Monday, 9 April 2018

It's all about numbers


Yeh .... well we think these are quite impressive numbers...

See what you think but first let's have a bit of music.  What music is there that has numbers in it ?  Ah yes !

Since we started this music blog we have had......

44,304 listeners to our music

10,472 people listened to us during the past month


That's pretty damn impressive. Do you not agree ?  

Our busiest days have all been within the past month.

We are getting more listeners on some days, listeners to an online blog, than many local radio stations are achieving.

Here's another number....
Thirty four days to go before Radio Love International hits the world as a fully fledged internet radio station.

A few more numbers......

The cost of our radio station broadcasting licence is £173.98  That's not bad value is it ?  On Saturday Rachel is organising a car boot sale to raise the money for our broadcasting licence. We should be able to make that much IF we have enough stuff to sell. If you have things about your home which you would like to clear out drop us a line via our website: or message us on Facebook.

Our website is operational but to broadcast we need an extra page with some special software and hosting. We can not
produce this ourselves. We are investigating costs, nervously investigating costs.

We have the equipment we need, almost all of the equipment but we do need a mixer deck. Although it looks expensive in actual fact a deck like that does not cost a lot of money.

We have to look at how we are going to fund our broadcasting.

If we were the BBC the law would force on our listeners a rip
off licence fee with draconic threats of ultra dire consequence for those who do not pay up. Fortunately we are not the BBC !  THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT MERCY !
10,472 listeners to Radio Love International's Daily Music Blog over the past month.  

If we could generate ONE penny in advertising revenue for each of those listeners we would have an income of £104.72

Cool  If we could generate 10p for every listener we would have an income of £1,047.20 We could operate on that figure.

If we could generate £1 for every listener we would be able to pay our presenters, cover all operating costs and really start spreading the love.

Today David and Josh are going out and about to hand deliver invitations to small businesses in the area, inviting them to sponsor Radio Love International for £10 a month.  It should not be difficult to find sponsors but we doubt it will be easy.
How much money did your business spend on advertising last month. How much did it achieve. How much growth did it achieve and how much was flushed down the toilet ?

With the numbers we have we can offer a far better package than other advertisers. So let the numbers start to roll.

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