Monday, 23 April 2018

I don't want to live in a world without love.

San Francisco International Airport.

2.08pm  or 11.08pm back home.

Waiting for check in to open. 

London Heathrow here we come.

Yes, here we are at the airport. I am taking the picture but you can see my laptop on the chair. It's back on my knee now and I am busy writing this blog.

Let's play something for our destination...............

To my left is check in. Another 90 minutes before it opens.

Last night we went to a bar where this song was playing.  I have not heard this song for decades but it so sums up my time here in The City By The Bay.

NO, I do not want to live in a world without love.

I saw two homeless people today. One was sitting just outside Fisherman's Wharf. He had a cardboard sign on which he had written....

I do not need coins THANK YOU  I need CHANGE

Another was a young man with a beard. That beard was turning prematurely grey. He was sitting by the crossing at an intersection in San Francisco's expensive shopping area. His cardboard sign read.

Hoping for a home

He did not have a collecting bowl, he was not asking for
money. He was hoping for love. As I crossed the road I pulled all of the change I had in my pocket and dropped it on the pavement beside him.

It is so hard now, sitting here in San Francisco Airport to get these two people out of my mind.

If either of those two young men had been dogs from San Francisco's animal rescue centre how long would it have been before
someone stopped and said COME WITH ME ?

An hour ?  Perhaps two.

Less than ten yards from where that second man was sitting were four Jehovah's Witnesses handing out SALVATION literature. They were totally oblivious to him.

When I combed my hair this morning it hurt !

My thinning hair has allowed my scalp to become sunburned.

My long hair is now beginning to annoy me. This picture shows me standing on Hippie Mount in Golden Gate Park.  I have to put up with the hair until SUNSHINE SMILE DAY on 19th May. It is then being cut off in a sponsored haircut for Jo's Hope's Homeless Project.

The nineteen sixty seven hippie movement preached Peace and Love. San Francisco was the world capital of love.

There is a lot of love in this city.  I have seen it every day since I arrived here on Friday. But I have seen every day people who are UNLOVED.

Not enough love  for these two young men. Not enough of God's love in the religious propaganda those Jehovah's Witnesses were handing out.

But does that matter ?  Who cares ?  Not many people !

If you do not care then you can click and close this blog edition.

STILL HERE ?  Does that mean you care ?  CLICK HERE and sponsor my haircut on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Then when you have done that share this blog edition and get other people to read it.

Beware I will soon be on an aircraft home and when I land I will be stirring things up for ALL the good causes featured in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.


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