Saturday, 28 April 2018

I feel like giving up

Yep, I feel like giving up.....

I ask myself is this worth it ?

Yesterday's blog ... CLICK HERE if you missed it... was all about the HELP we need to make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY a success.

How many offers of HELP did we receive from the blog ?


There were NINETEEN links to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY on yesterday's blog. How many people clicked the links ?

THREE yes only THREE one in 71 people clicked the link

We may have receive lovely emails of support for Sunshine Smile Day from McDonald's and Aston Martin Red Bull F1 Racing BUT:

  • Milton Keynes Food Bank has failed to answer THREE emails
  • We went to meet with Willen Hospice but their representative for the Family Fun Day failed to turn up.

ASDA supermarket in Bletchley lovingly and generously offered us accommodation for a studio to launch Radio Love International. After weeks of waiting to hear from its head
office the response was NEGATIVE ! We go live as a radio station two weeks tomorrow, two weeks tomorrow with no studio to broadcast from.

Our digital music system has been STOLEN. We are talking £150 to replace it.  £150 we do not have and it looks as if we will not ever have.

Our incredible web development team has produced a detailed and costed plan to write the website we need to
launch as an internet radio station. They have spent hours looking at the software and hosting we need. It is going to cost £1,900 to take their plan and turn it into what we need to spread the love.

What chance do we have of finding the sponsors we need to make that happen ?


So where do I go from here ?

COMMON SENSE says CALL IT A DAY .... become a recluse and forget everything.

Two things before I do that.....

This picture....

AND a quote from writer Mark Twain....

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

Here's yesterday's blog page again... CLICK HERE

Here's the link to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY  

Here's the link to Radio Love International's advertising and sponsorship page CLICK HERE




Watch this space !

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