Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A Stranger Is Only A Friend You Have Yet To Meet


We had a great day yesterday, some lovely things happened.

We had a super dooper audience figure, much of which is down to our friends from The Steel City checking out the news of the four Sheffield Wednesday scarfs which on Friday will be heading to The City By The Bay.

Hey, attention all Wednesday Owls we have some news for you in a moment but first of all let's have some OWL music...

That was Owl City with When Can I See You Again
Hey....... all one thousand, five hundred and twenty three friends we hope you enjoyed yesterday's music.

Here's something for a new friend. REMEMBER that a stranger is only a friend you have yet to meet.

Go to Google for a moment and search for the meaning of this word: bombinate  Go on, off you go.... While you are searching let's have another piece of music.

Bombinate is the sound bees make.

It is also the name of an award winning web development company BOMBINATE WEB DESIGN.  Here's a quote from their website. Just like the honey bees that inspire us, we work very hard on every project, to create the best websites
possible. So we always feel very proud for both ourselves and our clients, when our work gets recognition. Needless to say, we were very happy when we were voted “Digital Awards Champions 2017”, bringing home the Gold Award to Milton Keynes. 

A week ago Radio Love International and Bombinate Web Design were strangers. Now we are friends. Bombinate Web Design will be working with us to make our music go live on  Monday 14th May.

QUESTION: Are Owls and Bees friends ?
Of course they are !

All you Wednesday Owls up in Sheffield who have been patiently waiting we have something for you but first another piece of music. This was the very first song we played on our very first music blog...47,953 people have listened to our daily music blog since then.... it will be the very first song we play when Radio Love International starts broadcasting at six o'clock in the morning on Monday 14th May 2018. 

Let's play it now for all OWLS and all BEES...

Saturday 19th May has been declared SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. Radio Love International will be playing music in Asda
Supermarket Bletchey, the country's biggest supermarket, celebrating our radio launch and supporting a number of local good causes. Sheffield, the steel city, and Milton Keynes, the city of roundabouts and potholes are hardly local but we have a plan to include our Owl Friends in the day.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club has two adopted anthems. Let's quickly play them both.


Tomorrow we will officially launch SUNSHINE SMILE DAY but we'll share with our Wednesday Singing Friends....

We want you to send us your selfies as you sing HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY and SINGING THE BLUES which we will include in Sunshine Smile Day top support Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme. Be patient, we will tell you all about it tomorrow.

STRANGERS a few weeks ago but now FRIENDS Heslop's Removals sponsored Radio Love International for the cost of our radio station broadcast licence. Ben, managing Director of Heslop's Removals you are a STAR.

Radio Love International's Director of Music, Josh, seen here at Hillsborough with Mrs Josh likes what he calls DANCY music. 

Mrs Josh likes the words in the music, they have to have an important meaning.

Now we have an important announcement to make about two of our station's directors.

Let's start with Josh whose nick name was, WAS, The Eternal Teenager....

He is now to be known as MR POSITIVE.

Have you seen what he has done to his Facebook Page ?

And David who was known as The Geriatric DJ...

Not any more, Mr Positive has given him a new name.

Does that mean we will have to change his theme tune ?

From now on David is to be known as THE BIG GIT !

Later today we will be dropping a line to the records office at Company House to advise the of the name changes.

Do not worry Radio Love International board member Jo, you 

Rachel, you are and always will be our WONDERFUL MADAM CHAIRMAN.

It was, of course, Rachel who introduced SPREAD THE LOVE to our radio station.

She also organised last Saturday's car boot sale.  She is the leading light behind our music event on Saturday 5th May.

This guy is trying to smile but he is a bit worried.

At Sunshine Smile Day the book THE BRIDGE HOUSE is to be published. Bill here has enjoyed his Romeo and Juliette being claimed the greatest love story for a few hundred years now.

The Bridge House tells the beautiful story of the love between Henry and Lilly, it tells the story across a period of 81 years.

Friends and lovers.

There is a musical theme which runs throughout their friendship and throughout the book. Play it for us now will you Andre....

Yes, our friends in Sheffield a Wednesday player doe appear in the book so on Sunshine Smile Day we hope you will all
buy a copy. All royalties are going to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham to support families with a child sick in hospital.

With just two days to go now before our team heads to San Francisco the Wednesday shirt the boys autographed is packed in David's suitcase. Not the four Wednesday scarfs, NO..... our team will be wearing them on the flight.

Another quick Google Search.....Do Virgin Atlantic Aircraft have wi fi on board ?


There will be a music blog tomorrow as normal as we launch SUNSHINE SMILE DAY but on Friday things will be a bit different. We will publish a short blog then keep updating it throughout the flight and our arrival in The City By The Bay..

We can keep everyone updated on our progress, the Westbound progress of those Wednesday scarfs and above all SPREADING THE LOVE all the way to California.

How many days are left before Radio Love International starts live broadcasting ?

No long ! But now with our new friends at Bombinate Web Design NOTHING can stop us.

Let's play that Heslop's Removal song again.

Somewhere out there are some STRANGERS waiting to become FRIENDS.

FRIENDS who will help us to SPREAD THE LOVE, to use music to make people smile, be happy and support good causes.

Could you be such a friend ?  CLICK HERE

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