Monday, 30 April 2018

Get ready to smile

Get ready to smile.......

Miserable people GO AWAY.....

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY...Saturday 19th May....

Happy people put the date in your diary.

Yesterday we had a lovely conference call meeting with Wings For Life, the chosen charity of Red Bull, and are delighted to report this lovely cause will be featured in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY

During the day Josh will be wearing a Red Bull F1 Driver's cap autographed by Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Somebody will win this lovely gift from the iconic race team.

Let's play some music for Wings For Life.

On Wednesday we are meeting with Radio Love International's sponsor Heslop's Renovals who have some amazing ideas to bring to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. We will then be able to finalise plans for the day and present everything to our host Asda Supermarket, Milton Keynes.

But let's share what we are thinking as of today. 

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is happening at Asda Supermarket, Bletchley, Milton Keynes from 8am to pm (ish)on Saturday 19th May.  We will be playing music, having fun as we support some really great charities and good causes:

Wings For Life
The Food Bank
Virgin Atlantic's We Change
Jo's Hope
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Sheffield Wednesday FC's Community Programme
Willen Hospice
Emilia's Helmet Appeal

We had originally planned to feature each good cause in turn throughout the day. We now intend to feature ALL charities ALL day then to bring forward each in turn for a special little bit of fun, an extra special dose of HAPPINESS.

8am... The Food Bank
9am... Willen Hospice Family Fun Day
10am... Emilia's Helmet Appeal
11am... Jo's Hope
12noon... Virgin Atlantic's We Change
1pm... Wings For Life
2pm... Ronald McDonald House Charities
3pm ... Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme

Ronald McDonald House Charities is the lead good cause, it
was Rebekah's chosen charity. There will be a coin spinner in place all day for those who wish to donate to this specific charity and support families with a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital.

Buckets will be in place all day collecting coins AND notes for the other fantastic good causes. At the end of the day the cash will be divided equally between all amazing charities and good causes represented in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

You can DONATE ON LINE...CLICK HERE for any of the good causes. Please specify which good cause you would like your gift to be handed to.

We will have face painters there. We will have mascots in costume. We will be handing out balloons and sweets. We will be SPREADING LOVE AND SMILING.

Radio Love International Sponsor BOMBINATE will be there to help spread the love at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

A number of our chosen good causes feature medical
treatment in one way or another. We have contacted University Hospital Milton Keynes to see how we could feature smiles and support for our wonderful NHS.

Throughout the day we want shoppers to grab their phones and take selfies SMILING SELFIES with us so we will be building in lots of photo opportunities.

Today we will be contacting Thames Valley Police to ask if they can send a police car along for selfies and some officers to ARREST ALL WHO ARE NOT SMILING

We will be running a music tombola to support Rebekah's chosen charity Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Bunnings/Homebase are donating a bundle of prizes for the tombola. We need something like FIVE HUNDRED items so can you help ?  Would you like to donate a small gift of love ?

At 11.30am David's now iconic hair will be cut by Radio Love International's friend and listener Charlotte. 

It has been suggested that she dye David's hair RED..the colour of love but David is not sure about that !

The lead charity for David's sponsored haircut is Jo's Hope but ALL good causes represented in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY are invited to generate
sponsorship via their own fund raising programmes or via SUNSHINE SMILE DAY'S JUST GIVING PAGE... CLICK HERE

David plans to grow his hair again then take it back to Hippie Park in San Francisco ahead of Sunshine Smile day 2019 !

Do you fancy a trip to The City By The Bay ?  How about you growing your hair then taking part in the 2019 sponsored haircut ?

We will be playing music all through SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.....

We want to invite local radio presenters, DJ's and lovers of music to come along, grab the microphone and spin some discs to help people SMILE.

We also want to feature LIVE music so are looking for singers and musicians to join us and lift SUNSHINE SMILE DAY to even bigger smiles.

Beck was a Sheffield Wednesday supporter. Sheffield Wednesday Football Club has been very good to us.

We are proud to include the club's community programme in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

We took a club scarf to San Francisco and photographed it in
some iconic locations. Here it is tied to the cell bars in Alcatraz.

David was wearing the scarf when he spoke to a former Alcatraz prisoner.

The scarf will be present at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY before being presented to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Don't forget you can sponsor Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme, Ronald McDonald House or any of our featured good causes by CLICKING HERE.

We have heard that there is a wedding taking place on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. We will be writing to Buckingham Palace to apologise that events we are planning on the shop floor of Asda Supermarket will overshadow events in Windsor.

We have heard that aircraft have been banned from flying over Windsor Castle during the ceremony. No problem.  Friends at Virgin Atlantic, you can fly your aircraft over SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Get ready to smile.......

Miserable people GO AWAY.....

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY...Saturday 19th May....

Happy people put the date in your diary.

Tomorrow we will be finalising plans then will share them on Thursday's music blog.

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