Friday, 13 April 2018

It's a busy busy day

It's a busy, busy day today.......

The whole team is out working, using music to spread love.

Josh and Jo are at Jo's Hope's DARTATHON, a twelve hour darts marathon fund raiser.

Then David, Rachel, David2, Charlotte and Mrs Josh at at Bletchley's Irish Club trying to raise the money we need for our Radio Broadcasting Licence.

Let's play some music.........

OK..... music for the car boot sale.....vert nice but what can you play for a game of darts ?


The group singing that song is DARTS.

He is not a DUKE but he is an EARL.

Meet Lord Henry Wilton the Seventh Earl of Tadwell.

He is one of the characters, a central characters, in David's novel THE BRIDGE HOUSE.  David has been working on this novel for more than a year. He is now editing the text for it's publication on Saturday 19th May. 

CLICK HERE and have a look at the first chapter in the novel, the chapter where Lord Henry makes his appearance. Over the next few days David will be asking you to help him edit the 74,000 words of text ready for final publication.

Here's some music from the book.

TWO of our team have been nominated in The Milton Keynes Inspirational Award.

CLICK HERE and listen to Jo speaking on Radio MKFM.

Jo you are an incredible person who deserves this award.

Yesterday four more people added their names to sponsor David in the Inspirational Father category.

One of the kind people who nominated David was Josh......

Yes!!! David does deserve this award so much ! I've never ever met a greater man in my whole 26 years of being alive...  David Ashford you are a very kind, caring man and
no one deserves this award other than you, I know personally after the help and time you have given and all you have done for me and Lena, taking us from being homeless on the street to where we are now ! You have saved us and given us another chance.  Thank you so much ! 
We love you xxx xxx 

Josh and Jelena you are inspirations yourselves. You may not be up for an award this year but we bet your names will be on the 2019 nomination list.

If anyone wishes to add support to Jo or David and add their name to the nomination CLICK HERE  Jo has been nominated in the Inspirational Charity section and David in the Inspirational Father category.

We are going to bring today's blog to an end. It's 4.40am.  David has to get dressed, drive toJo's home to collect items for the boot sale. Then on to pick Jelena up at 5.30am to meet Rachel at the boot sale.

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