Thursday, 12 April 2018

Feeling a bit disappointed

When you see posts on Facebook like.......

I've sprained an eyelash and it really hurts.........

or I need a hug.........

or I am posting this to see who my real friends are.....

What do you think about the person making the post ?

Nobody's interested in your aches and pains so get over it !

If you need a hug then get out there and give someone a hug, let the then return the hug.

If you are posting to see if people like you then they probably don't !  Stand in front of a mirror and see why.

Yesterday's audience figures were OK  not excellent and not that good but they were OK.

Did you read yesterday's edition ?  CLICK HERE

Yesterday's post on Facebook for our music blog achieved one single LIKE, two messages and one comment ? THANK YOU TO THOSE FOUR KIND PEOPLE.  We thought it was an important edition, one setting out a detailed plan to spread the love. Where were the rest of our friends and supporters.

Are we feeling sorry for ourselves ?  Have we twisted our big toe nail so need to go to A & E ?  Do we think nobody loves us ?  Do we need a hug ?

We would, however, ask you to take a look at yesterday's post.

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