Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Do you know how to smile ?

Back home again. Fantastic flight returning to England.  THANK YOU George and all crew members on the Virgina Atlantic Dreamliner who looked after us so very well.

Time now to take everything we saw, did and achieved in San Francisco and SPREAD THE LOVE into SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Time now to take the initial planning for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and bring in the help we need to make this the biggest day LOVE has ever seen !

It's all happening on the shop floor of Asda Supermarket, Bletchley, from 8am to 5pm on SATURDAY 19th May.


We need help setting up the equipment and we need help breaking down and packing away.

We need help with transport at odd times throughout the day.

We need a small team to man the FOOD BANK PROJECT. To collect tins and build the mountain.

The plan is to collect ONE THOUSAND items but surely the shoppers at Asda can add to their trolleys in the country's biggest supermarket a lot more than that number !

This was just one small part of my breakfast before I boarded that homeward bound flight yesterday.

What will you be eating today ?

What about those who will go hungry ?

Our Secret Santa appeal produced so many lovely gifts for families with a child sick in hospital.

When we took music into Ronald McDonald House Birmingham our lovely friends donated FIVE HUNDRED toys and gifts.

The collection of toys and gifts for our music tombola on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities supporting families with a child sick in hospital STARTS NOW.

We need at least FIVE HUNDRED gifts.

We need people throughout the day to blow up balloons and hand them to children.

Just before landing at Heathrow yesterday the flight crew came round and gave every passenger a packet of love heart sweets. Throughout SUNSHINE SMILE DAY we need people to be handing out sweets and bringing people to stop and join in the smiles and love of what we are doing.

We need some friends to take over advance publicity......

To promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY on social media.

To put posters up in libraries, community centres and churches.

To make sure media...radio...TV...press give SUNSHINE SMILE DAY lots and lots and lots of publicity.

While the team was in San Francisco we took more than five hundred pictures which we will be using to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.... we need someone to take as many again as we spread the love on the shop floor of Asda.

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is supporting some very special good causes.....

The Food Bank

Willen Hospice

Emilia's Helmet Appeal

Jo's Hope Cancer and Homeless Projects

Wings For Life

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club's Community Project

Throughout the day we will be playing music to make people smile and have fun as we support these good causes.

This week we will be working with some musicians and singers to slot in live performances during the day.

The plan has been made.

We now need people to make it work.

We need people to make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY an amazing success.

Over the coming week, each day here on our music blog we will be featuring all of the good causes SUNSHINE SMILE DAY will support.

So will you bring your smile to SUNSHINE DAY ?  Will you help ?  Will you SPREAD THE LOVE ?

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