Thursday, 5 April 2018

Get ready to sing !

If you are coming to Hillsborough Stadium tomorrow GET READY TO SING !

How many Owls will there be at tomorrow's game ?  Twenty-six thousand -  Twenty-seven thousand ?  More ?  We need every Sheffield Fan to be in good voice.

When the faders are pushed up and Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday blasts out ahead of the game we need every single person in Hillsborough to sing their heart out.

It is usually the pitch announcer who plays the music but tomorrow Radio Love International will play Sheffield Wednesday's anthem as part of a fun pre-match programme taking place to support the club's community programme.

We need you to do TWO things. We need every Owl to sing their heart out and we need you to sponsor the singing. CLICK HERE and support the club's amazing community programme.  GO ON DON'T SKIP THIS BIT CLICK HERE AND DO IT.

LISTEN !  You can hear Owls singing right NOW - do you hear them ?

If you really want to know you can CLICK HERE and read OUR STORY but better come along to the club shop ahead of tomorrow's game and meet us.

The area by the club shop looks a bit empty in this picture but tomorrow it will be a fun-packed area where Radio Love International will be one small part.

We will be playing music to help fill the area with fun and support Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.

We have a playlist of music which we will be having fun with from about 11.30am right up to kick off.  

YEH the music will be playing and we hope you will like our fun choice of songs but the most important thing will be the TEN buckets we will have around the area.

Make sure you bring lots of change with you to Hillsborough tomorrow to throw into the buckets and support the club's community programme. 

We have a disco bubble machine we plan to bring tomorrow and blow bubbles across the area. Let's be naughty, let's nick another club's anthem and play it for tomorrow's bubbles !

We blow bubbles all the time, bubbles of love for charities and good causes. Tomorrow we will be blowing bubbles for
Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.

Catch the bubbles, burst them and throw a few coins into the buckets. HEY you can throw some now if you wish - CLICK HERE

If you burst a bubble, if you throw some coins into our buckets we have some sweets to give out.

We've got six hundred sweets to give out to the children coming to Hillsborough tomorrow. Children ?  Yeh, sweets also for the young at heart. EVERYONE can have a sweetie PROVIDING you toss some coins into the buckets and support Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme. NO COINS = NO SWEETIES

Every Monday here on our music blog we have MONDAY
REQUEST DAY. On Monday 9th April we will be playing requests for OWLS.

One of our team will be wandering round with a clipboard inviting friends to tell us their favourite song which we will play on Monday.

Do not be shy - take a sweetie, tell us your favourite song and throw some coins in the bucket.

Yesterday wasn't a particularly spectacular day for our music blog, the lowest audience figure for a long time but we did have people check us out in: UK, USA, Albania, Germany, Italy, Greece, Bahrain, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria. 

Not bad eh ?  There was one day when we had so many people trying to get into our music blog we crashed Google Blogger !

Come on you OWLS let's do that again on Monday 9th April when we play your requests.

Somebody told us there was a game of football happening at Hillsborough tomorrow - is that right ?  Is there a game as well as the fun area outside the club shop ?

Radio Love International's chairman, Rachel, is decorating a cake we will send from us all to the boys to celebrate after tomorrow's win.

Here's our chairman Rachel blowing up balloons at a music event we held in the country's biggest supermarket. Rachel had a bit of a fit when we decided we would be giving out balloons tomorrow, she thought she would have to blow up in excess of 20,000 !

What we are going to do is to hand out about 500 in the hour ahead of kick off. NO, we will no be blowing them up - YOU will. Then when Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday rings out we want you to throw them up in the air. Of course, you can ONLY have a balloon IF you throw some coins into our buckets !

This is Radio Love International's Andy.

Every morning, at the crack of dawn, Andy takes his dog for a walk then posts a weather report on our daily music blog.

Andy, what's the weather forecast for Sheffield tomorrow ?

It does not matter what the weather in Sheffield is tomorrow we will be there.

This is Josh, the youngest member of our team, unloading the car for a music event at the height of the recent bad weather. YES, we were there and YES we had a great time.

Josh will soon be twenty-seven years old but looks so much younger - we call him The Eternal Teenager. 

He spends hour after hour building playlists of music. He will be at Hillsborough tomorrow as will be his missus - Jelena.  BEWARE Jelena can be very persuasive so make sure you have lots of coins in your pocket tomorrow for our buckets !

Let's have some music from one of The Eternal Teenager's playlists...............

At the moment of writing this music blog there are FOUR scarfs hanging up in the Sheffield Wednesday Club Shop. In
four weeks time those scarfs will be on The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Those Wednesday scarfs are going to be part of a music event we are putting together to support families who have a child sick in hospital.

Are there any hippie owls ?

You will not be able to miss Radio Love International's David tomorrow. The OLDEST member of our team he is known as THE GERIATRIC DJ.

David has been growing his hair for months - as it grows at the back it recedes at the front !  No, do not worry David will not be wearing flowers in his hair at Hillsborough tomorrow but he will be wearing them in San Francisco in two weeks time then on Saturday 19th May he is having his hair cut - a sponsored hair cut, to raise £1,000 for projects supporting breast cancer patients and the homeless.

An OWL David has announced he will be wearing his Wednesday scarf at the time he has his hair cut !

When Radio Love International goes to San Francisco we will be taking two Wednesday away team shirts the boys autographed with us.  These will be given to Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco, given with love from Radio Love International and Sheffield Wednesday to families who have a child sick in hospital.

We are a little bit worried about David tomorrow. He does tend to do some crazy things !  Here he is prancing about in
Asda Supermarket wearing a bra !

He wore that bra to support a charity working with post surgery breast cancer patients.

So many shoppers wanted selfies with David in hi bra. So many wanted his autograph.  It will be the Wednesday players tomorrow giving their autographs NOT The geriatric DJ.  We have not included the selfies MK Dons FC players took !  Oooooppppssss......

Later today David is going to the shops where he will buy the biggest card he can find.

We already have the players autographs on the shirts heading to San Francisco, we want YOUR autographs tomorrow on that card to take to San Francisco with the scarfs and the shirts. 

We will be charging you for your autographs !  Before your autograph goes on the card you MUST pop some coins into the buckets and support Sheffield Wednesday's AMAZING community project.

David once said.....


Never was that more true than at Hillsborough. Yes, there is a game of football happening tomorrow on that bit of grass between the two goals and, yes, that game is important but
BEFORE the game the important area is outside the club shop. We will be there doing our little bit to support Sheffield Wednesday's INCREDIBLE Community Programme. You come along and do your BIG bit by throwing coins in the buckets. Wouldn't it be great of those buckets could end up with £1,000 in them !

Sheffield Wednesday has its anthem HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY. Radio Love International has its anthem. To end this special edition of our music blog we will play it for you now.


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