Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Dead in the water

Did you read yesterday's music blog ?

CLICK HERE is you missed it.

Four hundred and seventy-nine people from twelve countries of the world listened to the music we played.

479 - that's a great number. How many of those clicked one of the NINE invitations on YESTERDAY'S MUSIC BLOG to visit our website ?


One in 5.43 clicked the link.  Oooooppppsss !

There is a very simple marketing formula for the Internet. One in one hundred will buy and on their fifth visit to a website.

That means five hundred clicks are needed to produce one sale.

We were short by 492 yesterday in our search for ONE sponsor.

We need one hundred and ten sponsors to support Radio Love International as we start broadcasting live.  110 x 500 = 55,000 - we are a bit short aren't we !

Nine people shared the blog on Facebook yesterday. THANK YOU.

What happens if we do not find those sponsors ?


We are dead in the water !  

On Saturday we start spreading the love in Sheffield as we play music at Hillsborough Stadium to support Sheffield Wednesday's AMAZING community programme.

In David's kitchen there are four buckets waiting to have the Sheffield Wednesday and Radio Love International logos added. There are another four on the shelf at Wickes waiting for our cash to buy them so te logos can be added to them.  We have not found the sponsors we need to buy the buckets so David will dip into his pocket for the £6.

Yesterday David played that song on Facebook saying: I was
9 years old when this song was released. I REMEMBER IT ! I am playing it here for all the wonderful people who work in our fantastic NHS. I am standing for election as a governor of our local hospital as a way to repay all the loving care my family has received over the years. What a fantastic NHS we have and how wonderful are all the people who work in it. THANK YOU EVERY ONE OF YOU.

David has a hospital appointment first thing this morning, to say that he is scared is an understatement.  He is so nervous he got the dates wrong and turned up 24 hours early at 9am

Josh is working on the broadcast schedule for when we go live on 14th May - that is providing we find the SPONSORS we need. He was working on the scheduling for Monday Moan which David will be presenting.

Yesterday Rachel posted this on Facebook.

So you are driving up to Sheffield on Saturday are you Rachel ?

For his first MONDAY MOAN programme David is planning TWO moans. 

He plans to attack local authorities for the absolutely disgusting condition they have allowed our roads to deteriorate into.

His second moan will be even bigger. He will moan about the NHS !

The moan will not be about the NHS but about the people who MOAN and attack our NHS. He will moan about the moaners.

Milton Keynes Council needs to prepare itself for David to moan about its failure to maintain our roads to anything anywhere near an acceptable standard but our wonderful National Health Service can look forward to only praise.

Have you visited our website yet ?  www.radioloveinternational.com

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