love ?  Hardly !

The scarfs Jelena, Josh and Rachel can be seen fooling around with at Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough Stadium
last Saturday will soon be waving about on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge before being given to families in Ronald McDonald House San Francisco, families who have a child sick in hospital.

The scarfs are also being sponsored for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham England. CLICK HERE to add your support.
A few weeks ago Josh played the music while David fooled around in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham as Radio Love International held a music tombla for the families staying there while their children were sick in hospital.

NOTE the tub of sweets on the table, sweets to hand out to the children.  NOTE the tub of sweets on the table at
Hillsborough last Saturday.

We buy many tubs of sweets every month, sweets we then hand out to children and older children of all ages.  Sweets which are small tokens of love from Radio Love International.

You will never find a Radio Love International event without a tub of sweets. You will never find an event we run without LOVE at the centre of our music.

We are very careful within all we do to follow all the red tape, health and safety, risk assessment and all other utter rubbish in modern day society. We are very careful about the sweets we hand out. At every event we organise, SWEETS are first tested by David and Josh.

Radio Love International has been asked to be part of OWLS IN THE PARK on 1st July. YES, we will have sweets.

We will be providing the music and PA system, not to mention the sweets at Willen Hospice's Family Fun Day.

At six o'clock in the morning of Monday 14th May Radio Love International will blast music out across the world as an internet radio station but we will still take music and love out into the community with our roadshows.

We will take sweets, of course.

Here's something from the very first event we were part of.

And here's something to share the love and sweets we took to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.....

And our sweets, music and love in Asda supermarket....

There isn't a radio station anywhere in the world that shares love the way we do.....

So will you support us ?  Can we take your support to our meeting later today ?  Do you have anything we can put on
our table at Saturday's car boot sale ?  Would you sponsor and advertise with us ?  CLICK HERE and invest TEN POUNDS of love with us.

Will you help us SPREAD THE LOVE ?

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