Sunday, 8 April 2018

Monday Request Day At The Steel City

Every Monday here on Radio Love International's Daily Music Blog it is MONDAY REQUEST DAY.

Today we are playing music and requests for the wonderful friends we met at Hillsborough Stadium on Saturday.

Before we start playing those requests here's something of an experiment  see if you like it  Josh's Video Blog.  Just a bit of fun.........................

This is a request for Sheffield Wednesday Owl, Kim Parkin. We chatted online ahead of Saturday's game, she asked for Tina Turner singing Simply The Best for her Late Father.

Here it is Kim...


That's a mega song !  We'll make sure it is included on Monday 14th May when Radio Love International goes live as a fully fledged internet radio station.

Rob has asked us to play this for his LOVELY WIFE JEAN and for ALL Owls fans EVERYWHERE.

It's the Tommy Steele version of Sheffield Wednesday's club anthem SINGING THE BLUES

Taking a selfie here in the ground is Jelena.

Jelena asks that we play this record for......


You know what ?

Owls have fantastic tastes when it comes to music. The great music continues with this request.

Gary asks that we play this and DEDICATE IT TO THE WORLD.

Pleased to do that Gary.

The great music plays on.....

Yep Owls have great taste....

Did you enjoy  Saturday's  game  Morgan ? Shame about the result.

Thanks for dropping by  here's your request.

You know what ?  That scarf dance in Josh's Video Blog could well go viral !  Here it is again.............

Rachel is a member of the Radio Love international team. She was in charge of going about, stopping fans outside the club shop and asking them for their requests to play today.

She slipped this on to the play sheet for herself.

On Friday 20th April three of the Radio Love International team at Hillsborough last Saturday will be on a 747 heading to San Francisco  The City By The Bay. They will be taking with them scarfs our team wore.  On Saturday 21st April, when the boys are at home to Reading we will take those scarf onto The Golden Gate Bridge, take some pics to share with the Owls back home then give them to families in Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco who have a child sick in hospital.

Let's play that for all friends in The City By The bay who we will soon recruit to join we Owls.

On Saturday we invited Owls to sign some cards. These will be put in the post tomorrow, sending them to San Francisco to families in San Francisco Ronald McDonald House.

Josh has asked us to play this next song.

He asks that we play it for all the new friends we made at Hillsborough on Saturday.

We thought we would slip something in for Steve, Sheffield Wednesday's official photographer.

We deliberately made our photograph of Steve a bit out of focus. There is no way we could possibly compete with his camera abilities.  Here you go Steve.......

Who sneaked this picture of Josh and David ?


See the tubs of sweets on the table.....

Both are eating are they not ?

Notice the bins behind the music tent. If you had looked in there on Saturday you would have seen them full with empty sweet wrappers !


A dedication now for the referee and his team at Hillsborough last Saturday. You guys did a good job, thank you.  BUT do you honestly think that PINK is a suitable colour ?

The aim of Radio Love International is to use music to make people smile and be happy, to take music into the community to support charities and good causes.


The knife we use to spread the love has MADE IN SHEFFIELD written on it.

Sheffield The Steel City.

Sheffield which plays host to England's greatest football club.

There is more to a football club than two goal posts and a bit of grass between them.

On Saturday the Sheffield goal was a bit over used and the Fulham goal underused.


Oh dear.....what a shame.....never mind !

We have nicked another team's anthem.  We blew bubbles at Hillsborough on Saturday. Sheffield Wednesday's community programme blows bubbles.  We blew bubbles for them.

We have nicked another football club's anthem and made it The Radio Love International Anthem.

Did you watch Josh's Video Blog ? As the car approaches Hillsborough you can hear this playing on the car CD.

Next time you go to Hillsborough do not only go to watch the boys play.............remember there is more to a football club than two goal posts and a bit of grass between them.........There is Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.


Did you spot the typo ? Better play it again then !

Do you run your own business ?  How much money did you spend on advertising last month ?  Did it do you any good or was it a complete waste of cash ?

Could you have a word with your boss at work and ask him/her the same question ?

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