Monday, 23 April 2018

Almost Time To Come Home

We have had an amazing time here in The City By The Bay.

We have had a good time and have achieved a lot in spreading the love and raising awareness for some of the good causes we are seeking to support.

But I for one will be pleased to be back home. I have walked
miles, more in four days than I would normally walk in a month !  I am sunburned on my face and on my lips. I am still suffering from jet lag. I speak for all four of us !  I also speak for the four of us when I say we will be leaving a part of our hearts in this city.

We have walked The Golden Gate Bridge.......

The three mile walk across the world's most famous bridge was sponsored for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham as well as putting in place profile raising for Sheffield Wednesday's Community programme at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

My hair, which I have been growing for eight months, was taken to Hippie Mount in Golden Gate Park. It now comes back to England for the sponsored haircut at  SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

The sponsored haircut is supporting Jo's Hope Homeless Project.

While I have been in San Francisco I have seen here the city's homeless problem which is different to that at home.  I have been able to speak to some homeless people, a young man and a young couple.

I am not convinced the homeless people back home are actually hungry. They are here in San Francisco. I think trying to resolve San Francisco's homeless problem is far more complex than in England.

We have ridden the cable cars, We have sailed on the waters of San Francisco Bay.

Listener and Virgin Atlantic staff member told us to make sure we visited Lori's Diner. We went there for breakfast yesterday.

Fantastic or what ?

Visiting this fun place has to be on the list of attractions for all tourists coming to San Francisco.

There were no hungry homeless people anywhere near the diner, security staff in the area clear them out at dawn.

I am not all that big a fan of McDonalds but they do make the best hash browns in the world. We visited a branch on the waterfront and found overnight rough sleepers were allowed to stay inside.  I thought that was good.

Jo's Hope supports ex offenders. I bet it will never, ever get to support n ex offender like the man I met yesterday.

When he was 23 years old William Baker was imprisoned on Alcatraz.  Now aged 80 he was at Alcatraz yesterday, speaking to people and signing copies of his book.

I am going to thoroughly enjoy reading his autobiography.

Here is a fun picture, not me with William's book but the one on the Sheffield Wednesday scarf tied to the bars of a cell in Alcatraz.

We have something like three hundred photographs from this trip. We are bringing home so much to fold into the good causes Radio Love International is seeking to support.

I can not wait to be home.

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